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Staying Active For Maximum Metabolic Boost

When life gets busy, physical activity is often one of the first things to get cut from the schedule. Then it’s a slippery slope from “I’ll just take the day off,” to “I haven’t had exercise in a month.” Thankfully on the metabolic boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan working out isn’t necessary. In fact, I suggest that you stop working out for the first three weeks to prevent your body from resisting weight loss that can happen due to stress hormones being exaggerated and enhanced from working out. But don’t worry, this won’t be forever if you’re a workout junkie. And if you’re not, staying healthy and fit is easier than you think.

When it comes to losing weight, we need to begin to think about exercise the same way as brushing our teeth. We just do it daily... period! We do it on vacation, and we do it if we are not feeling up to par. You’ve just gotta keep moving to keep the body in working order. One of the best ways to be consistent is to establish habits and routines that become so automatic that you no longer need to think about them. You just automatically do them—the same way you get up and brush your teeth. This is also why I highly recommend that you work out at home before you do anything else. This also prevents anything from stopping you.

Consistency is key, and be patient, it may take some time and experimentation to find a groove you like and can do daily. I don’t even want to call it exercise because people think exercise is optional, or they think having aches pains or joint issues excuses them from moving, and it doesn't! Moving our body is not an option, it is a necessity—for everything from digestion to keeping joints in working order and our bones strong. Best yet, movement boosts metabolism! Trust me on this... once you do begin moving daily, you'll never be sorry you got up and moved. You will be sorry, and you won’t feel as good or maintain your weight loss, however, if you don't.

If you're new at this, or you want to develop new routines for physical activity, these tips and strategies can help you get started.

Lack of time is the biggest obstacle that prevents most people from getting in enough daily physical activity. Thankfully, weight loss is 90 percent dietary (especially on this plan) and only 10 percent sweat equity. You can incorporate small bouts of exercise throughout your day. I suggest that you start your day with a 10-minute workout and incorporate 5-10 minute bouts throughout your day. That’s enough time to walk around the office or do a couple of laps up and down the stairs. This also makes exercise less taxing on the body so it won't cause cravings the way overly intense exercise programs do. The end result is the sameyou will get stronger, leaner, and more toned.

DID YOU KNOW that studies show this method is superior to overly strenuous workouts, and people tend to stay in shape longer without causing joint issues? This is also how models and TV personalities work out, so they don’t over bulk, which doesn’t look good on the camera (especially since the new HD televisions add 25 pounds).

Early morning (first thing) is the best time to get your physical activity. Try getting up half an hour earlier than normal. Set out your sneakers and clothes the night before, or better yet, wear workout clothes to bed. That way you can get right to it when your alarm goes off. This allows you to have all your physical activity done for the day before your first cup of coffee. Nothing starts a day better than exercise!

I get up two hours earlier to walk on the treadmill for at least one hour, and I lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... no matter what holiday it is or what's happening in my life. This routine has served me extremely well as I'm in the best shape of my life, despite the fact that I've competed in powerlifting (I took home a 2nd place trophy) and have worked out at Olympic levels, which did nothing but bulk me up and exacerbate my hunger and cravings. Keep it simple and do it daily. I know its scary if you're addicted to the high that workouts can give you. I was scared too, but you’ll have to trust the system and remember you’ve gotta do something different if you want different results. 


The most successful losers burn their weekly calories by walking. It can be the perfect exercise. Whether you take several short walks every day, or a few long ones every week, it’s amazing how fast the calories can add up. Make the commitment to walk every day for the first week. You might be surprised how quickly it can become a habit. Don’t forget: all physical activity is great, but the best exercise is the kind you enjoy the most because that’s what will keep you doing it.

  • If you take public transportation to work, get off a stop or two early to extend your walk to the office. If you drive in every day, look for a spot in the back of the parking lot and walk a lap around the building before sitting down at your desk.
  • If you have dogs at home, take them for an extended walk every day instead of just letting them out in the yard.
  • After dinner can be one of the best times to take a walk. Many people also believe that an “evening constitutional” can be the perfect thing to help with digestion.

All weight loss plans challenge you to burn at least 2,000 calories each week in physical activity. When it comes to boosting a sluggish metabolism, it's even more important. The simple act of tracking or recording the calories you burn throughout the day will help you to do more than you might otherwise. Tracking provides immediate reinforcement, and it’s encouraging to see those numbers add up.

The easiest way to track your progress is to use the method that works best for you. Some like to use a Fit Bit, and others prefer to write it down on their calendar or day timer. Most fitness apps include a calorie calculator that can quickly estimate how many calories you burned doing any type of physical activity. You can always rely on the good ‘ol paper and pencil method of tracking your food and exercise. Did you know that most fitness apps and calorie calculators are off by 20 percent? Sadly, not in your favor. Keep in mind that they are only a gauge and don't take them for the gospel.

Setting a goal that’s too aggressive can quickly become overwhelming. Think about something small you can commit to and do it every day. Maybe you could start with a 10-minute walk before you sit down at your desk. That way you can do it daily without interruption. It's better to start small: Small Changes Every Day = Big Results Over Time and it’s the Consistency + Frequency that = Lasting, Lifelong Results!


The first person you need to be accountable to is yourself. By writing down your goal and making it visible (post it on your fridge, your computer, in your car, and everywhere and anywhere possible) so you're reminded daily of what you are trying to accomplish.

It's also important to “commit publicly.” Let friends and family know your intent, in person, or even on social media. Enroll a buddy who has a similar goal so you can do it together and support each other along the way. Make “fit dates” instead of always eating out with friendsyou’ll be less likely to blow off a walk or weight workout if you know someone is relying on you to show up. Plus, working out and losing weight with a buddy is much more enjoyable. 

I have successful losers who host “Faith Fit Workouts” where they have bible study and then work out or walk together and discuss what they are learning. It’s well worth the efforts, and if your friends are how you got fat in the first place, this is a great opportunity to expand your friendship base so you are surrounded by like-minded people who share your goals. Remember, no change = no change. Now is a great time to join the LynFit Private Facebook Group where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and gain ideas and inspiration. There's always more power in partnership!

It always amazes me how people underestimate the power of daily-anchored health habits. There is no better way to build a new routine than to tie it to a something you already do. Here is what the most successful LynFit losers do:

  • While you wait for your morning coffee to brew, blend up a filling LynFit Complete Protein Shake to put in a travel mug for the commute to work.
  • Each week, when you do your grocery shopping, make it a point to not buy the foods that will tempt you and to buy a greater variety of fruits and vegetables, and then prep them when you get home, so you’re ready for the week.
  • Make it a rule that you only watch your favorite shows on the treadmill. Love podcasts? There are literally thousands to choose from on every topic imaginable. Pick a good one for your next walk. 
  • When you receive your LynFit supplements order, pack your supplements into your purse or cooler, so you’re never without them, or leave a second set of bottles at work, so they never leave.

Being perfect isn’t the best way to succeed. Doing your best consistently and frequently is. It's the best way to get results and keep them. Once you decide to commit yourself 100 percent to developing a new routine, consistency is the challenge. Plan ahead the same way you do when you need a haircut for a special occasion. Each week look at your schedule and what you have in the upcoming week and schedule your physical activity and clean eating in, ideally at the same time every day.

Be patient! Research shows that it can take anywhere from 21-66 days to establish a new routine, so the bottom line is that it’s going to take some time. But believe that this will work and do not quit on yourself. It’s definitely a very worthwhile commitment, and know that it won’t feel so challenging forever.  Eventually, it will become more automatic, and along the way, don’t fall into self-defeating or “all or nothing” thinking. Your new goal is if you fall off track (and you will, its inevitable) make a pact with yourself to get back on immediately. No more waiting until Monday!

  • Lisa Lynn

Mommy Fitness Made Easy!

Are you a busy mom who doesn't have time for exercise? No more excuses!

If you're a busy working mom like me, you realize how much better you feel when you're exercising, which translates into healthier eating and a tighter, leaner body. No one can really prepare you for the crazy busy life a new baby can bring, so most moms skip their workouts because they hate being away from their new baby.

The good news is that studies prove that short bursts of exercises are super-efficient when it comes to getting your body back into shape, and losing the baby weight. Because they are so doable, you can be more consistent. It's not the hardest, longest workouts that get the best results, it’s the workouts you do consistently and frequently that deliver.


  • a woman’s uterus grows from the size of a pear to a watermelon in nine months?
  • it can be harder to control your body because your center of gravity changes and certain ligaments are looser?
  • carrying and delivering a baby weakens your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. This can cause problems with posture, strength, fecal and urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, issues with sexual satisfaction for some women, and leaves back muscles vulnerable to injury that can last a lifetime unless it's addressed.

One way to regain stability and heal pregnancy-related abdominal issues is through postnatal strong lean core workouts, but first...

  • Get your mind right.
  • Trade your excuses for solutions.
  • Commit yourself 100 percent to doing five minutes daily, no matter what.

These exercises can be done using your baby instead of a medicine ball. Have fun working out with your baby and you’ll be setting a good example that taking care of our body is not negotiable! Workouts do not need to be torture to get results and do not require lots of equipment or any equipment for that matter!

Here are the best moves to flatten abs and strengthen core muscles after pregnancy.

Weighted Chair Squats with Baby Hold
(See the workout at the 1:20 in the video above)

Pelvic Tilts on Your Back with Baby Weight
Lie flat on your back with both legs bent into the body, hip-distance apart with both feet on the ground. Inhale and relax your abdominals, then exhale as you tilt your pelvis upward and pull your abs into your spine. Try not to engage the glutes as you tilt the pelvis (which means that you won’t be lifting it all the way up to a bridge position). On the inhale, lower your pelvis and release your abs. 

Repeat three times, then add kegels with each tilt. 
NOTE: You should feel like you’re pulling the pelvic floor up and into your body on the tilt while simultaneously exhaling and pulling your abs into the low spine. Then release everything on the inhale. Repeat 8-12 times using your baby as your weight.

Toe Touch with Baby
Make sure your abs (especially the lower abs) are pulled in tightly and imagine squeezing a golf ball in your vagina to recruit pelvic floor muscles before you begin. Start with your legs bent at 90 degrees in tabletop position, or placed on a chair. Crunch up to knees, holding your baby. Repeat with control 10-15 times.

Make sure that your lower back doesn’t arch with this movement, and maintain engagement/pulling in with the abs at all times. Keep your legs bent and reach them out higher if you feel too much strain in your back or hip flexors, instead of your abs. If your baby gets heavy, have them sit beside you and count your reps  :)

These moves address the issues new moms face, such as:

  • High blood sugar levels
  • Unbalanced hormones
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles that were weakened during pregnancy

Take the 5-Minutes a Day Mother’s Day Challenge and watch the fat melt off faster than you can say, “Honey, let's have a 2nd!”

  • Lisa Lynn

It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle Change For Lasting Results!

You don't need to tell me that losing weight and keeping it off is hard. In fact, 80 percent of people who lose weight gain it all back, and sometimes more, within a year. But understanding why weight loss is so difficult and how your metabolism works can help you lose weight and keep it off. Forget the gimmicks, and what cavemen did thousands of years ago and come to terms with these difficult weight-loss lessons that help solve your weight loss dilemma for good!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must change your behavior, not just until you reach your goal weight, but for the months and years to follow. That’s because as soon as you stop your “diet,” you’re likely to gain back the pounds you worked so hard to shed. To be successful at weight loss, you need to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes and choose leaner food at most every meal. You also need daily exercise almost every day for a minimum of 30 minutes a session (60 is even better) and make sure you reach your 10,000 steps. This is not negotiable! Before you start complaining, try it; it will soon become your favorite part of every day.

Weight loss really has to be a way of life for the long haul.

Your body works against you when you're trying to lose weight

True! It’s not your imagination. When you try to lose weight, you’re not only fighting your cravings, but also your own body. For starters, your metabolism slows down to protect you, and when you lose body fat, you decrease the hormone leptin, which signals your brain that you're full, and you increase the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. You have to take steps to prevent this from happening.

More bad news… this hormone imbalance continues long after dieters succeed at weight loss, making it even harder for them to keep the pounds off. This is why it's critical that you stay on plan and maintain your loss for at least six months to help these hormones regulate themselves and figure out you're getting healthy, not starving yourself.

Good news... as your thyroid slows down when you decrease your calories, you can speed it up naturally with LynFit Thryo-Boost. Thyro-Boost will also help your body adapt to stress, so your cortisol levels don't go up. You have to shut down the ghrelin, blood sugar, and the cortisol to get your body to lose weight. Thyro-Boost helps you in all these areas!

When it comes to losing weight, exercise can't conquer it all

True! Weight loss is 90 percent diet-related. No matter how hard you work out, you need to make the necessary dietary adjustments to lose weight. Just do the math: A 135-pound person biking 60 minutes at 12 miles an hour will burn 369 calories. You can put all that back on by eating the wrong kind of post-workout protein bar.

To lose a pound of fat, you have to burn 3,500 calories more than you consume, so you can see how hard it is to exercise your way through a poor diet. The best solution is to decrease your caloric intake by at least 200 calories and exercise moderately.

The magic is in this combination. Drink a Metabolic Boosting Protein Shake (the opposite of a weight gain shake) and walk 45 minutes daily (anyone can do this. Did you know that you can lose 20 pounds in one year doing this?

More good news... to decrease your caloric intake by 200 calories, you need some tricks. One of my favorites is to mix two (2 scoops) of LynFit Complete Protein Shake with ½ cup of water. Then, simply add that to pre-made Chai tea. You'll get the warmth of the Chai tea and the frothiness of the protein shake. It's like a cappuccino without the caffeine, calories, and guilt. It doesn't get any better than that!

You have to increase your iron and calcium intake when you work out

False! You need to increase ALL of your nutrients in a balanced approach to avoid creating an imbalance.

Exercising and losing weight place greater demands on the body and when you add that to everyday stress, it’s a perfect storm for depression and fatigue, making us more susceptible to illness. Supplementing with an “all-in-one” multivitamin and mineral, like LynFit Daily Power Shot, is the best way to avoid this. And, it's easy to do! You’ll feel better so you’ll want to move more. Making sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs can also prevent cravings before they begin. Most of the time a craving is our body’s way of saying it needs something. And remember, your body doesn't naturally make minerals!

Your partner can eat more than you can

Yes, its true and I agree, it's not fair! Men can eat more than women and still lose weight. Men tend to naturally burn more calories than women thanks to their larger size, muscle mass, and elevated levels of the hormone testosterone, which promotes muscle growth. Also, the male body is genetically designed for more muscle and less fat than the female body because men do not have to store the energy required to bear children. So if you're eating the same amount or more than your partner, it's time to shrink your serving size. Women over 40 need 200 fewer calories, another reason we struggle so much.

  • Lisa Lynn

Is Blood Sugar Sabotaging Your Results?

Last week I received an email from a LynFit customer who is new to the Plan. They thought they were following it as closely as possible (realizing none of us are perfect all the time), and over a two-week period only lost two pounds. Panic was about to set in, so I asked her for a detailed journal of what she was, and was not, doing. 

When I was reading her notes, it dawned on me that so many of us may be doing, or not doing, one or two simple things that drastically affect our results. Here are my suggestions to "Blood Sugar Betty." And if you are like her, you'll want to make sure and read very carefully. Today could be the beginning of something very special in your life!

Her email is below, and my response (and what YOU need to hear) is immediately below it.


"Please help me, Lisa. I'm getting desperate!

I've been trying my best to follow your plan (I'm far from being perfect), and I'm shocked at how decreasing my caloric intake could only make such a small difference on the scale. For the two weeks, I:

  • Drink lemon or ginger water
  • Have an Egg White Shake at breakfast and lunch
  • Decreased my butter usage when cooking, using only a small amount of coconut oil
  • Decreased my regular coffee drinking to half (still working on that)
  • Have been eating protein and veggies for dinner. The most carbs I've had is ¼ cup if any.
  • Eat no desserts
  • May have a ¼ cup of toasted walnuts a couple of times when struggling to cheat

It's so crazy that I ate so much more two weeks ago and with all this "cutting down" I've only lost two pounds. I'm to the point of really stressing about it, and I certainly don't need to add to my stress levels. Help!"


Good morning awesome woman of God!

Your answer lies in two words... Blood Sugar! The easiest way I can explain how blood sugar works is to think of how when your blood sugar is high, all you have to do is take one dose of medication to get it to lower. The same holds true for when blood sugar is low, and we eat one meal "off" or “ just a little bit.” That little bit "off" raises blood sugar, and when blood sugar levels are high, our body resists weight loss, and we go back to start trying to get it to go lower again. Each time we eat something that’s not good for our body type, we make it harder and harder to lose weight. Once you accept the things you cannot change, such as having blood sugar issues, you’ll begin to experience the freedom and happiness God has planned for you.

I haven’t had the diabetes side of blood sugar, but if I had continued on the path I was on and ate the way I wanted to, I surely would be struggling with diabetes. There are some simple body care steps you’ll need to embrace to lower your levels, and with God's help, it can be done. Sometimes, when we can’t change something we need to change how we see it!

It’s not as bad as you think! It’s not easy, but living where you are isn’t easy either, so choose health, and God will give you what you need to take your health and happiness to a level you can only imagine. Your child needs you healthy, so from one mom to another, do it for her until self-love kicks in. ❤️ I’d love to meet with you and your family to help create a new "normal” for you... one not viewed as deprivation, but rather a gift... because it is!

To get started, let's look at each of your changed habits and see where we can make just a few minor tweaks to get you over this hurdle.

  • Drink lemon or ginger water
    Swap to cinnamon water instead. Both lemon and ginger could spike blood sugar levels, especially with nothing in your stomach. Better yet, go for plain water if you don't like cinnamon water.

  • Have an Egg White Shake at breakfast and lunch
    Add one serving of high-fiber fruit such as a ½ cup of raspberries.

  • Decreased my butter usage when cooking, using only a small amount of coconut oil
    It's best to stick with a Natural Balance®-type butter or whipped butter versus using oil like coconut oil. Coconut oil is very high-fat, and it's saturated. If the coconut oil is of the right quality, it may help lower blood sugar levels, but if it's not a super high-quality coconut oil (most are not), it will do the opposite. I suggest staying away from it until you know, and your blood sugar tests and the scale will tell all. For now, stay away and use spray olive oils. This little bit of coconut oil may be what's stopping you. 

  • Decreased my regular coffee drinking to half (still working on that)
    Don't worry about this. Having 1-2 cups of coffee is okay. It's what you are putting in it that matters. If you add the shake it will help regulate blood sugar levels, so don't suffer!

  • Have been eating protein and veggies for dinner. The most carbs I've had is ¼ cup if any.
    Gotta let your blood sugar levels tell you when it's okay to have carbs, and when it isn't. Test them, and be methodical versus leading with your emotions. Emotional decisions always get us into trouble.

  • Eat no desserts
    No need to suffer! In fact, it's better for blood sugar to eat smalls meals every three hours or so to keep it regulated, and this includes dessert (if you choose the right kinds)! Try some of the delicious desserts on (found here) such as pancakes, bread, and ice cream.

  • May have a ¼ cup of toasted walnuts a couple of times when struggling to cheat
    What were they toasted with? If it's coconut oil, and they are toasted, meaning cooked, it changes things. Eat them raw, sprinkled with cinnamon and protein powder instead to buffer blood sugar levels. A handful of 6-10 nuts (tops!) can be a great healthy snack so try the sprinkled version instead of toasting. 

  • I'm to the point of really stressing about it, and I certainly don't need to add to my stress levels. Help! 
    No worries... this is how we all learn, and you're not alone! I've been where you are, so keep on being honest and reading my blogs, so you don't get conflicting information. Lots of things we read on the internet are to sell you something. I am only interested in your SUCCESS!

    But I should caution you that if you don't treat your body right by moving it daily and feeding it what it needs, your stress will grow. Sometimes stress can be the best motivator! I heard a great quote from the tennis pro, Billie Jean King, the other day that is so true: "Pressure is a privilege!" 

Your daily essentials should be:

  1. Walk 30 minutes daily, as soon as you get up. Use this time to talk to and with God. No treadmill? Do one of my easy workouts. The Metabolic Booster Workout is 30 minutes, or do the Anti-Aging Workout; it’s only 10 minutes and very doable. Remember to walk later, even if it means walking around the mall with your peeps.
    Note: You can break up your workouts into smaller more doable sessions.
    All of my workouts are now available on paper making them easy to follow along, and they are broken up into segments. For instance, this is what a lot of my super-busy clients do (and so do I since my life doesn’t allow me to get it all in in one long session):

    A.M. Express: A morning stretch that's done as soon as I wake up. It takes less than four minutes.
    Mid-day: Anti-Aging Weight Workout (takes only 10 minutes)
    After dinner: Walk with family and do the P.M. Recovery Stretch with the family (great quality time).

    I also vacuum daily and use house and yard work to keep me moving throughout the day, even if it’s just a couple of minutes at a clip. These little bits of daily activity help push and balance blood sugar more than we realize. So let’s begin to think small changes, but expect big results!

  2. Drink a LynFit Protein Shake and add fiber from a high-fiber fruit like raspberries (½ cup serving).

  3. Eat blood sugar-balancing snacks in between meals. The very best option is a LynFit Lean Bar because as a busy mom, you don’t have to choose which or prepare anything, which usually means we don’t eat, or we eat the wrong thing (that’s my story anyway). I lean on Lean Bars ( that’s also how they got their name) to save me in crisis and they satisfy my need to chew and my emotional cravings for chocolate that seem to pop up when I’m by myself.

    They may seem expensive, but in reality, they will save you thousands of $ on foods and medications that hurt your body. This is a good example of changing how we think about things.

    If you don’t have a Lean Bar, you can make your own using lower-carb LynFit Egg White Protein and VitaFiber™ (recipe found here). Remember, this is your bar, so flavor it to suit your needs and cravings, using (1 tbsp.) of zero-calorie, zero-carb flavors such as:

    Caramel zero-calorie flavoring
    S’mores zero-calorie flavoring
    Double chocolate: (1 tbsp.) unsweetened cacao
    Cinnamon: (1 tbsp.) cinnamon
    Banana: (1 tbsp.) sugar-free banana pudding mix
    Blueberry: (½ cup) blueberries, thawed and drained

    The VitaFiber™ is critical for balancing blood sugar, so follow the recipe and enjoy trying to bake something new that’s good for you that your whole family will love. You can make these “bar style“ or smaller cubes, cut up like fudge.

  4. Lastly, I strongly suggest using supplements that help work with your body to lower blood sugar levels. Don’t forget that when blood sugar levels are low, our cravings and hunger go away. But the more we feed our cravings, the more power they have over us. All change begins with changing what we normally do to do something different. You’ve got this, and we are here to help!

    The best products for lowering blood sugar are:

    Accelerator Advanced: It now contains Carb Edge ingredients, so you only need to use this versus the older version of Accelerator and Carb Edge combination.

    Pure Omega 3: Use as directed

    Thyro-Boost: Loaded with natural ingredients that balance blood sugar levels, and helps manage the blood sugar disruptions caused by stress.

    Take these according to plan, and if your body seems to have its own timeline, take it them one hour before your blood sugar seems to become unruly. Most bodies run according to circadian rhythms, but we humans tend to interfere with our body's intelligence. Do your best and leave the rest to God. He’s got you!


  • Lisa Lynn

Martha Stewart—An Inspiring Force Behind Me & LynFit Nutrition

I was 40 pounds overweight, depressed, hated my body, and couldn’t look in the mirror. The more depressed I became, the more I struggled with my food. My name is Lisa Lynn, and I'm a food addict/compulsive overeater.

I've tried every diet from Ketogenic® (then called Atkins®) to Weight Watchers® (that was too liberal), to even becoming a vegetarian. I even became addicted to over-exercising, and yet, despite 3-4 hours of working out every day, I still gained weight. 

It seemed that every time I went on a diet, I gained more weight and became more depressed, to the point that I would only get up to eat and to teach aerobics class (I taught two high-impact classes daily). My issues became worse, so I decided to follow the experts advise (experts who didn’t understand my disease) who said, diets don't work! That led me to an all-time high that was 40 pounds plus overweight (I stopped weighing myself) and the lowest I've ever felt emotionally. I had lost all hope... until I learned how my metabolism worked and how my body was different because of all of the yo-yo dieting that changed my biology and made my body resist weight loss. 

I learned there are foods that promote weight loss and that many healthy foods actually cause us to gain weight despite their health claims. Sadly, these were foods I ate every day, like almond milk, nuts, seeds and nut butter, yogurts, vegan protein products, cereal bars,  and many more.

I also learned how to combine three crucial aspects to undo the damage done to my metabolism—eat leaner and cleaner and use natural botanicals to address my underlying issues and improve my thyroid function to help boost my dead metabolism. I also learned how to stay active every day without overdoing it. The combination of these easy, doable things helped me lower my out-of-balance blood sugar levels that were causing the insatiable cravings that would lead me to overeat, even though I was trying my best not to overeat so much.

These aspects also improved my mood thanks to B vitamins, which was something I didn't expect but needed desperately. This system helped me lose 20 pounds, but I still had 20 more to go... so now what?

I had to address my hypothyroid issues that were the root of all of this, and medication was not helping. I've since learned that medication for hypothyroidism only addresses the symptoms and not the problem underneath. The thyroid requires certain nutrients to remain healthy and function optimally. Thanks to protein, my body received the nutrition it needed, which also prevented my metabolism from slowing down, despite the decrease in calories required to lose weight. Consuming protein regularly helped me more than I realized. The glutamine they contain killed my cravings and helped me overcome my food addiction, combined of course with a specific plan to follow every day. It was life-changing for me. I needed a plan that told me what to eat, when, and how much, because left up to my resources I was making wrong food choices, and it wasn’t working.

Too much freedom gave me binge rights... not good for me! I needed a safety net, not more freedom.

The funny thing is I feel freer now living on a plan than I did before. I'm no longer trapped by my food addiction, and I enjoy exercising again. It no longer feels like punishment, and I'm not traumatizing my body, which is more common among overweight individuals than most people realize. It's dangerous and unhealthy.

Finally, I surpassed my weight loss goal and lost 40 pounds, transformed my body (I really believed I had big bones LOL). I also became happier, and it seemed like the world noticed, so I began getting lots of inquiries, and that's how I met Martha Stewart.

Martha was working out at the Golds Gym that I worked at while I was in school. She watched the transformation take place and asked if I would train her. She said she never had a problem with her weight until she hit menopause. Her following was huge, and her business was booming, so she needed something that was simple, easy to follow, and convenient. She also mentioned that she had to taste food all day long and felt that she had to starve to lose any weight at all.

We all know that starving isn’t the answer, so I began researching everything I could to understand the metabolism, how it changes, and what we can do to lose weight, improve health, and boost mood. Thankfully, Martha got into the best shape of her life!

I was having Martha do a metabolic boosting Complete Protein Shake made with water or black coffee with no fruit or milk of any kind for breakfast and lunch. She would have a green apple for a snack and a lean dinner that focused on fish and leafy green vegetables. This system worked perfectly for her because she ate out so often.

Drinking two shakes daily did more than boost her metabolism, it also offset the extra calories she consumed from eating out. (Eating out is 30-40 percent higher in calories than most people realize.)

The focus was lots of leafy green vegetables, no starch, and I had her take the supplement stack that's now known as the Metabolic Boosting System because it contained the specific vitamins, minerals, and botanical nutrients needed to boost her sluggish metabolism and nourish her body to keep her healthy.

Most women aren't really aware that after age 35-40 their body requires 200 fewer calories daily, but we tend to eat more. Teaching Martha these metabolic boosting principles, and using specific supplements, allowed her to live in the real world of delicious eating without worrying about weight gain. Of course, I had her walk 60 minutes daily, and we did 30-minute metabolic body-shaping workouts (she did not want bulk) three times weekly to transform her body and as she says, “Keeping it in working order” to allow her to continue to work her grueling work schedule.

Fast forward to how did I wind up on the Martha Stewart Show? One day a guest that was supposed to be on her Martha Stewart Living Show canceled at the last minute and they asked if I would be willing to fill in for them and do a fitness segment (eeeks, I hated TV and cameras and still do... that's why you won't see any selfies from me). They said that they had been receiving lots of inquiries about Martha's incredible weight loss and it was time to show some of the food and exercises I had her doing (now called my Anti-Aging Workout, condensed down to 10 minutes). So, I turned on my “yes” button, even though I was scared!

That led to more than 55 segments on her show. We did informative segments on food, workouts, stretching, cooking, etc. Yes, I cooked with and for Martha Stewart... can you believe it!?! Talk about scary...! I'm beyond grateful my
journey lasted for more than 16 years with Martha, and we became very close friends. She is brilliant, and it's an honor to be in the same room with her. We still keep in touch to this day.

Why don't I still train Martha, you ask? When she moved further away, I decided it was time for me to begin helping more people in need, and I had missed seeing my kids in the morning for those 16 years. I wanted to see them wake up and feed them breakfast. I used to get up extremely early to be at Martha's house, and now I start at 6:30 a.m., which seems late in comparison!

Stay tuned for more on how that inspiration from Martha helped convince me to start my own product line. I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to reach out if you need help or have a question. It's my pleasure watching you succeed!

  • Lisa Lynn

Make Your Holidays Happy & Healthy With Clean Eating

While it may seem counterintuitive, eating clean during the holidays is deliciously doable and easier than you might think. Why wait until the morning after when you’ve already gained several pounds to dive head first into your weight loss goals when you can start today? Eating clean is all about finding healthier replacements for the foods you love.

A few of you asked what I will be serving for Easter (Resurrection Day), so I thought I would share my clean eating secrets with all of you. Cooking delicious food for family and friends can be very tricky, and my family is no different. If you're like me, you will always find the following types of eaters at your dinner table: The finicky one, the gluten-free person, a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, a bodybuilder who needs a ton of lean proteins, and my favorite kind to feed... the polite ones who eat whatever you put in front of them!

Being Italian, I love to feed people, especially when you hear the YUMMMMMM, this is delicious, from each one of them. This year it's brunch after church and the menu is roast turkey breast, crunchy cabbage slaw (AKA bunny food), mock mashed potatoes for the clean eaters, roasted asparagus bundles (recipes can be found in The Metabolism Solution), and of course, a sweet Italian kugel (it's noodle kugel for the carb eaters). And, for the best part (dessert), the crowd-pleasing “Skinny Cheesecake” (recipe below), and of course, my famous lower-carb, lower-calorie Peanut Butter Balls to offset some jelly beans that might find their way into my mouth!

Most of these recipes use LynFit Egg White Protein because eggs are so popular this time of year, and for a good reason. As a Christian, we believe the egg represents rebirth, creation, and promise. I love Easter for this reason—it brings a feeling of newness and rebirth, no matter what you believe. Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Now, let me help you make your holiday happier and healthier with these delicious recipes that your whole family will love. You can find even more clean, healthy, metabolic boosting recipes here.

*Don't forget to take you Accelerator Advanced with Carb Edge ingredients!

Lisa’s Skinny Cheesecake Recipe

This recipe is so delicious you’d never guess it's low calorie, low-carb, and low-fat. It's 100 percent guilt-free! Just five ingredients (plus fruit for the top).

Every day people ask me what you do when you get cravings. Simple... I feed them! But I do so with a healthier alternative. To be honest, once you try these mouthwatering desserts, you won’t miss the fattening versions. It’s not about being deprived, it’s about finding healthier alternatives.

Wanna boost the health benefits of this recipe? Add berries... they are bursting with immunity-boosting vitamin C, and this dessert helps lower stress levels.

Dry Ingredients

  • (16 oz. container) Low-fat ricotta cheese 
  • (2 scoops) LynFit Complete Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
  • (¼ tbsp.) Stevia® or Splenda® (optional)
  • (2 tbsp.) LynFit Egg White Protein Powder, dissolved in (2 tbsp.) water 
  • Grated rine of (1) lemon or (1 tbsp.) of lemon juice

Liquid Ingredients

  • Pre-made LynFit Vanilla Complete Protein (2 scoops mixed in ½ cup water)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Mix all ingredients in a blender to blenderize for a creamier texture
  • Pour into a glass pie-shaped baking dish and sprinkle with nutmeg on top if you’re not going to top with fruit
  • Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until set (baking times vary depending on your oven and the brand of ricotta cheese used, so keep an eye on it)
  • Serve hot or cold, for a delicious healthy dessert or weekend breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Optional serving suggestions: Top with your favorite fruit or a mixture piled high on top!

  • Maple Madness Cheesecake: Serve warm and top with Walden Farms Zero-Calorie Maple Syrup (or desired flavor)
  • Skinny Strawberry Cheesecake: Top with strawberries for a beautiful dessert to serve your beloveds
  • Chocolate Chip Cheesecake: Sprinkle with mini-chocolate chips (you can crush them to save calories)
  • Pineapple Skinny Cheesecake: Pureed pineapple dropped on top for a tropical summertime treat

Raspberry Mocha Protein Shake


  • (1 scoop) LynFit Egg White Protein Powder (mixed with ½-1 cup of water)
  • (2 tbsp.) Sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding powder (optional)
  • (2 tbsp.) Sugar-free, fat-free raspberry Jell-O® (or ½ cup of raspberries)
  • (1 packet) Stevia® or another natural, sugar-free sweetener (optional)
  • (5-7) Ice cubes


Add all ingredients and pulse in a blender until smooth.

The Kyle Lynn "I'm A Sugar Addict" Fruit Smoothie


  • (½) Banana (frozen tastes best)
  • (3-4) Strawberries (frozen tastes best)
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Egg White Protein
  • (½-1 cup) Water
  • (5-6) Ice Cubes


  • Place fruit and ice in a blender first and mix 60 to 90 seconds
  • Add Egg White Protein Powder and mix another for 10 to 15 seconds
  • For a thicker smoothie, just add more ice
  • For your personal favorite smoothie, just use juice or fruits desired

Protein Packed Pancakes


  • (1 scoop) LyFit Egg White Protein
  • (1½ cups) LynFit Chocolate Protein Powder
  • (1 medium) Banana, sliced
  • (1 tbsp.) Sugar-free, calorie-free maple syrup
  • Fat-free butter-flavored cooking spray


  • Lightly coat skillet with cooking spray or oil 
  • Heat skillet over medium-low heat
  • Using a handheld blender, mix cottage cheese, egg white protein, and protein powder
  • Pour batter into the pan. Cook each side until pancake is golden 
  • Top with banana or fruit slices and or syrup

This would also be good with strawberries. Or perhaps substitute chocolate protein powder for vanilla and then top with fresh blueberries. Lots of options!

  • Lisa Lynn

Sleep Aids & Painkillers Might Be Slowing Your Metabolism

Are sleep aids and painkillers the reason you can’t lose weight? Are they all they're cracked up to be?

Most of us are passionate about our health, but when we struggle with health issues, our fear takes over and sends us running to mainstream medicine. However, what you don’t know can hurt your body and be the reason you can’t lose weight!

The drug industry doesn’t want you to know that their over-the-counter medicines aren’t all they are cracked up to be. They can clog your liver and slow your metabolism down, causing you to gain weight and make your body resist weight loss. To make things worse, they might not even help your ailment because they don’t address the underlying issues that are the cause of your problem.

My philosophy is to do right by your body (take better care of it), and prevention is always the best cure! 

When it comes to health, we all recognize that mainstream medicine has its place. Sometimes it’s necessary and incredibly beneficial. That being said, the opioid epidemic is killing a lot of innocent people, and something needs to be done to fight pain and help us feel better fast. Did you know the federal government has officially declared the opioid crisis to be a public health emergency? In 2017, 64,000 people died from opioid overdoses – nearly twice as many as died in car accidents. This was an alarming 21 percent increase from the previous year. More people die from an opioid overdose than automobile accidents. Pain management continues to be abused, while many drug manufacturers and countless others turn a blind eye. Thankfully, there is a better way.

The answer is simpler than we realize, and it comes from nature!

Although medication is sometimes necessary (and thanks to research they are there when needed), some painkillers and sleep aids could be just as effective, if not more effective, when replaced with safer, more natural pain relievers and sleep aids in the form of nutrients, herbs, and essential fatty acids. In fact, studies show that natural methods to relieve or prevent joint pain and help us sleep are 33 percent more effective, but without the harmful side effects such as weight gain and clogging the liver. Not to mention, we become addicted, despite the fact that they make us feel mentally worse and take depression to a whole new deeper level.


Our world has a need for quick fix solution versus prevention. This quick fix mentality has caused a love-hate relationship with opioids for centuries. We have been growing the opium poppy for at least 5,000 years for pain relief and recreational use. Even Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine, used to recommend mixing poppy juice with nettle (found in LynFit Thyro-Boost) for treating illnesses and pain.

Sadly, in 1805, man learned how to produce morphine and codeine from opium. At this point, Opium's addictive qualities were well-known, but no one really knew morphine was so addictive. One of the worst ideas ever, morphine was used as a cure for opium addictions. Wait, what? Yes, you heard right... it’s like giving a sugar addict sugar to calm his addiction. Morphine is ten times stronger than opium, and the outcome is… well, nothing short of tragic. It certainly didn’t work as they had planned.


Can you believe it started with Bayer Pharmaceutical Company, who began producing heroin commercially? Basically, they repeated their bad idea with something much worse. Free heroin samples were given to morphine addicts to help them break the habit. If you read the newspapers or watch TV, you already know how well that worked out. Heroin has a reputation for being 3 times stronger than morphine, so it was eventually declared illegal (not fast enough).


These drugs make pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars at the expense of your mental and physical health, and often cost lives and destroy families in the process. Manmade, synthetic opioids such as Demerol, fentanyl, and methadone can be deadly because they are very potent. Fentanyl is estimated to be 50 times stronger than heroin, with much of it now coming from Chinese drug companies with little or no purity testing or overseeing, despite the fact that a few drops can kill a large man.

Very quickly, these opiates became more addictive and even more deadly. Especially when combined with a nation that’s spinning out of control and has lost sight of what balance is and how to take care of their bodies, including getting enough sleep.


Most of these dangerous opioid-type drugs are legally produced by pharmaceutical companies in quantities far in excess of legitimate purposes. Seem fishy to you? For example, drug wholesalers shipped 9 million opioid painkillers to a West Virginia pharmacy in a town with only 400 residents. I find it interesting that West Virginia is one of the biggest users of these drugs, don’t you? On top of that, Big Pharma ships opioids into the US from all over the world.

Did you know that natural painkillers and sleep aids are 33% more effective They work faster and are safer, and you won't become addicted; you'll become healthy!

Sometimes, a strong prescription painkiller can be exactly what’s needed when someone is suffering from severe pain, and they can’t move or do what’s needed to get better. Like an acute injury or illness, car accident, or surgery to save a life, for instance. But almost always, these natural painkillers can do the job without all of the deadly and dangerous side effects.

Have you ever seen or read the warnings listed on the tiny print brochure that comes with many over-the-counter painkillers? You'll find that most hammer the liver and kidneys, damage the heart, raise blood pressure, and cause mental distress that’s bad enough to make people take their own lives. The warnings alone should be enough to encourage anyone to try a different way.

If you’re looking for fast, long-term relief, look to Mother Nature! Throw out all of the harmful drugs in your medicine cabinet and give it a makeover by adding these natural approaches instead.

LynFit Lean Sleep

LynFit Lean Sleep is a drug-free sleep aid that promotes restful sleep and better overall health while reducing anxiety that causes fat to be stored.

Most sleep aids are made with ingredients that slow our metabolisms and interfere with weight loss. LynFit's Lean Sleep is made from the highest quality melatonin that works fast and will not leave you feeling groggy in the morning or slow down your metabolism the way other sleep aids will.

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair helps alleviate joint pain or stiffness as a result of arthritis, osteoarthritis or wear and tear on the body caused by overuse or aging. Its unique; one-of-a-kind formula helps quickly reduce and block pain and inflammation by providing the essential nutrients needed to restore healthy joint function in the knees, wrists, hips, and shoulders.

Why is LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair different from all the rest? This fast-absorbing liquid formula is absorbed 40 percent better for faster relief and won't put your health at risk from dangerous side effects that some over-the-counter medicines can.

LynFit Recovery Agent

LynFit Recovery Agent brings you the most advanced natural relief from joint pain, body aches, and ailments associated with Arthritis, Bursitis, and Tendonitis.

Nowadays it seems like everyone you talk to has some sort of ache or pain from arthritis to overuse injuries (carpal tunnel from mouse-clicking) to a common headache, yet what most people fail to realize is that surgery and the use of painkillers don't cure the underlying cause of pain. Most of the so-called remedies we take to alleviate aches and pains should be avoided due to their serious side effects. And ... they slow or prevent weight loss. They are a dead end to an ongoing problem, and the solution lies in nature!

Always look to nature first for optimal health and well-being!

  • Lisa Lynn

Myths About Women Over 40 Regarding Their Health & Weight Loss

God bless Dianna Ross for telling the crowd at her concert over the weekend that her key to weight loss was drinking more water and walking 15 minutes away from her house and then back. If everyone would do this our country wouldn't be so unhealthy!

If you're like me, weight loss is something that hits home. A lot of women are turning 40, or over 40, and losing weight becomes harder, and taking care of your health becomes even more critical.

So what are the myths out there about women and their health in their 40's and beyond? Let's have some fun by answering these true or false questions...

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
You're going to gain weight if you're over 40

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
You have to increase your calcium and iron intake

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
The older you get, lifting and stretching damage your body

How did you do with the true or false questions? Just remember, it's never too late to take preventative measures!

  • Lisa Lynn