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RECIPE: Lemondrop Melt Fat Martini

Lemondrop Melt Fat Martini

Wanna make your daily health rituals more delicious, maximum strength nutritious, and a whole lot more fun? This Mega-Nutrient Mocktail, inspired by the not-so-healthy cocktails can be mixed in minutes, are low-calorie, low-carb, and boosts metabolism and keto, versus blocking it. It provides maximum strength health and wellness and sustainable energy, minus the crash. Here’s to your health… Cheers!

  • Lisa Lynn

Be Ready for Summer & Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

If you're not ready for summer, it's not too late. And, I made it easy for you. Sometimes the Keep it Simple approach by making one small change to your diet every day CAN be just what you need. The one change I'm suggesting is one that anyone can, and should, be doing. It leads to significant healthy and sustainable weight loss, while improving every aspect of your health.
  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: High-Fiber Raspberries & Cream

High-Fiber Raspberries & Cream

Don't feel like drinking your metabolic-boosting LynFit Nutrition Pure Vanilla Dream Shake all the time? That's okay... eat it instead! This delicious high-fiber dessert is the perfect Memorial Day refresher!

  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Chocolate Java Mint Frappé

Chocolate Java Mint Frappé

If you're trying to lose weight, improve your metabolic health, and detoxify or cleanse your body, you're going to have to skip your daily (or even weekly) trip to Starbucks. If you're like me, you don't like being told that you can't have something you love. And, restricting only makes it more appealing, despite how badly you want to lose weight and fit into your clothes. Starbucks frappes, and other coffee drinks are sugar, calorie, and fat bombs that spike blood sugar and trigger cravings, all of which STOP weight loss and block fat-burning, no matter how much you exercise. That's why you're going to LOVE this delicious frappe’!

  • Lisa Lynn

Make One Small Change & Healthfully Lose 5 Pounds in One Week

The biggest mistake most of us make when it comes to making any type of positive change is waiting until the timing or situations in our lives are perfect. This is usually followed by over-complicating what we need to do, both of which STOP any and all kinds of progress dead in its tracks. We remain stuck right where we are, feeling horrible, powerless, and downright yucky. The solution is easier and more doable than you might think.
  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Boosted Citrus Mojito

Boosted Citrus Mojito

I have a solution for your cocktail cravings you’re gonna love. It tastes delicious and helps ease allergies, in addition to protecting and improving gut health, skin, hair, and nails, just to name a few. Next time you’re craving something delicious try this Boosted Citrus Mojito instead!

  • Lisa Lynn

Feeling Tired? Gaining Weight? Allergies May Be To Blame!

If you're like me, Springtime can be rough. Environmental allergies can wreak havoc on your health, from extreme fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, and congestion that causes brain fog and can act like glue and constipate and bloat you. There's also a whole host of other uncomfortable symptoms that can block your weight loss.
  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Fat-Burning Fruit Parfait

Fat-Burning Fruit Parfait

If you're someone who loves dessert like me and insists on having it every night after dinner, simply save up your fruit serving so you can have it later and add the YUMMM to it by frothing your Natural Whey Protein Shake and pouring it over the top of your fruit.

  • Lisa Lynn