Avoid Gaining Weight & Protect Your Immunity When You're Stuck At Home

If you're gaining weight during this quarantine, you're not alone. Some are calling it the Quarantine 15, as people have begun to gain weight while staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Preventing further weight gain is a worthy goal and can also protect your immune health. As we age, our metabolic function declines, making it easier to pack on the pounds in a matter of days. Laying around with nothing but stress and food all around you can be an epidemic of its own, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some specific things you can do to prevent weight gain, boost weight loss, and improve whole-body health in the process. 

  • Lisa Lynn

How Does CBD Affect Your Weight?

Cannabidiol/CBD is widely used today due to stress. It's a trendy phytonutrient compound derived from plants and most commonly and effectively used as a tincture. CBD is an oil-based extract. However, most people know very little about the positive benefits of CBD and that your weight loss depends on which brand you choose and what carrier oil they use. I’ll do my best to explain how CBD affects your weight according to scientific research. 
  • Lisa Lynn

Immune-Boosting Strategies That Also Help You Lose Weight

Most of us here in the U.S. are under some form of shelter-in-place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Here are my personal thoughts and the action steps I suggest for everyone. I have always suggested that everyone take their immune system seriously because it has an effect on every aspect of our lives.
  • Lisa Lynn

Be The Change & Calm In The Darkness

How are you feeling? A tiny bit anxious? I’m a pretty calm person, but I can feel it in the air myself, even here in sunny (vitamin D-rich) Florida.
  • Lisa Lynn

Boost Metabolism & Strengthen Your Immunity

Today is your lucky day! LynFit has the only Shamrock Shake that boosts metabolism and strengthens immunity! St. Patrick's Day is just days away, and LynFit has you covered, even if you have had a tad too much to eat or drink. Although, we are praying you stay on track and focus on the greens that are good for your body and protect whole-body health. 
  • Lisa Lynn

Watch Where You Get Your Coronavirus Information From

The top question of the week is, “I would like to hear your view of the coronavirus outbreak."

Full disclosure: I am one of those people who hates getting sick. No one likes being sick, but I get super-cranky, and what makes matters worse, I was also the kind of person who caught everything that was going around, despite my healthy lifestyle, until recently. 

  • Lisa Lynn

Coronavirus: What The Media Portrays Is Not The Entire Story

New details are emerging about the coronavirus (aka COVID-19), and the only thing that’s spread faster than this virus is our fears. The reason we have these fears is that no one likes to be sick; being sick is costly physically and financially. What the media portrays about the Coronavirus IS NOT the entire story. 
  • Lisa Lynn

60% Of People Who Are Overweight Have A Thyroid Issue

I received an email from a customer who was struggling with hypothyroidism and had lots of questions about how she could find answers to many questions she had. I also struggle with hypothyroidism (just as many of you do), so this subject hits home for me.

Here is her email...
  • Lisa Lynn