COVID-19, Holidays, Or Winter Weight Gain? Not On My Watch!

The days are shorter, it's dark when we leave for work in the morning, dark when we get home each night, and the weather is colder in most areas of the country. All of these negatively impact how long or how often we're able to exercise. Add to that the cravings for comfort food, and it's easy to see how weight gain creeps up on us unless you're one of the disciplined ones who sticks to the Metabolic Weight Loss Plan as your Leaner Lifestyle.
  • Lisa Lynn

How To Avoid Weight Gain

Worried about holiday weight gain and the additional stress it can bring? Don't worry; we have your back and are here to help!

The holidays are fast approaching, and 'tis the season I refer to as “The Sugar Season.” It kicks off the moment Halloween candy hits the shelves or online stores, due to COVID-19, changing the way we shop and eat. The Sugar Season and its high carb sweets and high-fat foods extends from Halloween to Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, and extending into the New Year.

Suppose you're already stressing about the holidays and the weight gain associated with them. Here are three simple tricks that can help you navigate these unprecedented times that have increased stress, leading to insatiable cravings for all of the wrong things.

  • Lisa Lynn

Squats To Help You Reach Ketosis Faster

Squatting correctly builds bone density and prevents bone loss, slowing the aging process. If you wanna stay younger longer... SQUAT!
  • Lisa Lynn

How To Cleanse & Detox The Right Way

Happy fall y'all! I love fall. A slight chill is in the air, and there are sudden urges to eat an apple or pumpkin, and also pulling our favorite sweaters out of the closet. The signs are clear: FALL IS HERE! Fall is my favorite season, and watching the leaves change colors and begin to fall off the trees, and I too find myself looking for a metamorphosis, which always leads to change for the best.
  • Lisa Lynn

CBD = A Multi-Benefit For Breast Cancer

LynFit Nutrition Maximum Strength Daily Wellness CBD user and blog reader Marcie was one of the first to try our Daily Wellness CBD handcrafted, small-batch made maximum strength products. She was kind enough to share her experience, aligned with her husband's (who also started using our Maximum Strength Daily Wellness CBD to sleep and ease his stress), as she underwent treatment for breast cancer.
  • Lisa Lynn

Be Strong & Courageous!

Do you need a little stress relief? The fall season, especially Halloween, can bring with it more stress that can lead to weight gain or stop you from losing weight.
  • Lisa Lynn

How I Lost Weight & Kept It Off

Every day I'm asked: What do you eat every day? I am what you call a routine-regimented eater when it comes to what I eat every day. I wasn't always this way, but after going to school for human behavior modification I learned that NOT eating this way was a big part of the reason I was overweight and struggled to lose weight. I had to learn that my weight (that number I saw on the scale) was, and is, a reflection of what I do regularly and frequently. In order to change that, I had to decide to do what's best for my body, regularly and frequently. Or, at least as regularly as I indulge myself.
  • Lisa Lynn

Power Up Your Metabolism With Pumpkin

Are you a pumpkin lover? If you aren't, you may be after you read the amazing health benefits of pumpkin that, when combined the right way, power up your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight and improve whole-body health!
  • Lisa Lynn