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RECIPE: Mint Berry Electrolyte Smash

Mint Berry Electrolyte Smash

Rehydrate with this delicious pre or post-workout mocktail. It's the perfect anytime cocktail that's good for your metabolism!

  • Lisa Lynn

Attack Aches & Pains Naturally at Every Level

LynFit Nutrition® Advanced Anti-Inflammatory Weight Loss Stack attacks aches and pains naturally at every level, working with your body versus against it, without all of the side effects or weight gain. It starts working in 30 minutes and lasts for up to six hours (as long as Maximum Strength Tylenol)!
  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: The Beautini Metabolic Collagen Cocktail

The Beautini Metabolic Collagen Cocktail

Anytime, anywhere delicious nutrition for your hair, skin, and nails!

  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Be Lean Birthday Cake Smoothie

Be Lean Birthday Cake Smoothie

LynFit Nutrition’s® clean keto shake recipes are the most effective way to nourish your body and safely boost your metabolism. The classic recipes listed are the most popular and super simple, designed for maximum strength weight loss and fat-burning. They are delicious, nutritious, and will keep you feeling fuller longer, naturally energized, and focused. These smoothies take the guesswork out of what to have when you’re craving something delicious. Quick, creamy flavor anytime, without the weight gain, so you don’t have to keep starving yourself or wait until dessert.

  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Metabolic Boosting Courtside Cooler

Metabolic Boosting Courtside Cooler

This delicious Courtside Cooler (also known as the pink drink)  is THE BEST CHOICE when it comes to a post-game mocktail. This one boosts metabolism and recovery and healing, both of which accelerate fat-burning for less than $2.00 a serving!

  • Lisa Lynn

The Best Way to Cleanse for Weight Loss

One of the most popular emails I receive every day goes something like this: "My weight has ballooned up to 170 lbs. I'm super busy, which makes it hard to eat healthfully, my stress/cortisol levels are high, I'm exhausted all of the time and craving all of the wrong foods. What can I take to protect my health? I feel like a hot mess!"

Great news! In just 2-3 days, you can jumpstart your weight loss, accelerate fat-burning, restore your health and energy, and get back on track with your fitness goals. If you're ready to get your health, energy, and vitality back on track, here's the perfect solution for you!
  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino

Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino

If you love chocolate, coffee, and staying lean and FIT, you're gonna love this Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino! This is one of the most delicious and nutritious mochaccinos you'll ever taste, AND THE ONLY ONE that boosts metabolism by 25%, balances blood sugar levels, and prevents weight gain when consumed on a cheat day! 
I will definitely be enjoying my day :) 

  • Lisa Lynn

RECIPE: Strawberry Smash Recovery Cocktail

Strawberry Smash Recovery Cocktail

Essential aminos naturally energize and improve focus, dramatically improve strength and endurance, and reduce your recovery time. Zero calories, clean fuel, won't spike blood sugar levels or break your fast.

  • Lisa Lynn