RECIPE: Fiber-Filled Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Make your oatmeal raisin cookies more filling and metabolic with this Marth Stewart-made leaner recipe makeover. 
  • Lisa Lynn

How To Nourish Your Thyroid & Improve Immunity

Most people underestimate the power of our thyroid gland, and how critical it is to keep us nourished every day, especially under today's stress and immune threats. Nourishing our thyroid IS different than taking a multivitamin and mineral because our thyroid requires a specific amount of certain nutrients. When our thyroids are nourished adequately, they become healthier again and function normally. healthier thyroid changes everything!
  • Lisa Lynn

Now You Can Get Your Fix! Chocolate Truffle Is Back In Stock!

With increases in grocery prices and the current meat shortages in the United States due to Covid-19, Complete Protein comes out a winner again!
  • Lisa Lynn

Is Excess Stress Affecting Your Body?

We've all had it happen... our TV clicker/remote batteries begin to fail to the point that the clicker doesn’t work the way it should. When the batteries are brand new, the clicker works perfectly, but as they age, their power begins to decline, and you'll have to move closer to the TV in order for it to work. Finally, you can no longer change the channel at all, and the clicker stops working completely. 
  • Lisa Lynn

The Best Way To Naturally Increase Your Defenses

As more people than ever venture back into the world after being locked down for so long, it's more important than ever before to take safety precautions when it comes to protecting your health. If you want to protect your health as well as your family’s, you'll want to make sure you're boosting your immune system to keep it strong and healthy, which is the best way to naturally increase your defenses. 
  • Lisa Lynn

My Sneaky Hypothyroid Problem NOW SOLVED Naturally!

I spent the first two decades of my life 40 pounds overweight, feeling sick all the time, and too drained to get out of bed most days. My health was getting worse, despite being vegan and a H.I.T. (High Intensity) fitness trainer (now known as metabolic workouts that have been modified to promote weight loss versus blocking it, and trim legs versus growing them larger), teaching three hours of classes daily. It began to affect my relationships because I was too tired and/or moody to go out. 
  • Lisa Lynn

Staying Lean In Lockdown

Did you know that learning new ways to work out is one of the best ways to stay motivated to keep exercising? We all need to keep learning new ways and doing our best when it comes to keeping our bodies moving, which is the only way to keep the metabolic fires burning HOT. 
  • Lisa Lynn

How To Reduce Inflammation & Ease Aches and Pains

LynFit Super Omega 3 Dressings are back in stock, but they won't be for long!

The good news is that it seems you guys were dressing up your salads with the healthiest omega-3 dressings on the planet, which is great news. Super Omega 3 Dressings make it easy (and more delicious) to get your daily omega 3 needs met, especially if you don't like to take an omega-3 supplement. I do suggest that everyone take omega-3 now while our immune systems need all the support they can get. Omega-3 helps keep our brains and our bodies nourished and protected, prevents memory problems, joint aches and pains, and tight, stiff muscles, to name a few.

  • Lisa Lynn