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Win the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma

Win the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma by Lisa LynnWin the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma is an all-encompassing book that covers everything from melanoma skin cancer risk factors and diagnosis procedures to living well after treatment.

With greater public awareness, early detection of melanoma skin cancer is on the rise while mortality rates are declining. This medical guide emphasizes that all patients should be well-informed decision-makers in their treatment. It is updated with the latest patient treatment guidelines along with an advanced dictionary of cancer-related terms and critical questions to ask your health-care administrator.

Melanoma Specialist, Dr. Deepak Narayan, a renowned skin cancer expert and Surgical Oncologist, joined forces with Fitness and Metabolic Expert, spiritual mentor, and award-winning author Lisa Lynn to provide patients and their families with everything they need to know to Stomp Out Melanoma and Win the Fight against this deadly disease. Lynn's perspective as a former melanoma patient offers the unique perspective of both survivor and thriver.

This book also offers insight into the emotional issues that directly affect treatment success and provides the healthy steps needed to win this battle, while staying healthy for life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The practical format approaches the disease in phases, making it easier for melanoma patients to comprehend. It starts with a step-by-step process that Dr. Narayan refers to the "you just found out phase". This is the most stressful and intense phase that ranges from the diagnosis to initial treatment. Dr. Narayan's peaceful "keep it simple" approach helps patients and readers through this intense, critical time, with an easy-to-understand plan to help maximize cancer treatment with holistic nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

Win the Fight does not stop there, however. After the initial phase is over the "real life, ongoing phase" begins. Life resumes its normal pace but, as most patients will admit, there is nothing normal about life anymore. They would all admit to living life with fears and lingering concerns about a new melanoma popping up, as well as metastasis. Both Dr. Narayan and Lynn address the common questions and fears while emphasizing that prevention is the ultimate cure.

Win the Fight is a must-have guide for real people who are afflicted with any disease that affects the quality of life. More importantly, it brings hope to patients, families and caregivers. It offers a road map that leads to both surviving and thriving.

A portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the Yale-New Haven hospital melanoma research fund to help make research dreams become a reality.

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The I Love My Body Book by Lisa Lynn

The I Love My Body Book by Lisa LynnAs parents, one of the toughest jobs we face is teaching our children how to love themselves and their bodies the way God made them. For kids, this isn't always easy.

When kids don't love themselves for who they are, they have a tendency not to eat healthfully or pay attention to taking care of the body that God gave them. Self-love is the best way to teach our children how to take care of themselves by eating nutritiously, exercising, learning to express our feelings and being grateful for what we have vs. what we don't have.

The I Love My Body Book addresses all of the issues kids face (adults too). This book is a must have for every household who wants to be physically and emotionally healthy. Parents say they love this book to as it makes these principals easy to do.

According to a recent report in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, negative self-image has been shown to begin at a very young age with nearly half of three to six-year-old girls worrying about being fat.* Bestselling author, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn, who struggled with her weight as a child, creates an illustrated children’s book for toddlers and their parents to help instill positive self-image and love of self as early as possible with The I Love My Body Book (LynFit Nutrition/2015).

Whether parents realize it or not, children pick up body image cues at a very young age. It could be an off-hand remark about a child’s chubby legs or overhearing talk from adults about crash diets, food deprivation, or unflattering commentary about their bodies. Because of that, it’s not uncommon for toddlers to mimic their parents poor self-image habits and thus begin a lifetime of negative talk about their bodies.

When it comes to self-esteem and teaching children to love themselves it's imperative that parents start teaching their children to love themselves starting the day they are born. Teaching our children to view themselves through Gods eyes vs the worldly view helps them establish positive physical and emotional self-image. Prevention is the cure!

In The I Love My Body Book, Lisa's encouraging words and visually stimulating graphics encourage parents and children to love and celebrate each part of their bodies by recognizing all the wonderful activities that can be done.

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