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The Superstar Flu-Fighter You Need To Know About

The strain of the flu virus this year is getting a reputation for being deadly, but it's not actually the flu virus that kills you, rather, it's the secondary infections that trigger an overwhelming potentially fatal immune response that takes advantage of an already taxed and tired immune system.

This is also true with cancer (for more information on winning the fight against cancer you’ll want to read my book, Win the Fight, that I wrote with Dr. Deepak Narayan, a melanoma cancer specialist from Yale-New Haven Hospital).

We already know that we need to eat clean, unprocessed foods, get adequate sleep and moderate exercise (Note to exercise addicts: Moderate, not intense CrossFit®- style, punish your body workouts), drink lots of fluids, avoid stress and so on. But how do we boost immunity to win the fight against this deadly flu and other illnesses, including cancer? If only there were a magic bullet to naturally improve energy and boost health and wellness to fight these debilitating illnesses and prevent disease.

There’s no doubt that the morning cup of coffee, tea, energy drink, or even good workout can help jump-start the body and wake up our brains. Most of us rely on these to give the body that little push it needs to get up and running, especially when it comes to energy and focus. However, we all know too, leaning on these stimulants too much won’t keep the body fully charged on its own, and can backfire in the long run when it comes to strengthening immunity. Overuse of caffeine and stimulants, including pump-yourself-up-style workouts, can send us crashing and burn out our immune system.

This is more common than you might think. In fact, I’ll go as far to say as it's a new way of American life! We are all guilty of this to some degree, but as we get older, we become smarter and realize how critical it is to really take better care of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Sadly, most of us (this is certainly my story) don’t pay much attention until we get sick or have been told, "you've got cancer," and then we begin to take note.

Prevention is the cure!


What’s the problem with stimulants? They give us a momentary boost, but they don’t do anything for us holistically over time (Unless you're taking LynFit Daily Power Shot. That is why it’s better than all of the others.). In fact, stimulants deplete energy stores and immunity over the long-term if used on a daily basis. That little caffeine lift we all know and love… it comes, it goes, and then often leaves us even more tired and depleted than we were before, so we keep reaching for more. If you’re a coffee drinker, you know the feeling.

The more we use stimulants, the bigger the crashes eventually get, and the harder it gets for the body to bounce back. However, this is not the case when taking natural herbs and botanicals to support the body’s immunity. That’s why we say at LynFit to naturally and safely boost energy.

The natural ingredient that stands out above all the rest for replenishing energy, improving vitality, boosting immunity, and improving mood and motivation that we might lose when living in this fast-paced world where every day is a jam-packed schedule is LynFit's newest superstar... an Asian herb called ashwagandha.


Ashwagandha provides better energy naturally through immunity. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has been used as a tonic herb for centuries and is so effective that it's where most pharmaceutical medications are and were derived. That's something most physicians don’t even know. They love to push drugs, but never ask where they come from or if there is a better, more natural way with fewer side effects that cost us a lot less. Enough ranting our healthcare :)

Ashwagandha's properties are so powerful that it has also been nicknamed “Indian ginseng.” It can easily be compared to the legendary ginseng species of Asia and America (Panax spp) because both are remarkable adaptogenic herbs. 


Adaptogens are a term herbalists, and healers give to botanicals that help the body cope with stress and change. Stress is often what’s under all illness and injuries, so using an adaptogen to address the underlying issues such as improving immunity and immune support, antioxidant protection, and natural energy and mood-boosting is a must.

Ashwagandha has a unique and special way of providing a strong foundation for better health and wellness and practically falls into a category all its own. It's far too complex to go over in one blog. Ashwagandha is a kingpin!

It’s the most important to traditional healing modalities (such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine). Ashwagandha was perceived as doing a lot for wellness and disease on its very own, without the use of any other herbs to support it and that’s why you can find it in LynFit Thyro-Boost. LynFit only sources from the best suppliers in the world and use clinical strength, pure ashwagandha because quality counts the most.

This became a priority for me when I was diagnosed with melanoma. While there is not a cure for that cancer, there was something I could do... boost and strengthen my immune system to prevent disease before it happens. Scientific research proves ashwagandha may be far more capable than any other herb for the body’s health.  

Besides the fact that it's effective in some of the same ways that ginseng is effective, ashwagandha does a whole lot more. We focus on thyroid issues at LynFit because we specialize in weight loss and issues that prevent the body from shedding weight (such as inflammation, weakened immune systems, and unbalanced hormones), but ashwagandha does so much more! Here is why every household in America should have at least one bottle of Thyro-Boost on their shelf:

  • Soothes the nervous system (this helps keep hormones in balance and prevents damage from the dangers of cortisol)
  • Promotes better sleep (this is critical because it's where all of our healing, health and weight loss magic occurs)
  • Balances thyroid function
  • Can help ramp up testosterone levels (ladies if your bottle disappears you'll know your man has been reading up on why they need ashwagandha)
  • Reduces chronic inflammation 

Basically, ashwagandha improves everything!


Studies also show that ashwagandha positively affects the most important thing at the core of health and wellness: our immunity.

As an adaptogen, ashwagandha accomplishes this in a number of different ways. The benefits for the body are too numerous to list because it gets a trickle-down effect when strengthening immunity, which truly benefits everything (and everywhere) else in the body. Strengthen the immune system, and everything is better. 

Here’s the list of what you can expect from ashwagandha, and its all backed by science.


Ashwagandha is most studied for its antioxidant potential above all else. These benefits, in turn, have a way of supporting the immune system. Compounds are found in every part of this super power plant (leaves, berries, but especially the roots) have a reputation for doing some amazing things backed by all sorts of studies. These antioxidant phytochemicals prevent free radical damage from occurring—(free radical damage is something we all want to avoid) that promotes illness, speeds aging, and causes inflammation. Short speech, it makes us vulnerable to illness including cancer and of course the flu virus.

Free radical damage has a way of causing the body to unravel and become weaker, Ashwagandha slows this process, allowing us to live a better quality of life—for longer.

The antioxidant powers of ashwagandha bolster longevity, keeping disease at bay, and even slowing the aging process. The body may not only feel better but also look its best as it ages, too. I don’t know about you, but at 50 I want as much of this as I can get!


By way of its antioxidant activity, ashwagandha also acts as a premier immune-booster. Free radical damage promotes chronic inflammation, and this can also be a symptom of the immune system getting out of whack. So much so, that immunity could even start attacking the body’s healthy tissues. Take note all of you arthritis autoimmune sufferers. As an antioxidant, ashwagandha counters this, helping to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Lots of studies show the other critical ways that ashwagandha helps improve immunity. This includes increasing white blood cell production, as well as the number of macrophages in the body. All of these are important antibodies that prevent disease and illness, such as from viruses and bacteria.

If you're tired of chronic colds and sicknesses, or aches and pains that slow you down and affect your body, ashwagandha can strengthen your immunity back up to where it should be, and give the body the healthy reboot it needs.


Studies show that ashwagandha was found to have a beneficial effect on hypertension (AKA high blood pressure). This is true for blood pressure that’s mostly stress-related.

In another study, it was observed that the plant acts as a diuretic. Diuretics help reduce sodium by stimulating kidney function, which helps lower blood pressure. So you see, ashwagandha not only strengthens immunity and delays aging, but it also prevents all sorts of contagious diseases including lowering blood pressure, which protects the body from heart disease, especially when that risk increases from a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle.

In the real world, slowing down isn’t an option, so taking ashwagandha daily to protect your heart is the perfect natural solution.


Another benefit of ashwagandha (especially in the fight for a longer, healthier life, and fighting against heart disease) is that taking this VIP herb can lower the body’s cholesterol levels. Research proves this!

In a study of 101 men aged 50 to 59 who took ashwagandha, cholesterol levels dropped noticeably down to healthier levels. This is very promising, though the plant cannot be considered a cholesterol treatment quite yet—and more research is needed, prevention is always the best cure!

For most of us, as we age and cross the above 40 line, eating right is often not enough to keep cholesterol levels in safe zones and presents a challenge that includes rising insurance costs. Even more so for those of us that have a busy work schedule and aren't always eating perfectly but do strive to make healthy versus hazardous food choices. Taking ashwagandha daily as a ritual could give the body the extra cholesterol-lowering benefits it needs to curb against those not-so-good food choices and prevent the need for over medicating that doctors seem to love to do. (NOTE: When it comes to lowering cholesterol levels, you cannot supplement away a bad diet. LynFit always suggests giving the body the help it needs so you may want to give this Asian VIP remedy a try.)


Ashwagandha helps regulate blood sugar levels. There is plenty of research and evidence to support this. In one study, ashwagandha was seen lowering blood glucose levels in the body with the same effectiveness as a hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) drug. Now that’s nothing short of amazing and an answer to America's health care crisis.

High blood sugar levels do more than stop weight loss, they are also a huge risk factor that eventually leads to the development of Type 2 diabetes. If your body needs help with reducing the chances of diabetes, ashwagandha should be on the top of your list to try. While ashwagandha is not considered a cure yet (more studies are needed), science does say that it will more likely than not be just the herbal ally the body needs, and the best prevention. Now that's a solution!


In today's world, thyroid problems are becoming far too common. I began taking ashwagandha because the medications I was on weren’t working for me. In fact, when it comes to thyroid health, ashwagandha is one of the most studied herbs and shows the greatest promise of helping thyroid imbalances, particularly hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition that causes weight gain, slows metabolism, causes fatigue, aches and pains, diminished motivation and drive, and increased diabetes risk.

One study, among many others, however, shows ashwagandha indirectly increased thyroid activity, making the thyroid gland produce more hormones (especially free T4). This makes the herb ashwagandha one of the best protocols for anyone suffering from hypothyroidism and can help you if you're struggling, even if you're already taking medication.

It's important to note that thyroid medications don’t address the issues. Rather, they just treat the symptoms, which is why you might not lose weight taking thyroid medications. Regardless, add reducing the chances of hypothyroidism to the list of issues ashwagandha can help heal and possibly keep from occurring.


As a melanoma survivor, every doctor visit escalates my anxiety. If you're worried about your cancer risk, taking ashwagandha may be able to help. We all know plants chock full of powerful antioxidants have been known to be potent protectors against cancers and tumors. Ashwagandha is the kingpin at this job.

Most cancers can root and take hold in the body as the result of excessive free radical damage. Ashwagandha (used in Ayurvedic medicine to fight cancer) provides another edge against the fight against cancer because it effectively boosts immunity, which can protect the body from the carcinogenic activity we are all exposed to in today's modern world.

Overall, taking ashwagandha makes perfect sense for a well-rounded fight against one of the most deadly diseases in the world. It provides hope! Many studies have shown that the herb has been an amazing benefit to patients suffering from a wide variety of cancers: including lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and more.

Wondering where you can get ashwagandha?

This potent, powerful, well-studied traditional herb found in LynFit Thyro-Boost is specifically formulated to provide the body with comprehensive immune support and many other benefits.

LynFit combined ashwagandha with many other scientifically supported healing herbs that boost and benefit a healthier immune system. These include Astragalus, stinging nettles, kelp, shepherds purse, sage, and spirulina.

LynFit Thyro-Boost Nutritional Information

While most thyroid supplements give you synthetic Tyrosine (a chemical form), LynFit uses spirulina, a natural form; blue-green algae, which has the highest concentration of Tyrosine of any other natural source. This high quality of spirulina also has much more. Spirulina is also a good source of:

  • Protein, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Copper, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese
  • A balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Rich antioxidants

Claim better wellness for the body, and don’t fall for quick-fix stimulant fixes like the store-bought, 5-hour Energy®, Emerge C®, excessive coffee drinking, or these fad teas for energy. Ashwagandha provides you all of that and more, and won't backfire on you.

If you need to improve your energy, boost immunity, and want to prevent and fight against lethal diseases, prevention is always the best cure. Choose to address the underlying issues that cause the immune system to weaken and allow a disease to enter. Go for the long-term recovery with a powerful adaptogen, like ashwagandha, in LynFit Thyro-Boost. Your body will also benefit from the many other time-honored, research supported herbs in this powerful immune boosting formula.

Who shouldn’t take Thyro-Boost? No one! It's an adaptogen, it’s safe for everyone, and everyone should be taking it! Don't let its name deter you; it's more than just a remedy for the thyroid.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay away from sick people, and please stay home if you're sick; others don't want to catch your bugs. You may also want to layer Thyro-Boost with LynFit Complete Protein, LynFit DBoost, and LynFit Pure Omega 3 for the most comprehensive immune boost that natural can provide!

  • Lisa Lynn

The 5 Best Ways To Make Over Your Skin

As a fitness and nutrition expert, I’m often asked what else can be done in addition to eating clean to improve skin tone and make skin glow and look tighter. Our eyes are the top giveaway of our age and how we feel. No wonder why it’s the top question/ complaint among woman (and men) over 40. The good news is that you can reverse signs of aging around your eyes, and your whole face will look more youthful.

Dark circles? Shadows under the eyes appear when blood pools and shows through the skin. It appears under the eyes more because that skin gets thinner as we age, making them more visible.

Puffy bags under the eyes? The skin around the eyes loses elasticity with age, so there’s more room for fluid to gather, resulting in bags.

Under eyes hollows? That hollowed look sets in when the fat pads that line the eyes start to thin and droop.

Add to that the everyday stresses of life and losing weight (and if you're like me, looking at yourself in the mirror) can be de-motivating and downright scary. How I look doesn’t always bother me, but what does bug me is when people say, you like very tired are you feeling ok? I wasn’t born with good skin genes, and losing weight didn’t make this worse, but it didn’t help either. Yet I’m not willing to gain weight and feel terrible, so my face looked better.

I started asking doctors and friends who specialize in this, and I did not like their answers. Surgery? No way, too expensive! Plus, I’ve seen too many facial surgeries gone bad. I personally don't like the look (Martha Stewart and I used to joke that they look like bugs they are pulled so tight) and no one tells you that. Even if you decide on surgery or expensive fillers and injections you still have to take better care of your skin to look vibrant and alleviate the dark, puffy eye circles, and hollowed out eyes.

The problem is that most anti-aging products purchased at stores don’t contain enough of the active ingredients needed to get results that you can see and feel fast enough to keep you on track with your skincare regime every night. Until now! You asked me, and I delivered!

I was researching for almost five years until I found this clinical strength anti-aging system that I love and use, and... it works. While this 5-step system may seem expensive, in reality, it's less. Its clinical strength means you’ll use a lot less, so these products last a lot longer than store bought versions of "wanna be" anti-aging products that don’t contain enough of the active Ingredients (most important ) that produce the changes they sell you on.

You may even find (we get lots of questions regarding this) that these new products are so strong that you have to take breaks, and that’s alright with us. It just means you’ll need to use them less often, but you’ll still get amazing results the same week you start, and results that even your dermatologist will notice. Mine did! He noticed my spots and discolorations were lightened. Even your friends and co-workers will notice.

I use this system Monday - Friday and take weekend breaks. If I’m having a big peel out (my kids refer to this as a snowstorm on my face), I exfoliate more, using microwave dermabrasion and hydrate more using the LynFit SPF60 moisturizing sunscreen. My skin radiates, and the dark circles and puffiness have gone. The crepey, loose skin becomes full and tighter, and in the tv world I live in, where cameras make everything look worse, I need all the help I can get!

On a side note, I find that taking better care of my skin helps get me out of the kitchen, preventing the mindless munching I sometimes fall victim to. When we take better care ourselves we tend to eat better... not bad results for one small change. And, after you do your skin care routine, brush your teeth. You’ll be less likely to eat later. 👍🏼

Here are the 5 best ways to make over your skin:

1. Prepare the skin for treatment with Revitalizing Facial Cleanser

Cleanse and remove dulling impurities and support cell turnover with LynFit Revitalizing Facial Cleanser. Prepare the skin to receive the nutrients you’ll be applying.

2. Re-balance the pH balance of your skin with pH Balance Toner

This balances the skin's ph levels and soothes the skin, which is the secret to healthy skin and preventing irritation. This step is often skipped, but it’s super important to the big picture. 

3. Rejuvenate your skin with Tretinol Serum

Tretinol (it’s the best form of vitamin A and is the grandfather of Retin A). It is loaded with vitamin A and also contains vitamins E and C, which increases collagen and firms the skin, reducing crows feet.
Studies show that this specific combination of Tretinol, along with vitamins E and C tightens skin by 48 percent in just eight weeks. 

Apply Tretinol sparingly over the face and neck to increase collagen production (avoid eyes, eyelids, lips, and sensitive areas). It’s loaded with exactly the amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, which when combined, thwarts blood pooling, reducing under eye circles and puffy eyes.

4. Repair and replenish with Vita-CE with Ferulic Acid

Vita CE and Ferulic Acid is the secret to anti-aging and is considered the fountain of youth. The key reason is it contains multiple antioxidants to help prevent wrinkles and repair sun damage and helps fade dark spots and skin discoloration. It lightens and brightens the skin and evens out skin tone.

Apply a pea-sized amount over the face and neck (avoiding the eyes, lips, eyelids, and sensitive areas). This clear, yellow liquid has a smoky scent that fades quickly, leaving a slightly sticky film until you apply moisturizer or your sunscreen on top of it.

The combination of steps 3 and 4 is the most effective way to restore volume while increasing firmness, and it works quickly to help fill in under eye hollows.

If you’ve never layered products like this, you’ll quickly see why dermatologists suggest it. Layering skin products is the best way to allow nutrients to be absorbed more effectively and trap nutrients for best results.

5. Protect with Daily Hydration Sunscreen SPF20

Layering your sunscreen on top helps hydrate and restore moisture and protect your skin from harmful pollutants that can even be found in our homes and office environments. And of course, from the sun's damaging affects.

If your skin is sensitive, rotate Tretinol and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid by alternating their use (using Tretinol one day and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid on the other, or using Tretinol at night and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid in the morning).

If you’ve got tough skin that needs some tough love, repeat steps 1-5 in the morning and top that healthy glow off with a healthy vegan gel eyeliner. You’ll look like you had a facelift or restful vacation!

  • Lisa Lynn

Metabolism Hacks That Jump Start Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight for good, this year the focus is on Mind, Mouth, and Muscle. Why? Because everything we think and everything we put into our mouth (food, drink, supplements, and medications) all affect our metabolisms, either in a negative way or a positive way. How, or if, we move our muscles also affects our metabolism. And it's not just our metabolism that's affected, our DNA is also affected.

How do you know if what you’re doing and how you're living is negatively affecting your metabolism and DNA? The scale is your measurement tool. If what the scale says isn’t in agreement with what you should weigh, you’ve gone out of the healthy eating margin, even if you're avoiding carbs and processed foods and exercising every day. The truth is, numbers don’t lie. What you eat or drink in private or in the middle of the night shows up on the scale.

Okay, so now you know that if you're more than 10 pounds overweight, your metabolism has been negatively affected and needs to be addressed in order to restore your body back to health. There are many methods to hack through the damage caused. Surgery and medications are options, but both methods are extremely expensive, painful, and come with side effects that might be worse than being overweight and unhealthy.

After I turned 40, I got sick and tired of taking the long, painful routes, and I’ve come to realize that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and we get to choose which route we take. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to waste any time getting lost on side streets that take me further from my goal until I become so lost that I quit and give up in frustration, rightfully so. Who has that kind of time to waste?

Our happiness and health are being affected every minute we live in unhappy, unhealthy, depressed circumstances. Out of all of the weight loss methods I could suggest, I always choose to show my clients the fastest, easiest ways to lose weight because as humans we draw motivation from seeing and feeling results. The faster you feel better and begin to see the scale numbers drop, the better the odds are that you’ll stick to healthy eating and exercise habits, and the odds are that you’ll also want to make these your new way of life.

But before you can convince your body to shed that dangerous weight, you need to hack (AKA jump start) your body's metabolic process to a level that you begin to lose 1 pound per day. These metabolism hacks also address the underlying issues that prevent you from losing weight such as:

    • Insulin resistance (blood sugar issues)
    • Hunger and cravings 
    • Low energy and moodiness
    • Excess fat storage around the belly and stomach 
    • Unbalanced hormones 
    • Thyroid issues

But the good news is that these hacks are natural approaches that improve health versus unnatural, that can cause further long-term damage. Everyone can do these, anywhere and anytime, so swap out those excuses for these healthier habits!


Exercise metabolically on an empty stomach. The easiest way to do this is to work out at home. You’ll get in shape ten-times faster in less time (30 minutes daily), and you’ll save time and money spent driving back and forth to the gym. You'll see dramatic results, quickly, without hurting your body, when doing metabolic workouts, combined with your new way of eating. You don’t need any equipment or lots of space. But you’ve gotta want it, so bring your desire to change! Thirty minutes, three times weekly, with at least one day of rest in between, and continue to get in your 10,000 steps (which is mandatory for everybody).

What about taking your supplements? It’s suggested that you take your LynFit Accelerator Advanced and LynFit Cutting Edge supplements with a large glass of water or black coffee before your workouts for maximum fat burning and weight loss results.

Want to take your results to the next level? Take them again immediately after to prevent cortisol levels from rising and fat from being restored.

Need energy to work out in the morning? Power your workouts and your results with a shot of LynFit Daily Power Shot anytime you feel like you need it (not too close to bedtime though).


Twelve hours after your last meal, drink your LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake made with water or black coffee. Drinking a metabolic boosting Complete Protein Shake revs up your metabolism 25 percent, refuels your body with metabolic boosting, fat burning protein, and kills and prevents cravings and hunger.

*NOTE: Most protein shakes do not provide these benefits. For guaranteed results, you need to use this specific shake because it’s designed to work like this. Vegan, soy, keto, paleo, and milk proteins have the opposite effect.

This is also a good time to take your LynFit Daily Joint Recovery supplements if you're combining them with your weight loss supplements.


When it comes to hacking your metabolism to jumpstart your weight loss, timing really is everything. I know I hate to be told to not eat and allow yourself to be hungry, but it’s critical that we are honest with ourselves. Losing weight has more to do with what we stop eating as well as not eating whenever we want, whatever we want. There are some simple tricks everyone can do that will hack through your body's metabolic resistance.

It’s not as hard as you think. Remember, attitude and how you view things affect your body, so fake it until you make it. Remind yourself you're not giving anything up, you're gaining the body you want and improving health. If the price tag is that you give up something to get something, that sounds like a good deal to me. If you don’t agree, you're probably not ready yet. Be patient with yourself until you are.

Hack Timing

Eat between the hours of 8-9 a.m., and stop eating by 7 p.m. This is an easy way to intermittently fast. Your body is designed to fast every night, not once a year. This type of fasting boosts metabolic rate and primes the body to burn off stored fat. Studies prove that it’s the best way to slow the aging process and protect brain health and boost brain power.

Allow at least three hours between meals for mini-fasts all day long. Don’t be alarmed if you begin to feel hunger in a new way. We tend to get scared, but in reality, this is a very good sign that you’ve hacked your dead metabolism and jump-started it again, so you’ll begin to see results and feel better fast. And, the scale will drop rapidly. All good signs if you're using the Complete Protein Shake and metabolic boosting supplements to prevent your metabolism from slowing down and keeping your body nourished.

It’s a good idea to always have a protein shake and or LynFit Lean Bars with you so that they're available when you need them. Drink water to stay hydrated, which hacks, and once your body begins to burn off stored fat and food has lost its grip on you it will become easier! Do not quit, you're on your way to a new healthier, leaner, happier you!

Fall off the plan? Get up and try again one more time! Quitting is not an option. See it as non-negotiable and don’t give up. Forget those once-a-year resolutions. Every morning, resolve to do better than the day before. You will be successful because If you're trying one more time today, and continue to do the same again tomorrow and the next day and the next... What about you? Are you a quitter?

Join LynFit's private Facebook page to share your thoughts and join the fun cheering each other on!

  • Lisa Lynn

2018 Wellness & Weight Loss Trends That Actually Work

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t make a change until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of my weight controlling my life. Until I learned how my metabolism worked, I couldn’t lose an ounce, and everything I was doing was all wrong!

The only way to keep the weight off is to continue doing what you did to lose it. That was a game changer for me because I am not one of those people who can make clean decisions all the time. I am busy, busy, busy, so I always seem to end up skipping meals or eating the wrong thing due to intense cravings (which was my body saying, I need nutrients – not calories necessarily, but good nutrition that provides nutrients).

None of that has changed. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and kept it off, and I’m in the best shape of my life, despite the fact that I’m turning 50 this year (which is a whole different segment). Losing weight is tougher now than when I was 30, but there are some healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off, no matter how old you are or how sluggish your metabolism is.

This year trends are changing. Consumers are getting smarter to the fact that they can't eat whatever they want when they want to if they want to lose weight and be healthy.

From conflicting media reports (also known as fake news), and our own failed attempts to lose weight or burn off dangerous belly fat and keep it off, we all have become skeptical when it comes to the efficiency and safety of supplements to support our weight loss. Finally, our attitudes toward dieting and weight management are shifting to more of a holistic, health-focused ideal, and our on-the-go, busy, hectic lifestyles command that we use weight loss tools that make losing weight faster and easier and a whole lot more delicious. I insist on wanting natural-based products that contain research-backed ingredients. Bottom line, I need to see and feel a difference the same day I start that not only help me reach my goals faster, but also help me stay focused and motivated to continue doing what needs to be done. Show me a mom who works, and I’ll show you a woman who needs help!

When it comes to reaching our goals in 2018, think Mind, Mouth, Muscle!


What's Out: Not spending time thinking about our minds and thoughts

What's In: Protecting our minds and brains from harm caused by stress, which also helps us stay positive. This is the step that most women miss and it changes everything.

The most important things we should take are adaptogens for stress relief. This also helps address the underlying issues that prevent us from losing weight—hunger cravings and cortisol levels slowing metabolism caused by imbalanced hormones.

We are all looking for healthy ways to combat the stresses of daily life, and adaptogens (found in LynFit Thyro-Boost) fill this role. Adaptogens refer to plants and compounds that offer support for both physical and emotional well-being. 

Now that we are more aware of the importance of health and wellness than ever before, we know that we need to take steps to empower ourselves in all areas. We can’t stop the stress in our lives, but we can change how our body reacts to stress. There are some proven, highly effective, natural ways to do this.

The #1 adaptogen I suggest is LynFit Thyro-Boost. Thyro-Boost also helps combat cravings and turns off the hunger switch, while making us feel calm and focused, so you can continue with your busy day.

Thyro-Boost also contains Spirulina (algae) that are loaded with health benefits. The surge toward natural cures and supplements have led to increased interest in the benefits of algae in a range of areas. Plant-based alternative proteins like spirulina make it easier to consume consistently. Spirulina packs a tremendous protein punch which helps fuel the body and preserves lean muscle tissue, preventing the metabolism from slowing down.

Spirulina, in particular, is known for its high concentrations of vegan protein, so if your vegan, Thyro-Boost is a must for you if you want to stay healthy.


What's Out: Junk food, juicing, and snacks like cereal bars that fooled us into thinking they were good for us. All are way too high in sugar which turns on hunger and cravings, making it impossible to not overeat. The spikes in blood sugar levels stop weight loss and make our bodies resist weight loss.

What's In: Smarter, slimming snacks that contain healthy ingredients that are high protein and very low sugar. We now want snacks with prebiotic fiber because it is proven to be so healthy for our entire body. 

It’s very important to introduce healthy bacteria into our digestive tract, but we also need to provide the right fuel (high-quality, lean protein) to help those good bacteria thrive. That’s where the prebiotic fiber combines with the clean metabolic boosting whey that’s found only in LynFit Lean Bars comes in. These fibers (inulin and oligofructose) are the only scientifically proven plant-based prebiotics with clinically proven health benefits such as weight loss and management and improved calcium absorption while improving digestive health.

LynFit Lean Bars are the only protein bar that combines top quality whey protein and prebiotic fiber together into a delicious lean, clean protein bar. It is also the best tasting grab-and-go snack, and the only bar that's healthy enough to be a meal replacement, so you never get stuck eating food on the run or skipping a meal. You can now also find it as a syrup if you want to make your own protein bars or add it to your metabolic boosting smoothies.

Seventy percent of our immunity takes place in the gut, and that’s why a healthy gut should be your top priority!


What's Out: Complicated fitness or exercise that requires a lot of time. None of us have any extra time to spare, and that’s why we are failing at fitness.

What's In: Thinking of fitness as the best way to keep the body in working order, because that’s what it does!

It’s a lot easier than we realize, but we tend to overcomplicate things and think we have to kill ourselves to get fit. Nothing could be further from the truth! Don’t get me wrong, it won’t feel like your relaxing, but it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Everyone, no matter how old you are, or what ailment your moaning about, needs to do this each day. To your body, it’s not negotiable!

  • Walk 10,000 steps daily, seven days a week (you eat seven days a week, you need to move seven days a week)
  • Stretch daily to prevent injuries and heal anything that ails you. Recovery Stretch makes this easy, or you can download my free Stretch Cheat Sheet. You don't need anything, but a stretch strap does make it easier if you’re not flexible.
  • Weight lift two days weekly to protect your bones. You don’t have to kill yourself, but you do need to use weights to strengthen bones and your body. Prevention is always the best cure for everything.

If you need help, I’d love to help you. Email me your questions to!

  • Lisa Lynn

What To Avoid For A Healthy 2018

After a year of unhealthy, high fat, low carb diets (like Ketogenic® and Paleo®) America's waistlines grew larger, diabetes and cholesterol numbers continue to rise, and sadly, we are less fit than ever before in history, despite the fact that there is a gym on every street corner. I can hear you know asking, "But why? How can this be?" We have lost sight of the science behind weight loss and fitness and just like politics, we are out of control and getting in our own way.

Thankfully, 2018 brings along with it new, smarter, and more intelligent trends and health habits that everyone should include in their new year. I prefer to call it a wish list and think of it as I get to, versus I have to.

Here's what's hot and what's not in 2018. This is the year of the Mind, Mouth, and Muscle!


What's Not: Negativity, feeling like a victim, or like we are powerless over our health.

What's Hot: Positivity! We must believe that we can do anything we set our minds to and believe that there are no victims, only volunteers for the lives we live.

We have more control over our health than we think, but we've gotta change our mind before anything else in our life will change.


What's Not: Gone are the days of low carb diets that allow high amounts of saturated fats. We are getting smarter, and we now know that saturated fats clog arteries and cause heart disease and increase the risk of cancer. 

What's Hot: The low, low approach. This is the best way to lose weight, slow the aging process, and boost brain power to ward off cognitive decline.

We also have learned, thanks to scientific research, that intermittent fasting is the best thing we can do for weight loss and improving overall health. The easiest way to live this type of lifestyle eating plan is to fast every night from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. This lowers blood sugar levels and prepares the body to burn fat faster and easier.

Break the fast immediately after your home workout with a cleaner, purer Whey Protein Shake that boosts metabolism 25 percent, blocks cortisol levels while providing the body with the protein it needs and preventing metabolic slowdown.

NOTE: Not all protein shakes have this ability. Pre-made store bought, Inferior quality protein, vegan shakes, or non-whey proteins will not provide these types of benefits. You get what you pay for, and in this case, it's worth getting the best quality. Your health and weight depend on it! Isn't your body worth $1.75 a serving?

Swap out that fattening creamer you put in your coffee each day and save calories and money. You'll also fit in your clothes better so you won't need to buy new ones.  

Recipe Tip: I froth my shake by blending it longer, and then I pour it right into my coffee... delicious! 


What's Not: CrossFit®-style, kill yourself-style workouts. They damage joints, preventing you from being consistent with your workouts; therefore, defeating the purpose. It's consistency that’s paramount when it comes to lasting results.

Those workouts jack up hunger and cravings, so you eat more versus less, which is exactly what you don't want when trying to lose weight. While you may feel fitter, that doesn’t mean healthier.

The bottom line is it's the numbers that count most. Weight, body fat levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and cortisol (stress hormones) are the numbers to watch. They keep you alive and healthy.

What's Hot: Home-based, smart workouts that save time, money, and yield the best results! When it comes to losing weight and becoming healthier, it’s not how much you lift, how hard you train, or if you push yourself to the point of insanity that matters.

Weight loss is 90 percent diet and only 10 percent sweat equity, so the secret to becoming more fit and staying fit for life is to make it doable, so you can be consistent. The best way to do this is to workout at home.

Think of it this way; you would never think of going to the dentist every time you wanted to brush your teeth, would you? No way! It would it never work. You do it at home by yourself, and the sooner we all begin to view staying fit this way, the sooner we will all be fit and stay that way. It's not as hard as you think!

And to all the gym addicts and adrenaline junkies... You can still get your fix, (maybe even more often) because you won't be sidelined due to injuries. If you work out because its social, moderation is key here. Go a few days a week and get a hobby or join other types of healthier groups. Nothing done addictively is good for you. 

  • Lisa Lynn

2018: It's Going To Be Even Better, Healthier, & Happier

This year, the definition of health and wellness changed. At LynFit, we know that health is our wealth, and it’s bigger than our individual journeys. We are inviting you to band together with us in Power Prayers to help heal one another, our communities, and the planet. We know prayer works, and it’s the best way to make America strong again, one person at a time. This is our mantra and purpose in 2018, and we hope it illuminates the way to a better, healthier, happier 2018 for you and your family.

Believe. Begin. Become. #America Strong

The LynFit website will be getting a new look and feel that is reflective of our holistic and evolved purpose. A purpose that focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual. LynFit believes that in order to be your best, you need to be spiritually strong.

We're excited about 2017's trends on LynFit. They set the stage for a more vibrantly healthy, leaner lifestyle that’s not just easier to do, but much more delicious than ever, so your healthy habits become your new way of life.

Last year LynFit was hard at work answering your questions and implementing your suggestions into our holistic living, lean system such as...

LynFit Accelerator and LynFit Carb Edge merged into LynFit Accelerator Advanced, one dynamite product that is outselling both products combined in half the time.

Taking Accelerator Advanced makes it easier and less expensive and now delivers more powerful, yet very safe, hunger and craving suppression while continuing to block 65 percent of the unwanted carbs from being absorbed. It now blocks fats as well, while accelerating your weight loss, boosting fat burning, and balancing blood sugar levels, all of which is the secret to lasting weight loss and enhanced fat burning.

The new kid on the block, LynFit Complete Egg White Protein became a reality for all of you who asked for another clean metabolic boosting protein option that’s lower in carbs and completely dairy-free. One of its most popular benefits is that it helps tighten loose skin that can be a problem after losing a lot of weight. If you haven’t tried it, you'll want to!

You can reconstitute Complete Egg White Protein and make egg white crepes, or you can mix one (1) scoop of Complete Egg White Protein with one (1) scoop of whey, blend as usual and enjoy. Complete Egg White Protein can also be mixed by itself and used for cooking. You’ll always have fresh egg whites! You can find even more delicious, metabolic boosting recipes HERE.

LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost received an upgrade! DBoost went liquid for maximum absorption and assimilation and is organic and Non-GMO. You asked, and we delivered because we know how important taking vitamin D is to boosting immune health and encouraging weight loss and fat burning. If you're not taking DBoost you should be; your life might depend on it. Simply add it to your protein shake or place a dropper full under your tongue. The best part is you'll see the results on your next blood test. Even doctors are asking for it now!

LynFit now offers premium-grade Anti-Aging Skin Care Products that you can't buy over the counter. We responded to your demands for better personal and skin care products that help tighten and firm loose skin that’s exceptionally vulnerable after losing weight.

If you're like me and over 40 and have lost weight, your face may need a boost. Using the right kind of skin care product can help you look younger fast. You'll see results the same week you start.

You also mentioned how you struggle with thinning hair and hair loss due to hypothyroid conditions, or thyroid or chemo treatments, so we set out to find the best clinical strength, all-natural hair products that help regrow hair and make it feel thicker and healthier. Most of us can relate to losing hair as we age, due to large weight loss, or the battle with unbalanced hormones and thyroid issues.

LynFit's new Hair Regrowth System also helps cancer survivors begin to grow hair back that’s been lost from treatments, which helps boost spirits.

Did you know that taking prescription thyroid medications to treat hypothyroidism can cause hair loss? We didn’t either, and that’s why LynFit teamed up with the top pharmaceutical company and our own medical advisors to make sure we delivered the best natural quality that works. And, it's not just for women. Men love it! In fact, my whole family uses this system.

Make sure you check out our vegan makeup. It's so popular we can barely keep it in stock!

Complete Protein is getting transformed. We are adding prebiotic fiber and also working on the flavor, so it tastes even better than ever. It will also become part of our Non-GMO, organic, clean, and pure line. It will be sweetened with Stevia® versus Splenda® for maximum purity. Stay tuned for more details!

You wanted to save money and have auto delivery, and we agreed. We now have AutoShip where you have total control and can save 20 percent! You can learn more about LynFit's AutoShip Program HERE.

You asked for Reward Points and VIOLA,  we've got em! Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity to earn rewards points that can be used on future purchases.

LynFit is upgrading its sustainability practices, and at the same time, we will continue to share the latest cutting-edge research on intermittent fasting (our Metabolic Boosting Plan is an intermittent fast that cleanses at the same time) and the gut microbiome that continues to wow science.

LynFit has been using prebiotic fiber in our Lean Bars for over 10 years because we know how amazing it is for your immune health, faster and easier weight loss, feeling our best, and helping prevent or heal disease.

Lastly, you’ve all been asking, and this year LynFit is hosting a weight loss challenge where you can win cash and LynFit product prizes. Make sure you are following us on Facebook (@lisalynnfitness) for complete details.

Happy, Healthy New Year and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your health and weight loss journey.


  • Lisa Lynn

Vitamin D Supports Much More Than Just Bone Health

Recent television reports have stated that vitamin D and calcium do not prevent bone fractures. That is only a partial view as it relates to how vitamin D supports bone health. These reports left out the most important piece to the puzzle, that being you have to exercise (specifically lifting weights) for the nutrients to be delivered to where they are needed. 

Point blank... everyone should be taking vitamin D, no matter where you live. Even if you live in a sunny place, your need for vitamin D may be increased and you should be supplementing with vitamin D. 

    • Vitamin D boosts the immune system, helping to fight off the common cold and ward off diseases.
    • Vitamin D reduces depression and boosts mood.
    • Vitamin D boosts weight loss.
    • Vitamin D suppresses appetite.
    • Vitamin D helps reduce aches and pains.

But, not all vitamin D supplements are created equal! To get the best results, you need to take the right amount, starting at a dosage of 2,000 IU (that's why doctors don't suggest chain-store vitamin D, but they do suggest LynFit Medical Grade Vitamin D3 Boost). LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost is the purest in the most usable form by the body. 

You won't see results if your body can't absorb it, and low vitamin D levels have been associated with impaired digestion. LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost Liquid is absorbed quickly by the body and can even aid in preventing new fat cells from being formed!

  • Lisa Lynn

Metabolic Workout Express


  1. Exercise on empty. Workouts performed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach burn more fat and boost metabolic rate best (black coffee and supplements are okay).

  2. Accelerate fat loss and prevent fat re-absorption before your metabolic boosting workout. Take one (1) Accelerator Advanced to enhance thermic affect and lower blood sugar which primes the body for fat burning and weight loss while providing nutrients that help break down foods to be used as fuel and naturally energizes. Take one (1) Cutting Edge to help fat burning and prevent fat that’s circulating in your system from being re-absorbed while pulling it into the cell to be burned off instead. Repeat immediately after your workout.

  3. Drink a Complete Protein Shake after your workout made with two (2) scoops of protein powder and calorie-free ingredients, so you don’t inhibit the fat burning process.

  4. Don’t over-hydrate; it’s harmful to your health. More is not better. The hydration goal is daily consistency vs. chugging during workouts, which could leave you feeling nauseous. Hydration rule: drink 10-15 oz. two hours before your workout or at bedtime, if you work out early in the morning. During your workout, less is best. Drink 2-4 oz. per hour of exercise, if needed. Hydrate after the workout by drinking 8 oz. of water.

  5. Breathe! Don’t hyper-focus on breathing, but be sure you’re breathing in and out normally. Holding your breath can be dangerous, so if you’re a “bad breather,” exhale on exertion (the hard part of the move). Breathing fuels metabolism and provides energy whereas holding your breath slows calorie burn and can cause damage. Wanna be stronger and feel more energized? Pay attention to your breath.

  6. Pay attention to your posture. Proper posture is everything. It helps prevent injuries and enhances workouts. Your muscles will work harder and more efficiently. Stand up straight and pull your stomach in as if you’re putting on a tight pair of pants. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and toes facing forward.

Q & A

  • Is it possible to work out too fast or too slow? Yes. It’s best to work out in a rhythmic fashion, not too fast and not too slow, keeping the tension continuous—think mindful movements. If you can’t the workout is too hard for you. Adjust the workout to suit your fitness level. Don’t push beyond your abilities. The payoff is the same and you won’t get hurt.

  • How many sets and repetitions should I be doing? This is a science and more does not equate to better, faster results. In fact, the opposite is true. Science proves that people that push themselves too hard will quit sooner or become injured. Here is the exercise prescription (perform sets and reps according to fitness levels):

    Beginner: (2) sets of 12
    Intermediate: (2) sets of 15
    Advanced: (3) sets of 15-20 (only go to failure, do not push beyond)

  • How often should I do the Metabolic Boosting Workout? The prescription is to complete this workout three times weekly, allowing at least one day between workouts for recovery.

  • How heavy should I lift? The goal is to lift as heavy as possible, using good form. Most people lift too light, not too heavy. If you can perform 15 sets with good form, and at rep 15 you’re tired, the weight is perfect. Eight reps or less, it’s too heavy. More than 15-20, it’s too light.

  • Can I complete both sets of each exercise and then move to the next exercise? No. This workout is specifically designed to enhance metabolic function and burn fat faster. You want to start at the first exercise, then quickly (without rest or as little as possible) move to #2, #3… until you’ve completed all nine. Then start at #1 again, completing your two complete sets. Remember, this workout is not designed to bulk you up, but rather to boost weight loss and fat burning. For beginners, rest as needed, being careful not to rest too long, which allows your body to cool totally down.

  • I get sore from a minimal workload. What can I do? For starters, stretching helps more than you realize. Stretch before you get into bed each night. Keep moving. Movement is the best way to keep your blood flowing, removing toxic build up and delivering nutrients to your screaming muscles, joints, and ligaments. It’s also important to drink water to flush your system and avoid over-the-counter pain relievers as they inhibit healing, which is exactly what you don’t want. Reach for natural pain relievers, regardless of why you’re sore. Over-the-counter pain relievers damage and clog the liver which can slow weight loss. Here is my natural pain relief protocol that can help you, regardless of why you ache. Access your pain before beginning, using a scale of 1-5:

    Pain level 1: You’re aware the pain is there
    Pain level 2: It hurts enough to slow you down
    Pain level 3: It hurts you enough to have you reaching for pain relievers
    Pain level 4: All of the above and continues throughout the day
    Pain level 5: Keeps you up at night and is rarely relieved by usual rituals

    Level 1: Take LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair once daily. Take (1) LynFit Pure Omega 3 in the morning and another before bed.

    Level 2: Repeat #1 above. Stretch daily and walk 10,000 steps.

    Level 3: Repeat #2 above. Take LynFit Recovery Agent required for your weight as directed on the product label. Stretch daily, at least twice, and ice after activity.

    Level 4: Repeat #3 above. Ice achy joints three times daily, specifically immediately after activity. Shower in the a.m. to help get the blood circulating. Drink (4) cups of green tea daily. Journal everything you do. Be thorough and include how often and how much so you can see any affected pattern to be able to make any modifications.

    Level 5: Repeat #4 above. Call your physician to make sure there are no other physical conditions that may be causing you pain.

Squat to Shoulder PressSQUAT TO SHOULDER PRESS

Begin in a seated position while holding dumbbell in each hand, elbows pointed forward. Look directly forward, keeping chest up and feet facing forward. Using heels, stand up while pushing dumbbells up above your head. Return to seated position.


Stand with legs tightly squeezed together while holding a dumbbell in each hand, tightly squeezed together and down at your feet. Using your heels, keeping legs stiff and straight, pull dumbbells up to knee level, dragging them along body.


Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, with your left foot step left into a lunge position, keeping your head in alignment with your body while keeping the majority of your weight on your heel. Push your body up using heel while also moving dumbbell across your body, pushing dumbbell back, and squeezing rear deltoid.


Stand on one leg, keeping back straight and stomach pulled in, holding light dumbbells in hands next to your body. Slowly raise dumbbells up until parallel with floor and lower slowly back down to start position.


Set yourself in push up position with hands on dumbbells, keeping your body in line and stiff. Using your core, push yourself up off floor. Pause, and in “up” plank position, row the dumbbell upwards on one side (think push back vs. pulling). Slowly lower yourself back down to floor. Repeat opposite side.


Stand upright, keeping your body tight, holding a dumbbell in each hand, and squeezing the heads together to shape bicep. Keep dumbbells together and curl up toward chin. Make a muscle and squeeze, slowly return back to the start, lowering the dumbbell back, going beyond your body to tricep extension. Extend arm straight back until it tightens, squeeze, pause, and slowly bring back to start position.


Starting in push up (plank position), making sure to keep your body tight, abs pulled in (belly button into spine) and squeezing buttocks. Lift buttocks up toward ceiling using your stomach muscles. Pause, squeeze, and slowly return to plank position, making sure your body doesn't dip below parallel position.


Start on your side, feet together, and forearm directly below your shoulder. Contract core (pull stomach in) and raise hips until your body is in straight line from head to feet. Pause, and slowly return to starting position without letting hips drop. Repeat up and down motion in slow, controlled manner, or hold up for 30 seconds. Repeat other side.


Lying on floor with legs straight up or at 35-45-degree angle, making sure your stomach is pulled in and abs kept tight. Exhale and reach for toes, pause in up position and slowly lower yourself back to starting position. Weak neck? Support your head with hands. Be sure you don't pull or lead with chin. Don’t forget to breathe!









  • Lisa Lynn