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Advanced Natural Pain & Stiffness Relief | (1) Recovery Agent (1) Evening of Primrose Oil (1) Metabolic Collagen Powder (1) FREE Lean Sleep (4pcs.)

Advanced Natural Pain & Stiffness Relief | (1) Recovery Agent (1) Evening of Primrose Oil (1) Metabolic Collagen Powder (1) FREE Lean Sleep (4pcs.)

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Powerful 4-Step Protocol

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to addressing aches and pains (both chronic and acute) is not providing their bodies with the proper amounts of the specific nutrients they need to nourish and protect from future damage due to nutrient depletion.

Pain depletes nutrients, especially chronic pain, which includes arthritis (all), bursitis, tendonitis, post-surgical or injury pain, and nerve pain that becomes severe and debilitating.

Our approach to nutrition is not just about being specific and comprehensive, but also about ensuring your body receives what it truly needs . Our powerful 4-step protocol simplifies the process of optimizing your nutrition, offering a safe and effective solution for pain relief.

It is safe for everyone and won't harm metabolic or liver health like pain medications. It works just as effectively without slowing metabolism, causing weight gain due to blood sugar spikes, and relieving pain fast!

If you've got pain, this stack is a must-have for you!

How To Use It

Personalized usage guide

Take Recovery Agent as directed on the label according to lean body weight, activity levels, or recovery.

Add (1 scoop) of Metabolic Collagen Powder to your water (warm or cold) anytime daily (warm water is best for advanced hydration and joint lubrication).

Take (1) Evening of Primrose daily. We suggest taking it with the Recovery Agent in the morning. Take an additional Evening of Primrose before bedtime with Lean Sleep for advanced support.

We strongly suggest losing any additional weight or belly fat you may be accruing as it triggers inflammation more than any strenuous exercise, aging, or injury.

DON'T take alcohol or other nutritional sleep aids supplements to avoid excess sleepiness.

IMPORTANT: Cease all other supplements, particularly non-LynFit nutritional supplements. This is to avoid nutrient overload and excessive energy and to allow the reset process to proceed unimpeded. Many common supplements contain fillers and ingredients that can cause blood sugar spikes. So, take all other supplements, especially non-LynFit nutritional supplements, to prevent nutrient overload and energy excess and avoid blocking the reset process. Most typical supplements contain fillers and ingredients that spike blood sugar levels.