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Maximum Strength Natural & Pure Lean Sleep Melatonin for Relaxation, Cortisol, & Belly Fat Control

Maximum Strength Natural & Pure Lean Sleep Melatonin for Relaxation, Cortisol, & Belly Fat Control

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Pharmaceutical-Strength, Clinically Dosed, Ultra-Pure

Not all sleep aids are created equal. Most spike blood sugar levels, slow metabolism, cause weight gain, block fat-burning, and can damage your kidneys and liver, working against your body.

LynFit Lean Sleep is a natural, drug-free sleep aid that promotes deep, restful sleep and can help reduce appetite, prevent cravings, and promote fat burning, specifically in the stomach. Lean Sleep improves your overall health while reducing anxiety. While over-the-counter sleep aids slow metabolism and cause weight gain, melatonin is known for reversing weight gain and promoting weight loss and fat burning.

In addition to improving your sleep quality, Lean Sleep is made of pure melatonin in the most absorbable and bioavailable form, so your body absorbs 98%, compared to 5-15%. You won’t need additional info or super high doses that can make you groggy the morning after.

Our pharmaceutical strength and clinically dosed ultra-pure melatonin works with your body to rebalance cortisol levels (stress hormones) and activate brown fat, making it easier for your body to convert problematic white fat cells into brown fat, which burns 300 times more calories than white fat, making it easier for you to lose weight and improve every aspect of your health.

We have all felt the consequences of sleep deprivation that go far beyond fatigue and diminished performance. Decades of clinical research document that a good night’s rest supports nearly all body systems, including weight loss, fat burning, skin, and overall health, especially when balancing insulin levels that can negatively affect your ability to lose weight and melt belly fat. Lack of sleep does more than make you feel cranky and increases your cravings for all the wrong foods. It also increases blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Scientists attribute sleep-related difficulties to unprecedented levels of stress and our constant use of cell phones, mobile pads, and computer screens that decrease the body’s melatonin production. When you combine this with aging, it becomes a sleep disaster that’s made worse by the use of over-the-counter medications that exacerbate these conditions, are addicting, and make your body resist weight loss. 

What Makes Lean Sleep Different?

Way beyond just providing the best night's sleep you've ever had

Lean Sleep is pharmaceutical-grade, clinically dosed pure melatonin. Its benefits go way beyond providing you with the best night's sleep you've ever had.

Most melatonin supplements sold in chain stores today, as well as those online, do not contain enough melatonin. And they combine it with fillers and other ingredients that block the fat-burning process. They use forms that our body doesn’t recognize and can't absorb.

That's why most sleep aids, prescriptions, and over-the-counter melatonin supplements slow metabolism and block fat burning, causing weight gain around the stomach. Lean Sleep Melatonin does the opposite and was made to make it easier for you to lose weight. It works faster, delivers more health-protective benefits, enhances weight loss and fat-burning, reduces appetite, and prevents cravings.

Most people don't realize that melatonin is one of the most clinically studied ingredients throughout the U.S. and Europe for a drug-free approach to improving sleep quality. Melatonin is also known for its proven health-building benefits, which include naturally enhancing your sleep quality, promoting a deeper, more restorative, healing sleep so your body can heal and repair itself, alleviating aches and pains, reducing restless leg cramps and tingling while also improving brain health, memory, and naturally slowing the aging process.

Lean Sleep will help you sleep soundly so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day, but it delivers so much more than just that!

Did you know that melatonin is a regulator of brown fat (brown fat is the kind that burns more calories)? You’ll also notice your muffin top begin to disappear with some help from your diet.

Plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants

In addition, other proven benefits include:

  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Slows and helps reverse aging
  • Antioxidant protection (melatonin is clinically proven to be the most potent antioxidant on the planet)
  • Helps alleviate cataracts
  • Helps alleviate deep vein thrombosis
  • Helps ease depression
  • Helps eyesight/alleviates eye strain
  • Helps fertility
  • Free radical scavengers
  • Hair loss/regrowth
  • Heals and repairs damaged cells
  • Headaches/migraines
  • HIV
  • Insomnia/sleep disorders/sleep apnea
  • Longevity enhancement
  • Macular degeneration (ARM: age-related macular degeneration)
  • Menopause symptoms (eases hot flashes and mood swings)
  • NES: Night Eating Syndrome/late-night eating (kills cravings and prevents hunger)
  • Prostate health protection 
  • Rebalances hormones (including cortisol)
  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • Regulates the sleep-wake cycle 
  • Resets circadian rhythms
  • Reduces and rebalances cortisol (stress hormones) levels
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system (this includes its protective role against degenerative disease and cancers)
  • Skin, skin problems
  • Stress and stress disorders
  • Supports whole-body wellness
  • Enhances calorie burn and accelerates fat-burning (specifically belly fat)
  • Helps heal and repair the kidneys and liver
  • Improves and protects brain health and memory

How do you know if you’re sleeping enough to affect your metabolism? Seven hours of sleep is best for your metabolism, and it’s better if you sleep deeply for your system to be prompted to reboot.

Here's why a lack of sleep could be stalling your ability to lose weight and keep it off:

  • You are more likely to experience significant weight gain (defined as 11 pounds or more)
  • You are more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety
  • When you sleep less, you burn fewer calories 

Sleep less, eat more: People who got only 5-6 hours of sleep at night ate 350-500 additional calories the next day.

Sleep less, crave more: This is probably the most significant revelation about the connection between sleep and weight loss—and the biggest challenge for you if you're not getting at least seven solid hours of sleep each night and sleeping too little impacts your hormone levels. Lack of sleep impacts them so much that it’s blamed for the number one reason we eat out of control, crave, and can’t stick to a diet.

Insufficient sleep raises ghrelin levels, the hormone that tells you to eat. When it comes to weight gain and loss, this hormone plays a leading role.

The melatonin in LynFit Lean Sleep plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants. That’s what makes it a truly unique antioxidant. It is considered more potent than vitamins C, E, and A because it is soluble in fat and water and can enter cells that vitamins cannot. Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin does not store in the body, so it’s essential to take every night.

Did you know that when you sleep, your hormone levels reset and reboot themselves? Only during deep sleep does your system heal and repair; blood sugar levels can begin to decline. Most importantly, your stress hormones are reduced, making it easier to burn off the belly fat and love handles that plague adult men over age 40. Most people mistakenly think this happens in the gym or by eating healthy, but only when you sleep deeply can your body perform these miracles. 

What's In It?

Nutritional information

Lean Sleep

LynFit Lean Sleep contains only pure melatonin to support restful sleep, promote a healthy response to stress, and target sleep debt-related factors associated with advanced signs of skin aging. Melatonin also acts as an antioxidant, boosting immunity and protecting your health.

How To Take It

Personalized usage guide

Consistency and frequency matter! Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement for weight loss and fat-burning, take 5 mg daily. Increase as/if needed, up to 10 mg. The best time to take LynFits Lean Sleep Melatonin is 30 minutes before bed for best sleep results. If taking it as a natural anti-anxiety, take it 30 minutes before a stressful event, or anytime you feel you need to relax. Start slowly by taking ¼-½ tablet. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment for 4-5 hours after taking Lean Sleep, or until you know how it will affect your body when it's stressed.

The concept of “more is better” does not always hold for melatonin. Melatonin is usually more effective in lower dosages, especially regarding the quality of LynFit Melatonin.

Studies prove that higher-quality melatonin in lower doses was more effective at regulating circadian rhythms than higher doses of lower quality. The bottom line is that 10 mg of ours is the highest you'll need. If your body needs more sleep support, stack it with 5-HTP Lean and an essential fatty acid like Pure Omega 3 and Evening of Primrose Oil instead of raising the dosage for best results.