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Daily Power Shot Energizing Liquid Multivitamin Mineral & Immune-Protecting Nutrient, Keto & Diabetic-Friendly

Daily Power Shot Energizing Liquid Multivitamin Mineral & Immune-Protecting Nutrient, Keto & Diabetic-Friendly

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Think Your Multivitamin Measures Up? Think Again!

Do you feel tired all the time, worn out, and cranky? That can be a sign that your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs, even if you're taking fistfuls of supplements. The biggest mistake people make is not providing their body with enough of the specific nutrients it needs, especially when it comes to weight loss and fat-burning. Our bodies don’t break down most multivitamins, and gummies don’t provide enough essential nutrients. Plus, they are loaded with sugar and fillers that cause blood sugar spikes that can cause weight gain and bloat. Daily Power Shot has all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energized and promotes weight loss and fat-burning in a delicious, highly absorbable liquid, so you feel better fast! 

The nutrition in one dose of Daily Power Shot equals the juice of 30 pounds of produce! Now, with one billion probiotics and beta-glucans! Most multivitamins aren't broken down, and sugar-filled gummies don't provide enough nutrients while containing additives and fillers.

Matching all the nutrients in one dose would cost you over $300 a month. Daily Power Shot has all the nutrients needed, including beta-glucans and one million probiotics, in the most usable form.

Not only that, but studies prove that liquids are not only more completely, quickly absorbed, and easier to take than capsules and pills. Daily Power Shot's 98% absorption rate beats the industry standards due to the unique proprietary purification process that we apply, even on the premium nutrients we prioritize in our formulas. We also use cutting-edge extracts that are known for their potency. We take these extra steps because we know how critical it is to protect your health and strengthen your immune system like never before.

What Makes LynFit Daily Power Shot Different?

You would have to juice 30 pounds of vegetables to match the nutrition found in one ounce of Daily Power Shot

  • Naturally delicious tropical flavor
  • 1 billion beta-glucans in the most absorbable form
  • Helps naturally and safely boost energy and focus 
  • Supports immune system and autoimmune recovery
  • Antioxidants help reduce free radical damage caused by stress and daily living
  • Provides 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of over 90 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fast absorbing whole food energizer
  • Features Ginkgo, Omega 3, Omega 6, and CoQ10
  • Supports all metabolic functions
  • Created with LynFit Nutrition proprietary technology that provides pH balance and enhances nutrient absorption

Daily Power Shot is an all-natural whole food, low glycemic, hypoallergenic, all-in-one, delicious liquid tropical-flavored multi-nutritional vitamin and mineral supplement. Each daily serving delivers 100% of the USRDA of 90+ high-potency colloidal essential vitamins and other nutrients, trace minerals, antioxidant health-promoting superfoods, and essential phytonutrients. These are derived from nature and help you stay healthy and feel more energized.

Weight gain, cravings, poor health, and low energy are often the result of nutrient imbalances or deficiencies. Daily Power Shot works to correct and restore these imbalances and deficiencies using 100% pure, organic, natural vitamins, minerals and extracts, enzymes, and adaptogens from ultra-dissolved, whole-food plant sources. This unique colloidal form (meaning small particles) makes it easier for your body to absorb, so it won’t hurt your stomach the way other tablet forms of multivitamins can. 

Daily Power Shot is purified and has no chemicals or additives, making it the most nutritionally advanced mineral supplement you can buy. It is also the best tasting, so you’ll never forget to take your supplements again and have more energy to live your life. 

Fresher than fresh! Unfortunately, regular health food store vitamins use inferior ingredients to save money, and those ingredients can sometimes be two or three years old by the time you purchase them, rendering them far less potent than you would expect or deserve. Most of those vitamins are made in large quantities and warehoused for months or years before they are even sold to your local health food store, where they then sit for many more months (or years) until you purchase them.

For this very reason, LynFit Daily Power Shot is not available in stores but is made and shipped laboratory-fresh to your door.

  • The proprietary manufacturing process is 100% pure with no harsh chemicals or toxins at all!
  • Organic and all-natural ingredients are naturally sourced and in colloidal form, so they are 100 percent bio-available and easily absorbed by the body.
  • LynFit’s advanced technology promotes detoxification and nutrient saturation. 
  • It contains natural, pure, organic colloidal minerals and nutrients.
  • Does not contain wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, animal products, dairy, antibiotics, starch, herbicides, or pesticides.
  • Daily Power Shot is low-glycemic, ultra-hypoallergenic, and designed for people with chemical sensitivities or weak stomachs.
  • Every bottle has a BP-free protective coating to ensure chemical-free purity before being filled.
  • Daily Power Shot is available in a 16-fluid oz. full-size bottle 

Because we combine only the active components of single-nutrient supplements into one liquid formula, we eliminate the coloring agents, waxes, and unnecessary fillers that take up so much space in other products. You get more of what you need and less of what you don’t, allowing you to see and feel the difference the day you start taking it. You would have to juice over 30 pounds of vegetables to match the nutrition in one ounce of Daily Power Shot.

What's In It?

Nutritional information

Daily Power Shot


Just one ounce of Daily Power Shot contains:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

You'll also find the most micro-active liposomal forms of other health-improving and protective nutrients such as natural botanical extracts, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, quercetin, folate, COQ10, essential fatty acids 3 & 6, electrolytes, enzymes, and nootropics to fuel your brain and boost mood and focus. Everything your body needs in one delicious Power Shot, without the side effects other multivitamins cause.

More of what your body needs in the most absorbable liquid means that you don't have to overdose on essential nutrients, which is harmful to health. This creates a more significant demand because your body is forced to excrete the excess nutrients, such as the water-soluble nutrients that can't be stored the way fat-soluble nutrients can.

That's why taking Power Shot twice daily is so critical if you're over 35, female and an athlete, or you exercise, recovering from an illness or an injury (this includes pre and post-operative, including electives), or are exposed to a lot of people, all of which lower immunity and increase the risk of getting sick. 

During these stressful times, this is more important than ever before. And flu season is right around the corner, and your thyroids will be overtaxed from chronic stress.

Daily Power Shot delivers more than minerals and essential vitamins; it also provides essential fatty acids like omega 3, making it even more efficient when absorbing these nutrients. You don't have to eat when you take it and don't need water, although we suggest you always chase it with purified water. This allows toxins that make you sick to drain from your body's nutrient stores.

Daily Power Shot is the best way to improve and protect whole-body health. You'll feel better in minutes, and Daily Power Shot ensures it stays that way!

How To Take It

Personalized usage guide

For best results:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Keep Daily Power Shot in the refrigerator. It contains living, organic material and must be refrigerated to slow oxidation.
  • Do not drink from the bottle. Your saliva breaks the nutrients down and oxidizes them, making them go bad quickly. 
  • Take a Daily Power Shot before your workout.
  • Daily Power Shot is most effective when taken consistently and frequently.

Suggested usage:

  • For maintenance protocol: Take (1) one fluid ounce 1-2 times daily or as a physician directs.
  • For performance protocol: Take (1) one fluid ounce in the morning and another 6-8 hours later.
  • For children's protocol: Take ½ fluid ounce daily.