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The Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Program is an advanced, highly effective, safe, and sustainable way to lose weight and burn off stubborn belly fat. This plan works even when others have failed because it addresses the underlying issues, known as metabolic markers, which make it harder to lose weight and cause our bodies to store excess visceral (belly fat). It’s a specialized eating plan that combines the healthiest weight loss approaches such as clean keto (the healthy fat version of keto) intermittent fasting, as well as the “Zig-Zag/Upzig” (pre-planned cheat meals where you get to eat some of the foods you love, strategically placed/timed to avoid weight gain), as well as other timeless methods. The strategic use of specific nutritional supplements is incorporated, strategically taken at specified times, so they work safely and synergistically together, making them 10-times more effective than trying to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. It’s also why it’s safer, healthier, and more successful than any other weight loss program you've ever tried.

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To succeed on any diet, or in anything in life, preparation is the key. Everyone deserves to succeed and pre-planning/preparation either sets you up for success or failure. You get to decide. How well you prepare is an indicator of how ready you are to commit to what needs to be done to succeed in every area of your life, especially when it comes to losing weight and improving health.

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Whatever your goal is: male, female, teen, or senior, these healthy habits are a must-do and make it easy to achieve them.

Whether you're trying to feel healthy and full of energy again, or you need to address health concerns like metabolic resistance (syndrome X), hormone imbalance, inflammation, elevated blood sugar, cholesterol, or triglycerides. Maybe your blood pressure is high, or you're battling with intense hunger and cravings or depression, this plan provides the tools to make it easy.

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As a clinical metabolic nutrition and fitness expert, the biggest mistake I see people make when trying to lose weight and get in shape is either over-exercising or not moving their bodies at all. While working to reset your metabolism and getting it working again, it's important to understand that stress (even positive stress like exercise) can negatively affect your weight loss. And, in today's world, our bodies are stressed enough already, and it's affecting our ability to lose weight and block the belly fat burning process.  

If you haven't been exercising (or moving your body), START NOW, and at whatever fitness level you're at. Begin walking daily at a metabolic intensity, which is more moderate than you might think, and is at whatever pace YOU CAN sustain. When starting out your body sets the pace .. If you have been exercising (any and all types), reduce intensity by 50%.

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Because you’re altering your daily food regime and changing your body’s metabolic processes to reset and reboot your metabolism (essentially jumpstarting it, so it begins working more efficiently again), the first few days on the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset weight loss protocol may be a shock to your system. This is especially true if you’ve recently gained weight, or your diet hasn't been as clean as it needs to be. Listed below are some of the most common physical responses because of these healthy changes.

Symptoms listed may occur during the first few days only; however, your body may also react with the same responses later if you don’t follow the weight loss plan as prescribed. Now that you know what to expect, feel confident that they are temporary feelings. 70% of clients will NOT have these symptoms.

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What snacks can I eat during the Quick Keto Reset?

This is the most common question when you start cleaning up your eating and begin to lose weight. Research proves that dieters who lean on protein smoothies (specifically Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein with Prebiotic Fiber) lose more weight and tend to keep it off, compared to those who avoid snacking completely (white knuckle abstinence). This can lead to quitting and giving up on your goals completely due to your inability to avoid snacking completely. Those who allowed themselves to snack on nuts (can be extremely high in fat and calories), hunks of cheese, yogurts, and nut butter all saw their weight loss slowed and fat-burning blocked. Cravings, regardless of their origin, can be a diet deal breaker unless you choose one of the following Clean Keto Snacks instead.

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Let’s face it, we are all busy! We have all eaten foods on the un that we regretted or skipped meals. Being busy isn’t an excuse anymore. Neither is thinking the protein powder doesn’t taste good. LynFit Nutrition® Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powders are delicious, so there isn’t a need to add any additional ingredients that increase calories, carbs, sugars, or fats that stop weight loss.

Before you rev up that Ninja blender, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you start adding “stuff” to your smoothie, turning it into a sugar bomb that becomes a calorie and carb nightmare (make sure you check out the approved smoothie add-in-list and more importantly the avoid list).

Let’s get to it and get you lean and healthy again!

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