Getting Started!

Get Started

Good for you... you did it! You’ve made the decision to commit to yourself and we are glad you chose LynFit to join you. Now what? While you're waiting to get started, there are a few things you CAN DO to set yourself up for success.

Get a Quick Jumpstart with the Right Mindset
Get a quick start and begin losing weight the same day you start by setting your mind right, also known as the right mindset. NOW is the best time to think about your approach to the Metabolic Boosting Weight Loss Program. Your best results will come when you fully commit to the full structure of your meal plan, starting on Day 1. This will allow you to lose weight right away and keep you motivated to continue following the plan.

Lasting, Long-Term Results Happen with Planning and Preparation
When it comes to losing weight, getting the best possible start to your plan takes planning. The more you follow the plan, the easier it is. Here are success steps that make sticking to the plan and losing more weight faster and easier.

  1. Pick Your “Do It” date and plan out Day One
    Pick the day you will start your metabolic weight loss plan. Make sure that you don't have any commitments during the first few weeks that might tempt you to go off your diet. Celebrations, parties, vacations, or business trips can make it challenging to stay 100 percent committed to your plan.

    Once you have chosen your start day/date, take some time to plan what and when (I figure out how myself) you will eat. Planning on eating your regularly scheduled meals as planned throughout your day helps you stay ahead of hunger. It really is that simple. Deciding, Planning, and Preparedness are everything.

  2. Prep Your Pantry
    Clean out the junk! Go through your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator; and don't forget those drawers where you hide your food stash. It's easier if you get rid of triggers and temptations. Clearing out a cabinet or section of your pantry that's just for your approved metabolic foods, condiments, Lean Bars, Shakes, and your supplements can be helpful.

  3. Talk to Your Friends... Spread the Word
    Telling your your friends and family about your plan is more important than you think. Sure it can feel hard, but social support will make it easier for you to stay committed to making lasting changes, even if loved ones aren't ready for change themselves. You might even inspire them to improve their health.

  4. Get Active and Start Moving Your Body
    I’m about to make you super happy... are you ready? Yes, you do need to get off the couch and sit a lot less, but here is the best news ever: Increasing your physical activity is easier than you think, and it's best to start NOW before you even start your Metabolic Meal Plan and Lose 1 Pound Per Day diet. It will do more than strengthen your commitment to losing weight, and can start with a simple 10-minute walk every day, if that's where you need to start.

    Physical activity (notice, I didn't call it exercise) will speed up your weight loss, help nourish your body, reduce inflammation (aches and pains too), and set the metabolic stage that's best for weight loss. Exercise will have an immediate impact on your quality of life! 

    Think of this time as an opportunity to make your weight loss and yourself a priority. We are here to support you every step of the way and make it more fun. Yes, I said that FUN FITNESS!

  5. Read Through Your Metabolic Boosting Food List and Recipes
    Use this list to shop online and have the foods you need delivered. This makes staying organized easy. Successful losers do this on a weekly autoship basis, which also removes shopping temptations. Keep it simple, don't question, and stick to the list. If you don't see a food on it, it's not good for metabolic weight loss. Even if it is a seemingly health food. Not all foods... scratch that... most foods sold as weight loss are not the best when it comes to boosting weight loss. This can include vegetables that are goitrogenic.

    While you're doing this, write out which supplements you'll take, how much, and when. Writing it out almost guarantees your success as it engraves it into your subconscious mind. And no, having it done for you doesn't do the same thing!

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