Fallen Off-Track With Your New Year's Resolution?

Have you fallen off-track with your New Year's resolution? You're not alone! More than half (51%) of Americans made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier in 2020, yet only 8% actually follow through. What makes things worse is that most of us never get back on track and quit out of frustration.

I've got a 21-Day Lose 1 Pound Per Day and Melt Fat Weight Loss Challenge that provides you with 21 days of delicious, simple tips that make it easy to get back on track with your weight loss. 

This 21-day challenge is doable, so you're guaranteed to succeed as long as you practice each day's habit until it becomes your new normal, and you're doing these habits automatically. Each day's healthier habit/tip makes your diet more metabolic and addresses the reasons you can't lose weight so you'll lose weight faster. It also makes it easier to lose belly fat.

Grab a friend, your partner or spouse, and decide to commit yourself for 21 days, which is what it takes to erase old habits and replace them with new, healthier ones. Using meal replacements, combined with the smart use of safe metabolic boosting supplements helps you reach ketosis faster, making it easier to lose weight. The best part about combining your goals with the right tools is that it makes your diet as delicious as it is nutritious, so you'll feel better the same day you start, full of natural energy to power through your day.

Are you ready to finally lose that weight and melt off stubborn belly fat? Let's do this! I'll be right beside you the whole time, living the leaner lifestyle one-day-at-a-time, and when that gets tough, one meal at-a-time.

If you fall, and you will (expect it, so when you do, you aren't so shocked and full of guilt that you cant get back on track quickly) lose the guilt, brush yourself off, and move on. 

Make a plan or plan on not losing! Better yet, if you're trying to lose a pound a day and melt that muffin top off once and for all, follow the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan.

On a metabolic note, don’t just plan out your meals, plan your UPZIG meals too. What is an UPZIG meal? UPZIG is a non-guilt inflicting way of saying cheat meal. The Metabolic Boosting Guide explains why you need to cheat once weekly to keep your metabolic boosting fires burning hot. Planning your UPZIG is as important as your everyday eating.

If you bite it, write it. If you drink it, ink it. If it goes into your smacker, it needs to go on the tracker!

We've all heard it before, but if you do step one of journaling or logging your food, it's easy. It's not about having FitBit or the best app; it's about you being accountable and honest. Knowing you overate doesn't do a thing if you're not being honest with yourself.

How do you know if what you're eating is good for your weight loss?

Simple... weigh yourself. The scale doesn’t lie. When we do enough of the right things, we lose weight daily, even if we don’t exercise. If you're not losing, you're not eating clean enough. Re-read the guide, re-commit, start fresh and measure everything. Be spot on!

Eating more slows weight loss, and when you eat less, you lose. Mindfulness and metabolism go together. Marry them and you can lose weight easier and you'll keep it off. Giving your body what it needs versus what you think it needs are two different things. Accept it and you won't feel deprived. Challenge it and you may struggle forever. Suffering is optional.

Tools You'll Need To Succeed:

STOP DOUBTING. BELIEVE, BEGIN, and DO IT! This plan works 100% of the time when it's done correctly. Reaching your goals is easier than you think. Stop looking backward, use this Challenge to move forward and make today your someday!

Join me and follow along on Facebook (@lisalynnfitness) for the Metabolic Boosting Challenge. Make sure you introduce yourself and feel free to ask questions; we are here to help!

Download the 21-Day Challenge HERE

Download the LynFit Food Journal HERE


Track your food! If you bite it, write it, drink it, ink it. It’s about personal accountability, not the right app. Download the LynFit Food Journal HERE


Plan your meals or plan to fail. Make it easy, follow the LynFit Metabolic Meal Plan.

DAY 3 Time it! Eat your meals within a 10-12-hour window each day.
DAY 4 Boost metabolism 25% by breaking the fast the right way — with a delicious and nutritious LynFit Metabolic Boosting Protein Smoothie.
DAY 5 Nourish and protect your body to prevent metabolic slowdown, improve brain function, and mood by taking LynFit Daily Power Shot. It provides your body with 100% of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and keep your metabolism running optimally.
DAY 6 Black coffee builds leaner bodies. Drink your coffee black or swap the cream and sugar for LynFit Metabolic Protein Froth instead.
DAY 7 Make your body more metabolic with metabolic movements. Do push-ups, squats, and tricep dips every other day.
DAY 8 Walk more metabolically. Not too fast, not too slow, but just right. The minimum health requirement is 10,000 steps daily. More is always better here.
DAY 9 Make over your medicine cabinet. Swap out pain relievers and anything that starts with “anti” (think anti-metabolic) for natural remedies instead.
DAY 10 Swap out carb-filled snacks with lean protein instead. The best choice is LynFit Lean Bars!
DAY 11 Sleep leaner. Take (1-2) LynFit Lean Sleep instead of over-the-counter sleep aids, and you'll burn more fat. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
DAY 12 Change a thought, move a muscle. When cravings strike, get up and move instead of turning to food. Still craving? Take LynFit 5-HTP Lean.
DAY 13 Eat six cups of non-goitrogenic leafy veggies from the list found in the LynFit Metabolic Meal Plan every day.
DAY 14 Lower blood sugar by taking LynFit Accelerator Advanced/Keto Carb Edge twice daily consistently, and an extra dose before cheat meals.
DAY 15 Mix up your meals. Replace breakfast and dinner with a LynFit Complete Protein Shake and eat a Mega Salad for a more metabolic lunch.
DAY 16 Melt more belly fat by eating more white fish and less chicken, OR skip protein at dinner altogether.
DAY 17 Boost your metabolic rate 3% with a hydration boost. Drink six cups (literal cups) of water, green tea, or warm water with lemon. Keep in mind that the shake and veggies provide hydration too.
DAY 18 Reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and burn more fat by taking (2) LynFit Cutting Edge three times daily.
DAY 19 Got aches and pains? Skip the over-the-counter pain relievers that slow weight loss and block fat burning. Grab LynFit Daily Joint Repair with Collagen instead. It also improves hair, skin, and nail health while reducing inflammation at the source.
DAY 20 Improve thyroid function to improve weight loss. Add (2 dropper-fulls) of LynFit Thyro-Boost twice daily.
DAY 21 Plan a cheat meal every week! We call this “upzigging” (more information can be found in the Metabolic Meal Plan). Yes, you heard correct; I’m suggesting that you go off your plan. Upzigging is different than cheating because it’s a planned cheat, and you’re in control of the food versus it controlling you. Going off-plan for 1-2 meals per week is good for your metabolism and your mental muscle. Don’t forget to take (2) LynFit Accelerator Advanced/Keto Carb Edge before to blunt blood sugar levels and block carb absorption.

LIVE A GRATEFUL LIFESTYLE! I saved the best for a bonus. Wanna feel better fast? Living a grateful lifestyle is by far the very best thing anyone can, & should, do if they want to feel better fast. In life, there will always be something wrong, but you get to choose whether you see what’s right or to only see what’s wrong. Choose to see the good in everything each day, count your blessings, & I promise it will transform you and everyone around you, in every way.

Can’t think of anything to be grateful for? That’s proof you need work in this area. Got pain? Tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive (feeling means you’re not dead). Got financial problems? Remind yourself that you & your loved ones are all okay & debt can be fixed. Sick? Look around, there is always someone worse off. Trust me, there is, & you’ll want to keep your problems, so be grateful. Overweight? There is more hope than you think & you have more control than you think!

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