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Plant-Based Lean Protein Bars with Prebiotic Fiber for Weight Loss, Fat-Burning and Immune Health

Plant-Based Lean Protein Bars with Prebiotic Fiber for Weight Loss, Fat-Burning and Immune Health

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Not All Protein Bars Are Created Equal

Not all protein bars are created equal when losing weight and burning fat. Most protein bars contain more sugar, fat, and “other” ingredients more suitable for weight gain. That's precisely why we created the new Plant-Based Lean Bars, specifically designed to reduce and rebalance sugar, making it easier to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat while controlling hunger and cravings and improving every aspect of your physical and mental health.

It's the only plant-based protein bar that specifically addresses the underlying metabolic health issues, such as improving blood sugar balance, including A1C levels, digestion, and gut and immune health, while also reducing cholesterol and inflammatory levels. So you don't just look better; you feel your very best. 

Inspired by nature and perfected by LynFit, Lean Bars are clinically proven to help control blood sugar levels thanks to their unique combination of protein and prebiotic fiber, which is known to improve weight loss, immunity, and digestion. They are plant-based and dairy-free, safe for vegetarians, and lactose-intolerant people can eat them. (Prebiotic fiber has been shown in studies to help aid in weight loss and improve your immunity and gut health.)

What Makes LynFit Plant-Based Protein Bars Different?

Top clinical nutritionists and endocrinologists/diabetologists recommend each ingredient 

Top clinical nutritionists and endocrinologists/diabetologists recommend each ingredient in our signature proprietary metabolic weight loss blend, which supports blood sugar, metabolic, thyroid, and brain health.

The unique formula in Lean Bars is powered by our proprietary combination of prebiotic fiber and plant-based protein powder, which work together synergistically to reduce and rebalance blood sugar levels, control hunger and cravings, simultaneously boost metabolism, and create a fat-burning environment within your body naturally.

LynFit Plant-Based Lean Bars are high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb, and low-calorie, with no added sugar, from organic whole foods. They are made with natural ingredients like pure metabolic-boosting plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber flavored with pure, clean ingredients like pumpkin, flax, almonds, sunflower, tapioca, coconut oil, and non-dairy cocoa butter (powdered peanuts, ground almonds, sweetened with low-glycemic monk fruit).

The only protein bar specifically formulated for weight loss and boosting sluggish metabolisms

Not all protein bars are created equal or for weight loss. LynFit Lean Bars are naturally delicious, and what makes them unique is that they are the only protein bar specifically formulated for weight loss and boosting sluggish metabolisms. At LynFit, we specialize in how your metabolism works and know how essential the ingredients we use are. 

They are free of processed carbohydrates, sugars, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, and trans fats. Plus, they contain 11 grams of filling prebiotic fiber to crush cravings, keep you feeling fuller longer, balance blood sugar spikes, and satisfy your hunger for the not-so-healthy sweets we all love. Lean Bars contain more prebiotic fiber, delivering better health benefits than blood sugar-spiking yogurt.

Lean Bars have no added sugar and taste better, too, so every time you eat one, you can feel good about what you put in your body while improving your digestive and immune health.

The only bar that kills cravings rather than causing them

Lean Bars are the only bar that kills cravings rather than causing them, thanks to their protein and fiber ratio and the absence of trans fats, sugars, and excess carbs that most protein bars can contain.

  • No added sugar
  • No dairy or lactose
  • No soy
  • No gluten
  • No junk or carbs
  • No saturated fats
  • Preservative-free
  • Free of artificial ingredients, fillers

Unlike most Paleo and Keto protein bars, plant-based lean bars are saturated fat and cholesterol-free

Unlike most Paleo and Keto protein bars, plant-based lean bars are saturated fat and cholesterol-free. The plant-based protein is complete and has the highest PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio), so it’s easily absorbed by the body and boosts metabolism instead of slowing weight loss.

Other proteins are incomplete. Inferior forms of proteins are not as easily used by the body, so most are unused. Worse, most bars' higher saturated fat content damages the heart, brain, and metabolic health and is easily stored as dangerous belly fat that blocks weight loss.

Lean Bars can be used as a healthy snack or meal replacement and satisfy hunger and cravings for up to six hours. 

  • Boosts metabolism 25%, helping to promote weight loss
  • Enhances fat-burning
  • Keeps you feeling fuller longer and prevents cravings by naturally balancing blood sugar levels
  • Tightens and tones muscles
  • Nourishes your body and provides food for your brain so you can stay focused and alert
  • Helps control cortisol levels, making it easier to burn off belly fat
  • Provides natural energy
  • Pure, all-natural, metabolic boosting plant-based protein that hasn’t been cooked or baked, combined with natural ingredients.
  • Only 170 macros/calories—enough to provide your body with what it needs without slowing weight loss.
  • 10 grams of metabolic boosting, plant-based protein boosts metabolism 25%, tightens loose skin, and tones flabby muscles.
  • 1 gram of sugar and less than 6g net low glycemic carbs—less than any other weight loss bar.
  • 11 grams of prebiotic fiber, 44% percent of the daily recommendation that boosts immunity and improves gut health
  • Dairy, gluten, wheat, soy-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 9 grams of healthy, non-saturated fat helps you burn fat and fuel your brain
  • 180 mg of potassium

Lean Bars are the healthiest and most delicious alternative to sugar, fat-filled snacks and protein bars.

What's In Them?

Nutritional information


The Power of Plant Protein! Did you know Lean Bars have more protein than yogurt and are a cleaner, higher quality protein than most pre-packaged meal replacement shakes like Boost® and Ensure®? Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, protein is the best way to power your health and life.

Ninety percent of women over 40 are deficient in protein, which slows metabolism, makes your body resist weight loss, and is a significant cause of weight gain and sagging, crepey skin. Your body relies heavily on getting enough of the right kind of protein. It’s the major component of connective tissue, skin, and bones. Our protein needs increase as we age, and we tend to eat even less.

Your body doesn't digest the types of proteins we feed it, so it turns into excess body fat instead of being put to good use, making hair, skin, and nails. That’s why supplementing your diet with LynFit Lean Bars and Protein Shakes is critical to ward off preventable diseases like osteoporosis and help tighten and tone loose, sagging, crepey skin.

At LynFit, we say, “A shake or Lean Bar a day keeps the doctor and crepey skin away. It’s better than the old-fashioned apple and won't spike blood sugar."

There is evidence that consuming adequate amounts of the right kind of protein may help reduce joint pain and promote healing in athletes or anyone active while improving the quality of your sleep when eaten before bed, healing your gut, and restoring digestive balance—but only if you’re eating a LynFit Lean Bar.

Plant Protein helps balance out our meat intake. Animal foods such as muscle meats, pork, and excessive chicken eating get a bad rap for good reason. Most of us tend to overeat them, and our bodies cannot digest them as easily as we age. They are also overloaded with saturated fats that clog arteries, damage heart health, slow weight loss, and prevent fat-burning. Red meat, pork, and even poultry slow weight loss and fat-burning, speed up aging and decrease lifespan. This also includes typical store-bought collagen powders sourced from unknown sources and containing ingredients not listed on the label.

But the high-quality, pure, metabolic boosting plant-based complete metabolic boosting protein used in our bars is packed with the specific amino acids your body needs, in the amount needed (too much and you slow weight loss), to help counteract these issues. You can enjoy delicious comfort food knowing you’re feeding your body what it needs while enjoying all the benefits of a protein-rich diet without any drawbacks.

Lean Bars are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber. They are the only protein bar that uses the best source available (plant-based complete protein ) combined with prebiotic fiber from Tapioca. This highly specialized form of prebiotic fiber feeds trillions of foreign cells (good bacteria) that are absorbed in the digestive tract for better absorption (this also helps avoid the gastric distress that other prebiotics can cause). It’s good food for gut flora. Medical science and doctors are now suggesting that we feed gut flora for optimal health for our digestive system and cognitive, emotional, psychological, immune, and metabolic health.

Some other protein bars may add prebiotics, but LynFit is the only protein bar that uses the best source available that is highly stable through processing, increasing and improving shelf life, making it better able to stand up to stomach acids. It is backed by 17 published studies and FDA GRAS status.

How To Use Them

Personalized usage guide

How much to take and when: Consistency and frequency matter! Suggested Usage: Enjoy 1–2 Lean Bars per day as a snack or meal replacement or anytime your cravings are about to get you into trouble.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: LynFit Lean Bars are made in small batches to ensure quality and farm-to-table freshness.

Our Lean Bars are preservative-free. We suggest storing them in a cool, dry place, refrigerator, or freezer for extended periods or reshaping bars that may have lost shape or overheated during shipping.

If your Lean Bars become overheated and lose shape during shipping, place them flat in the refrigerator or freezer to restore their shape. Store them there and remove them for five minutes to thaw before eating.

The date on the label is a “Best By” date, not an expiration date. Our Lean Bars are so fresh that, if stored properly, they will last a long time. 

If your Lean Bars become hard (due to the lack of preservatives and improper storage, which is highly unlikely), you can remove them from their wrapper and heat them for a few seconds in the microwave (keep an eye on them and be careful not to overcook it).


Can I have LynFit Lean Bars and Natural Whey Protein Shakes together? How many can I have in a day?

Yes! LynFit Lean Bars and Protein shakes are an ideal complement to each other. Both are perfect for curbing snack cravings on the go. With 5-10 grams of prebiotic fiber and 19-24 grams of high-quality protein each, you can power through your workout, make it through your busy day, and keep your gut happy and healthy while continuing to lose weight and melt off belly fat. 

We recommend starting with one Lean Bar or Complete Protein Shake at a time versus both in the same meal to see how much your metabolism can handle. You can ramp up or add more daily or as snacks according to your metabolic needs. Some need more, others less to reach their goals. Tracking your weight daily is an excellent way to measure that.

Two or three Lean Bars or Protein Shakes daily are fine when you feel ready.

Can Lean Bars be used as a meal replacement?

Yes! One difference in our Lean Bars is that they contain the proper balance of macro and micronutrients designed to boost metabolism, making it easier to lose weight and burn fat. Their unique nutritional profile allows them to be used as meal replacements. Low-calorie carbs and fat can also be enjoyed as healthy snacks that keep you feeling fuller longer (for up to 4-6 hours). 

What are net carbs?

The net carbs are determined by subtracting the fiber grams from the total carbohydrates. Fiber slows the digestion of carbohydrates and reduces the glycemic burden on the body. That's how lean bars get a super low = net carb of 6 grams.

What does low glycemic mean?

Low glycemic index refers to how foods affect blood sugar levels, which is also called blood glucose levels. Lean Bars are low glycemic, meaning they have minimal impact on blood sugar. This makes Lean Bars the best choice for diabetics and those facing blood sugar challenges or trying to burn off belly fat.

What flavors are used?

LynFit combines natural, real-food flavors to create delicious, guilt-free decadence. Our flavors are 100% natural, simple, pure extracts such as cocoa, coconut, vanilla, and powdered peanuts, with no MSG or hidden ingredients. We list them as natural and other flavors because the FDA suggests that. We only use ingredients that pack more flavor without adding extra calories or spiking blood sugar levels, making them more suitable for weight loss and better for fat burning. Our plant protein bars are artisan chef-made right here in the US in the top facility ranked #1 for quality assurance, eco-friendly, and rock star taste. They are as committed to ingredient, purity, and sustainability integrity as we are.

Can I take LynFit Protein Powders and Bars while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Yes! Increasing healthy protein and good fats is always smart, but increasing protein
intake is even more important when pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding
women contact their healthcare practitioner before consuming any nutritional
supplements to ascertain whether consumption is safe for their specific health needs, as bodies can vary.

Can I return LynFit Lean Bars?

No! Sorry. LynFit Lean Bars are 100% natural, highly crafted specialty protein bars, artisan-made in small batches, and like apples, can't be returned or
exchanged. We would rather you not purchase lean bars if you have doubts since we can’t seem to keep them in stock.