RECIPE: The Better Butterfinger Shake

The Better Butterfinger Shake

What could be better than a Butterfinger? One taste and you'll know why they say, “Always keep one at your desk!“ Here is the better way to enjoy Butterfinger.

  • Pour (1 cup) of cold water into a blender
  • Begin mixing on the lowest speed to get air into it to make you feel fuller
  • While blender is running add:
    • (2 scoops) LynFit Chocolate Bliss Advanced OR Chocolate Truffle Complete Protein Powder
    • (1 tbsp.) Sugar-free butterscotch pudding
    • (1 tsp.) PB2 powdered peanut butter
    • Add (4 or more) Ice cubes slowly and mix until the desired consistency is reached.
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