RECIPE: Metabolic, Keto-Friendly Irish Cream

Irish Cream

This popular classic has been made over and cleaned up to be Keto-friendly and more metabolic. Irish Cream Coffee plus Vanilla Dream Advanced Protein combined with sweet cold foam and a strike of Sinful Chocolate Sauce Powder. Make over your morning routine with this!


  • (½ cup) Very cold water
  • (2 scoops) Vanilla Dream Complete Protein Advanced (foams best)
  • (1 cup) Black coffee, Irish Cream or flavor of choice


Blend the Compete Protein with the very cold water in a blender until foam forms.
Pour protein shake over pre-made cold Irish Cream Coffee in a tall glass.
Sprinkle Sinful Chocolate Sauce Powder on top of the foam and ENJOY!

We warn you, it’s addicting. This can be enjoyed warm or cold, and for added bliss, spike it with (1 dropper-full) of Daily Wellness Liquid Drops to ease stress!

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