Recipe: Cleaner Cappuccino

Clean Chocolate Cappuccino

LynFit shakes foam because they are so fresh and clean. The premium grade of protein they contain is a higher and better quality of whey isolate, which is why they foam when over-blended, while others don't.

I love, love, love that creamy dollop of foam topping my morning black coffee (aka a Cleaner Cappuccino). All you need is a good quality blender and some Complete Protein Advanced (Regular Complete Protein has isolate as well, but the manufacturer of the Complete Advanced has a machine that turns the whey into a lighter, finer powder, which froths easier). If you're wanting to make frothy smoothies, desserts, and beverages, I suggest using the Complete Protein Advanced.

Here is "Frothing 101" ...

  • (2 scoops) LynFit Complete Protein Advanced
  • (½ cup) Very cold water

And, it’s a good idea to have some ice handy just in case your froth flops, which can happen as a result of the water in your area. If this happens, use plain bottled water (minus any minerals).

  • Add the cold water to a clean, good quality blender
  • Add the (2 scoops) of Complete Protein Advanced
  • Blend on medium speed for 1-2 minutes, or until it froths to the desired amount
  • Spoon onto hot black coffee and sprinkle with some LynFit Sinful Chocolate Sauce or Chocolate Whey

NOTE: If I'm interrupted and my "breakfast" gets cold, I reheat my Cleaner Cappuccino for 30-45 seconds and the froth gets even better. The best part is it costs ½ the price, boosts metabolism, and is dairy-free, so you won't spike your blood sugar levels!

It's that simple. If your shake doesn't froth the first time, don't worry. It takes a little practice to become a "Protein Power Barista."


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