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Recipe: Mellow Mocktail


Mellow Mocktail

We're toasting to good health. Let's celebrate the holidays with a bit of cheer. Peace, blessings, and health... literally!


  • (3 oz.) Sugar-free cranberry juice
  • (3 oz.) Diet 7-Up or Diet Ginger Ale (or Sparkling Water if you don't like the kick)
  • Juice of ½ lime
  • (1 dropper-full) LynFit Daily Wellness Drops
  • Ice
  • Extra toppings: Spring of rosemary or cinnamon stick, frozen cranberries, slice of lime


  • Start with a handful of ice in a glass, add all ingredients except the Daily Wellness Drops
  • Stir, sip, and adjust flavors to suit your personal taste
  • Top with a dropper of Daily Wellness Drops
  • Stir and enjoy!

Click HERE to download the recipe card.

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  • Lisa Lynn