What Is Nutrient Assimilation, And Why Is It So Important?

Most people don't realize that autoimmune/thyroid health and inflammation that drives aches, pains, and also hormones are all directly related to our ability to lose weight due to their effect on our metabolism. That's why when it comes to improving your metabolism, it’s important to use a holistic approach, making sure to address all of the underlying issues affecting its speed.

Yes, our nutrition is very important, BUT what most people don't realize is that the most important step should be to gently CLEANSE and DETOXIFY our bodies to improve their nutrient assimilation.

Why is it so important to address nutrient assimilation?

Every aspect of your health and weight loss is dependent on the nutrients your body assimilates. If you're overweight, your body has absorbed the nutrients you ate, but here is where the game changes... your body most likely didn’t assimilate or use them correctly.

Having a slow metabolism and being overweight are both signs that your digestion is impaired and that your body isn't assimilating the nutrients you're giving it. This is why they are being stored versus burned off as fuel instead (also known as ketosis, which is a fancy name for fat burning).

Ninety-nine percent of the population has impaired digestion due to age, improper diet, stress hormones, and the list goes on and on. The most important takeaway is your health, and weight loss doesn’t just depend on what you eat or absorb; it's dependent on what you assimilate. Meaning how your body breaks down and uses the nutrients you feed it.

Optimizing digestion and assimilation is the most overlooked step when it comes to losing weight, burning fat, and improving every aspect of your health, including and especially any and all digestive issues, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions, thyroid health, sleep, mood, and energy.

Here is how it works or is supposed to work

When you eat and/or take nutritional supplements, your body breaks down food and nutrients during the digestion process. Once broken down, your system is supposed to absorb these nutrients and then distribute them to your cells during the assimilation process. This is where 95% of us hit a wall.

How do you know if your body’s digestion and/or assimilation is not working correctly? This is called malabsorption, and some or all of the following may occur:

  • Bloating and stomach distention
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas and indigestion
  • Stomach cramping
  • Fatigue/weakness
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Light-colored or foul-smelling stools, greasy stools
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Chronic aches and pains
  • Trouble building lean muscle
  • Inability to lose weight or burn fat
  • Food sensitivities (most food allergies are really a sign your body can't digest the food you give it)

This doesn’t mean you should eat foods that aren’t right for your body. As you age, your body's ability to digest proteins becomes sluggish or comprised. This is when you need the Complete Proteins the most. Complete Proteins are the best way to provide your body with the amino acids it needs to form new, healthy cells that make up your skin, hair, and nails. It also fuels your metabolism, optimizing it, so it works at the fastest and most efficient speed, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

That's why the Metabolic Weight Loss System (aka the Lose 1 Pound per Day System/Plan) contains LynFit Nutrition's® Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore in it. It's suggested on the Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan that you take it with, or shortly before or after, your dinner to help teach your body to work with its intelligence to naturally address the underlying issues that make it harder for you to lose weight or gain weight worse can cause you to gain weight quickly like after a big meal . 

I'm not saying that doing this one thing is THE ONE thing that will cure all that ails you, but I am saying that EVERYONE can benefit from a daily dose of gentle cleansing, detoxifying their body, and I personally take Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore every day. Since we all eat every day we need to optimize our body’s digestion every day so the nutrients we take in are used.

Living in today's stress-filled world that's also loaded with toxins we can't control, being hypothyroid, female, and menopausal... it’s one of the most important things I do every day for my physical and mental health, and you should too!

If you saw me on the Dr. Oz Show where I talked about "The Miracle in a Bottle: Raspberry Ketones” (for the record, the producers on the show named the segment that, not me), I do agree; the Raspberry Ketones are miracle workers.

Sadly, they only showed one small snippet of the Raspberry Ketones superpowers, which is sad. They also isolated the nutrient by itself, but the supplement I was referring to, and have sold for over 30 years, was the Accelerator Advanced (also named Keto Carb Edge with Raspberry Ketones).

I've always suggested that anyone who wants to be healthier and/or lose weight take the following:

Accelerator Advanced/Keto Carb Edge with Raspberry Ketones: Take in the morning and again mid-day according to specialized/personalized usage dose (dose-dependent according to your body weight). If you are under 200 pounds, 1-2 capsules is often enough. If your weight is over 200 pounds, your body may require more nutrients to saturate it with enough of the nutrients needed to get the results you're seeking.

Here is the “catch” or what confuses most people... If you're overweight or underweight, your body may require more of these nutrients due to your body's inability to assimilate the nutrients you take.

Since most of us don’t eat perfectly and through lockdown have been overindulging, even if the foods you eat are healthy, or eating foods that aren't good for you, our body needs a quick cleansing to gently detoxify our system, ridding it of the sludge that's been making you feel horrible. You'll make every cell in your body, including hair, skin, and nails healthier and super-charged (or, as we say in the science and health world, optimizing your nutrition to boost your metabolism).

If your weight loss has slowed, or you feel like you need a jumpstart, using the Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore is a MUST!

Optimizing your body’s assimilation by taking Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore makes it easy to get the enzymes, probiotics, and other natural botanicals your body needs to stay healthy, prevent weight gain and jumpstart your weight loss and fat burning. It works with your body's intelligence, not against it the way most cleanses do, leaving your microbiome in worse shape than it was before you cleansed, which weakens immune health.

Here is a refresher of what the Metabolic Weight Loss System does and how it works.

NUTRIFICATION: After a 12 minimum hour, 14 hour maximum Metabolic Fast (same as intermittent, but specifically designed for your metabolism and weight loss), nutrify your body and jumpstart your metabolism by using Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shakes to replace two meals daily, making sure you're having at least one salad every day. 

This step provides your body with the essential amino acids it needs without any excess calories, carbs, or fats, helping reduce caloric overload that’s preventing you from losing weight.



Did you know that adding some of your Metabolic Boosting Protein Shake to your coffee instead of milk, creamers, or fats can help you lose 12-15 pounds over the course of a year? SIMPLE CHANGE, BIG RESULTS!



Simply by taking Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore daily, you’re providing your body with the enzymes and probiotics it needs, and more. And, you’re staying hydrated. These two things are simple and help make sure you’re getting better at assimilating your nutrients.

When it comes to boosting metabolism in order to optimize your weight loss, the first step is the most important. It builds a strong metabolic foundation that includes prebiotic fiber to improve gut health, reduce blood sugar levels and stress hormones, making it easier to reach ketosis (fat burning). This is what makes hunger and cravings vanish and naturally energizes you. This stage is your foundation and your workhorse!

There are other factors in addition to nutrifying your body with this specific protein powder with prebiotic fiber. It is the best way to nourish every cell in your body, including hair, skin, and nail health. Your joints are also protected by providing the amino acids they need to be healthy. And the prebiotic fiber improves gut health where health and weight loss originate.

In addition to the first nutrification phase where you're taking all of the the natural botanicals, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, and protein/amino acids to provide your body with the best sources of these nutriments for maximum assimilation, it's critical that you take EFA’s (essential fatty acids found in Pure Omega 3). Most are found in the Metabolic Weight Loss System, so you don't have to worry about which supplements to take. I did it for you and put this system together for you to make it easy and cost-effective.

If you're trying to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat, you may want to consider swapping out your current omega 3 supplement for LynFit Nutrition's Pure Omega 3 instead as ours is so pure you can use it during cleansing, and it won't prevent you from losing weight or block fat burning the way store-bought brands can. 

What makes our Pure Omega unique, besides the fact that it helps you burn fat in addition to all of its other benefits? Our Pure Omega 3 is made from sardines that provide the most powerful omega 3s. They are baby fish compared to other sources, so they don't have the blubber/fat of other fishes. That’s crucial to know because that's where mercury and toxins are stored in their bodies and ours too!

These toxins can prevent your body's ability to burn fat and lose weight and can cause inflammation (aches and pains). And, most do not contain the amount of DHA and EPA needed by your body and brain. 

Getting your omega 3 from flaxseed or other sources (especially vegan sources) is inferior to using fish oils, and your cardiologist will confirm that. Especially when I comes to heart health benefits. If and when needed, those can be a backup plan. Within two weeks of taking Pure Omega 3 you'll feel and see the difference!

Everyone should be taking omega 3s, regardless of their goal. Yes, I still suggest that you take Pure Omega 3 daily, even if you love and eat fatty fish every day. Why? Consistency and frequency.

The smart, strategic use of this combination of supplements IS THE BEST WAY to ensure your body gets what it needs. It's the difference between good and great!

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