Tighten Loose Skin With Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein

"I've lost 37 pounds in six weeks on the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Reset Plan and I have 30 more pounds to lose. I’m hoping my skin will begin to tighten. How do celebrities, fitness, and bodybuilding pros keep their skin so tight? I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to avoid excess loose skin, and help my skin tighten."

This is a great question from a customer, and, if you're like me, you can relate. I've lost 40 pounds, kept it off for three decades, and loose skin is an issue I deal with myself.

Sadly, I used to be a professional dieter, meaning I tried every trend, diet, and workout the media promoted out of fear. I also overworked my body and trained hard and heavy in an attempt to control my weight and feel the endorphin high that I still seek. But all I did was bulk up and grow my body larger, which was never my intention. My workouts made me hungrier and intensified cravings to the point that I couldn’t reduce my eating to the level that my body required to reach my goals.

I weighed 150 pounds, and even though I had hundreds of people that I was helping lose weight and become fit, I couldn't seem to do it for myself. I ran the clinical trials that tested the different methods of weight loss, so I was learning through the research and development the most effective ways to lose weight. I performed hours of cardiovascular exercise and power lifted for at least an hour daily. That was in addition to the 1-2 hours of high impact aerobic step classes I was teaching daily, and the intense weightlifting circuit workout know known as CrossFit. I flipped from the no diet approach to becoming a vegetarian and began to follow macrobiotics, all the way down to Weight Watchers and Atkins. You name it, I did it, but somehow, I still gained 40+ pounds and bulked up to the point that my clothes no longer fit, and I had to live in gym clothes all the time. 

I was also smart enough to realize (praise the Lord for that) that all of these attempts were addictive in nature and could not, and should not, be continued.

Keep in mind that I have a small, little over five-foot frame, and my high weight was much too high for my body. I was strong and fit, but to be blunt, I was big.

While I’m sharing my story and being honest, I should admit that I’m sure my weight was much higher, but, probably like many of you, I stopped weighing myself and avoided going to the doctor to avoid seeing how high the scale was going, discouraging me even more.

Until I learned how my body worked and began to focus my research on the science of the metabolism (which changed my life), I couldn’t lose an ounce, even when I starved myself or spent four or more hours every day in the gym, and tried every supplement sold. I wish I had all the money wasted and time I spent away from family back.

I've lost 40 pounds and kept it off, in spite of my hypothyroidism/autoimmune issues. Fast forward 30 years and yes, I’m able to maintain my weight loss, even through menopause and the stresses of today's COVID-crazy world, which have been trying for me too.

Of course, I've had to make some adjustments as I age. For example, I now fast longer overnight (I went from 10 hours to 12-14). I can't get away with more than one UPZIG (cheat meal) every week, or I gain weight. I have to work harder on my sleep hygiene and lean on what I refer to as my Beauty Sleep Cocktail, which is (1) Lean Sleep, (1) 5-HTP Lean, CBD Daily Wellness Oil and/or Gummies, rotated with Pure Omega 3, and a cup of a warm Skinny Chocolate drink after dinner (1 scoop of Clean Cocoa Egg White Complete Protein Powder and 1 cup of warm water).

All of these help me avoid snack foods that were preventing me from losing weight. Each year as I age, I’m sure I will need to make made a few adjustments to maintain my weight and protect my health.

The one thing that's been hardest for me is to keep my skin as tight as possible. I was overweight and I over-grew my muscles (by accident), which meant I stretched out my skin. I try to keep my skin-tightening goals realistic without killing my dreams, and this is an everyday task for my body.

On a good note, I have seen skin-tightening miracles occur on people I've helped. Yes, even those that have lost 10 pounds all the way up to 145 pounds. The tightness of your skin is contingent on two things: Genetics and making sure you're giving your body enough of the right kind of protein every day without fail. Consistency and frequency matter most.

So how do the bathing suit models and bodybuilders get their skin so firm, tight looking, and paper thin?

Paper thin skin happens when your body fat is reduced to around 7% (give or take 1%). The color of your skin also plays a role. Darker skin equals tighter skin, which is why tanning can become so addictive (it was for me). We think it looks better in spite of the fact that it can cost you your life. It almost got me.

Are you ready to tighten your skin and get rid of the flab once and for all?

First, you focus on your diet to lose the weight and add the Quick Keto Metabolic Boosting Nutritional Supplements to melt off as much body fat as you possibly can. Then, you add exercise/strength training that's performed in a specific manner to grow muscle into the skin, making it tight and toned.

You can see why you need to have all your steps in order. If your diet isn't clean, you won't be lean, and your skin will be thick and full of cellulite, no matter how hard you work out. On the flip side, if your diet is clean and you don't lift weights, you'll weigh less but will lack muscle and the tone, leaving your skin hanging.

Leaning out and tightening your skin is easy easy when you follow the Quick Keto Metabolic Boosting Plan (also known as the Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan). It provides the specific structure and nutrients you need to eat in a calorie deficit from leanest source. You won't gain weight or build up. You'll lose weight and lean out. The quality of your sleep will be improved, so your body heals and repairs itself. Your muscles are allowed to recover, which helps them become firm and tight, and keep getting leaner, not just lighter.

Do you still need to do cardio every day if you're lifting weights for tight skin?

Yes, you need to do cardio/walk 10,000 steps daily to help create that caloric deficit. But walk, don't run. Running is contraindicated because it can cause muscle wasting when losing weight, unless you drink a protein shake before and after, and lift weights that are heavy enough to counter the effects that running has on your body. 

How much protein do you need to consume every day, and will it tighten skin?

If you're drinking two LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shakes every day, keep on drinking them. The two shakes daily provide approximately 50 grams of lean, clean protein that IS THE BEST for fat reduction and skin tightening. Your metabolic meal/dinner consisting of (4 oz.) of a lean protein chosen from the Metabolic Food List delivers another 25 grams, give or take, depending on which one you choose, landing you at 75 grams, which is a healthy, modest amount.

If you haven't been drinking or replacing two meals daily with a Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake, start now! I suggest making one of your protein smoothies a Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein with prebiotic fiber and the other one a LynFit Clean Cocoa Egg White to rotate and balance out your proteins. Egg whites are known to firm and tighten skin, which is why celebrities, fitness models, and bodybuilders have always relied on them for shows. 

The innermost layer of our skin consists of proteins made up of amino acids, essential and non-essential. The best way to provide your muscles with the amino acids they need and help firm and tighten skin is daily nutritional protein powder that is also low-carb and low-fat. It feeds your lean muscle, yet starves the fat, so it leaves.

This is what makes LynFit proteins unique and very different than any other you can buy. They are all also dairy-free to ensure fat loss. Dairy blocks fat loss and causes skin to thicken, which masks our leanness, making it harder to see. It can also cause fluffy, crepey, loose, and saggy skin from your stomach all the way to the skin on our faces. This includes the backs of our arms and top of our thighs. Yes, even stretched skin from having babies can be helped!

So, if you've lost some weight and you want to make sure to do everything you can to keep your skin tight, be consistent with your health habit of replacing two meals daily with a with a delicious Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake. Make sure that at least one of them is made using our popular Egg White Protein Powder. 

It's also a delicious way to get your chocolate fix every day without the weight gain. Every time you drink an Egg White Protein Shake, you're giving your body the specific amino acids it needs in the proper amounts, so your skin will become tighter too.

Try my favorite Double Chocolate Smoothie. Just blend together (1 scoop) of Chocolate Truffle Regular Complete Protein and (1 scoop) of Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein in (1 cup) of water (ice is optional) and blend until desired the thickness or consistency is reached. Enjoy!

You can also freeze this for clean keto chocolate ice cream gelato, or warm it slightly for a hot chocolate-like cup of cocoa. (Do not overheat as egg whites will cook.) Or use it to make Clean Keto Chocolate Protein Pancakes when you need a treat.

So, to answer the question the customer originally asked: Yes, your skin will become tighter as you lose weight, and lean as long as you provide it with adequate amounts of the specific protein it needs. As you lose more weight and get closer to your goal, you may need to increase your protein to tighten your skin. LynFit Complete Protein Powders are the best way to do that not only because they are high metabolic protein, low fat, but they will prevent weight gain that can happen when adding back other sources of protein like yogurt and red meat. Make sure you're keeping your diet lean enough to prevent you from getting kicked out of keto and blocking the fat burning process.

Make it your goal to not deviate from your plan, so you reach your goal weight and staying there versus constantly losing and regaining. Once you arrive at your goal it's critical that you remain on the plan to maintain your weight loss and prevent weight regain for at least three months (six is best and it's the amount of time surgeons recommend to tummy tuck patients). Maintaining weight and nourishing your body is the best way to keep skin tight.

For every 7-10 pounds you lose, it takes about two weeks for your skin to catch up. Save your money and avoid buying expensive creams or treatments. Most don't work, and if they do, it's mostly due to constant proper protein intake. Shortcuts don't work.

Take Daily Repair Liquid Collagen in addition to drinking two protein shakes every day!

Daily Repair Liquid Collagen is an absolute must if you're over 40. As we age, our body's collagen storage begins declining, and in order to supply your body with enough, you'd have to overeat on foods that supplement collagen. That’s not practical and can cost you a lot of money.

Not only that, but collagen works more efficiently when it’s combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and MSM. All are found in our popular Daily Repair Liquid Collagen (that's also metabolic), so you won't block fat burning or slow your weight loss the way collagen powders or collagen gummies do.

Collagen is critical because it makes up 80% of your skin's structure, provides firmness and strength, helping keep your skin tight. But keep in mind that collagen by itself won’t tighten skin; it needs complete protein to work. Collagens aren’t complete proteins and lack enough amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein that make up your muscles and keep skin tight. For the best results, combine both daily to make sure your skin gets exactly what it needs.

Get your skin tighter before summer now. Start mixing more LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Egg White Powder into your diet NOW, along with Daily Repair Liquid Collagen, so your skin will be tighter, and you'll be ready for the beach when nice weather finally arrives!

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