The Summer of Living Lean — My Story: Sam Espinosa

Sam Espinosa

If you had to put a title to your weight loss story, what would it be?
No excuses, be a Warrior!

What is your favorite LynFit metabolic boosting weight loss recipe?
I love drinking the shakes. I add ice cubes to them to make them seem more like a smoothie. It makes getting enough protein easy.

I also love to cook so I like to play around with Lisa's recipes from her book, The Metabolism Solution. My favorite is probably the Egg White Bites!

Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?
Yes, I sure did. It was really rough at times, but you never gain anything worth having without having to fight for it along the way. I overcame those obstacles by keeping my eyes on the prize (getting fit) and using all the valuable resources Lisa offers. Her blogs, newsletters, videos, workouts, recipes... they are, and were, a real inspiration for me.

How has your life changed since doing LynFit?
I finally found a way to make eating not only healthy but easy and delicious as well. And I like to work out. Lisa's workouts are effective and only 30 minutes long. Combined with a new way of eating, I'm saving time and money, and looking and feeling better than ever!

What has kept you going to reach your goals?
No excuses... be a warrior! Even when I'm at the hospital where I volunteer, I use the fitness center there. I've memorized Lisa's exercise moves on her DVDs to the point that I can do them over there. No excuses...!

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