The Solution To Chronic Pain! Got 10 Minutes?

Did you know the leading cause of premature aging and long-term disability in the U.S. is chronic pain, an affliction suffered by one in five adults that can be combatted simply by improving your fitness level? While improving your fitness level easier than you might think, the sad reality is that most of us have come to accept some form of pain as normal and allow ourselves to become victims to our aches and pains, such as chronic aches and pains, bad backs, throbbing joints, and arthritis aches. We come to accept them as a normal, inevitable part of life, believing that there is nothing we can do.

The truth is, there is nothing “normal” about chronic pain; our bodies are not designed to endure it and should not have to, and it only takes ten minutes, three times per week. Stop the excuses and get moving... you'll be glad you did!

Enjoy safe, yet highly effective, full-body workouts that will strengthen, tone, release, rebalance, and restore your body with emphasis on posture correction and bone-strengthening. 

Just two of these ten-minute Anti-Aging workouts from the LynFit Anti-Aging, Pain Relief Beginner Metabolic Boosting Workout DVD weekly can:

  • Stop the aging process 
  • Improve posture 
  • Strengthen bones
  • Tighten and improve muscle tone 
  • Improve balance 
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Improve energy and stamina 
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Lower and balance blood sugar 
  • Improve heart health 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Decrease hunger 
  • Protect joints 
  • Relieve whole-body aches and pains
  • Improve mood and alleviate depression
  • And yes, even improve your libido!

What are you waiting for? You can be feeling better in ten minutes. This whole-body Anti-Aging, Pain-Relief Workout is the solution to improve your health and the best way to end chronic pain. You’ll look and feel younger and healthier after your first workout. We guarantee it or your money back! 

Here is what you get in this all-in-one convenient, easy-to-use DVD (no more searching or looking for multiple DVDs). Each short workout and/or stretch aims to rapidly relieve aches and pains while improving your strength and correct poor posture, rebalancing your entire body and keeping it pain-free while reversing the aging process.

  • AM Express Stretch:  A full-body, pain-relieving stretch that gets your blood and energy flowing
  • Full-Body, Anti-Aging Workout: Posture-perfecting, strengthening and rebalancing pain-relief workout
  • PM Stretch: A full-body, pain-relieving stretch that gets your blood and energy flowing. This a gentle relaxing stretch that’s done lying on your back, so you can do it before you get out of bed each morning and when you get into bed each night. This is one of the most effective, fastest, and easiest stretches you'll ever do that relieves aches and pains and loosens tight muscles to relieve pain in the back, hips, knees. and groin. If you have any aches or pains this stretch needs to be your daily ritual! Not negotiable... if you rest, your body rusts!
  • Workout Instruction Cheat Sheet with instructions and photos of each exercise so you can follow along without your DVD. This is a must for road trips!

Beginner-friendly, slow and gentle, and easy to do—these workouts will release, rebalance, and restore your body, leaving you feeling pain-free, healthy and energetic.

Train smart. This workout is safe to do even if you have problems with your back, shoulder or knees. Any body part that has an issue can be improved with this workout.

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