The Skin-Tightening Benefits Of Egg White Collagen

Egg White Protein Powder supplies healthy collagen that benefits your joints and skin while not hurting your weight loss!

Collagen is “supposed" to be the most abundant protein found throughout our body. It's one of the most vital and needed proteins in the body. It’s what gives our skin its strength and elasticity and keeps it tight and firm. As we age, our bodies become depleted, especially if we don't get enough protein in our diets. This is what makes Egg White Collagen so much better than bone broth or collagen supplements that claim to supply collagen but don't deliver on protein, which is needed for collagen to be efficient when it comes to tightening the skin.

In addition to helping our skin, collagen is also found in our bones, muscles, and tendons. Collagen is the “glue” that holds us together... literally.

Stacking is one of the best ways to make sure your body gets the collagen it needs, especially when you're trying to lose weight. If we aren't careful, our systems can become depleted, and the skin on our face, arms, and thighs can become drooped or crepey. If this is happening to you, your body needs more of the right kind of protein. Simply adding Egg White Protein Powder and a shot of Daily Joint Recovery & Repair may do the trick, without the excess calories that can be ingested from foods by overeating or in the ways we prepare them.

Also, Egg White Protein Powder is much better at tightening skin, which is why fitness models and bodybuilders used to drink raw egg whites. Thankfully, we have better and more delicious and safer ways to get the nutrients that tighten skin and nourish our body. So if you think you need more collagen and you're trying to lose weight, try adding a scoop of Egg White Protein to your shake and a shot of Daily Joint Recovery & Repair.  

Why is drinking Egg White Protein better than eating egg whites? Egg White Protein Powder is absorbed versus digested, so your body uses almost all of it versus relying on digestion. It gets used versus stored. Egg White Protein won't spike blood sugar levels or cause constipation or bloating because it's assimilated by our bodies. 

I've lost over 40 pounds, and now I’d like to tighten my skin on my face, thighs, and arms. What else can I do? It's imperative that you meet your body's increased protein requirements because weight loss increases the body's need for protein. I suggest that you aim for one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass (your goal weight). If you wanna weigh 120, aim for 120 grams of protein and then stack with the Daily Joint Recovery & Repair liquid as well. 

This dynamic duo is more effective, thanks to their synergy. LynFit's Daily Joint Recovery & Repair is one of the best sources of skin-tightening collagen. The nutrients in it that make collagen even more efficient, such as MSM (suffer), which is an amino acid that helps stabilize the three-dimensional shapes of proteins, such as those in skin, hair, and nails. Taking these nutrients stacked boosts their absorption and assimilation. 

Why is collagen important? As we age, our collagen production naturally begins to slow down, which is why it's so important to supplement with it in order to meet our aging demands that are increased.

It's the decrease in collagen that causes us to get sagging skin, wrinkles, and weaker cartilage in our joints that cause aches, pains, and creaks. Not-so-healthy habits decrease our body's collagen production. Habits such as excessive alcohol intake (more than 4-4 oz. drinks a week) a high-sugar diet (more than 6 tsp. daily), smoking and vaping nicotine products, sun exposure, and stress. Thankfully, Egg White Protein has the exact amount of essential amino acids needed by our bodies to rebuild and build new healthier tissues.

There are few “effective” collagen sources, but the good news is that eggs and Egg White Protein Powder contain collagen. Collagen is found in both the shell membranes and yolk of chicken eggs. Research agrees that the health benefits of egg collagen are impressive.

What is egg collagen? When it comes to the best sources of collagen, eggs are at the top. Eggs have inner and outer membranes, which are between the eggshell and egg white. These two transparent protein membranes provide a solid defense against bacterial invasion of the egg. Collagen is found in the eggshell membranes of hens.

Specifically, materials similar to type I and type V collagen were detected in the two layers of the membrane, the thick outer membrane, and the thin inner membrane. Collagen is also found in the yolk of hen (chicken) eggs, but for weight loss and health reasons, most of us can't consume the amount needed to gain the benefits, which is where supplements come in.

Many different types of collagen are found throughout our body. Type I collagen is a very strong type of collagen and is the most abundant type in our body. Type I can be found in scar tissue, skin, tendons, artery walls, and bones. Our bodies also make it if we provide it with the nutrients needed, such as protein and other supporting nutrients such as MSM and others. It's synthesized in response to injury. Ninety percent of the collagen in the body is type I.

The other kind of collagen found in eggs, type V, is also key to the human body. It’s found in the hair, cell surfaces, and placenta. Supplementing with collagen ensures that our bodies get the amount needed and that it's always available to pull from when needed.

Why Egg White Protein Powder? Since cooking an egg denatures the membranes, an egg white protein powder that delivers the collagen needed is the best and easiest way to obtain the collagen that naturally occurs in eggs. When stacked with Daily Joint Recovery & Repair (that contains more collagen) you're essentially overshooting the runway, which is the secret to skin-tightening success. As we age, our bodies absorb less, and because Daily Joint Recovery & Repair is utilized 60 times more efficiently, your body is sure to get what it needs, and when you look in the mirror you'll see! 

Why is Egg White Protein Powder is better when it comes to boosting collagen and tightening skin? While the nutritional value of eggs varies according to their freshness and exposure to light that destroys the structure, LynFit's Egg White Protein Powder will be rich in amino acids and protein for years because they are farm-fresh to powder and stabilized in a way to preserve nutrients and bagged to block out light.

Most people don't realize that collagen itself is a protein made up of amino acids, including glycine, proline, glutamine, hydroxyproline, and arginine. These are amino acids that are produced by your body under normal circumstances. However, as we age (starting at age 40), when you’re sick, stressed or otherwise unhealthy or healing from injuries or receptive stress, our bodies struggle to produce enough of these amino acids on its own. This is why it needs help from outside sources through our diet by using supplements and Egg White Protein Powder, as well as whey, to be able to manufacture enough collagen to meet these demands.

Eggs organically contain collagen as well as collagen-promoting nutrients like b-vitamins, vitamin-E, amino acids, and sulfur. Making the decision to up your collagen levels is smart and can be very easy just by adding one scoop of Egg White Protein Powder to your daily smoothie. Having some on hand makes it more cost-effective, and you'll always have what you need versus running out to find fresh eggs.

Each scoop is loaded with nutrients and contains roughly/about:

  • 100 calories
  • 3 grams of carbohydrates
  • 23 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0 cholesterol 
  • 7 micrograms selenium 
  • 0.7 milligrams riboflavin 
  • 44 IU vitamin D 
  • 0.5 micrograms vitamin B12 
  • 31.3 milligrams phosphorus 
  • 17.48 milligrams calcium 
  • 317 milligrams potassium 
  • 0.2 milligrams pantothenic acid 

And that’s not all... LynFit's Egg White Protein Powder also delivers the digestive enzymes papain and protease that help your body digest the protein even more efficiently to guarantee it gets where it’s needed most quickly.

In addition to supplying a good source of protein, egg white tightens skin!


  1. Helps ease aches and pains by promoting healing and improving joint and connective tissue disorders: The eggshell membranes are rich in nutrients similar to types I and V collagen, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, and amino acids. These are all greatly beneficial to joint and connective tissue health. The high collagen content of the egg’s membranes makes it especially helpful when it comes to relieving aches and pains, regardless of what their cause is... age, overuse, or even injury.

    This collagen-boosting combo provides the nutrients that make up slender fibers of the interlaced strands that make up our bodies tendons and ligaments. Studies prove that providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs is highly effective and safe when it comes to treating aches and pains and improving the inflexibility that's often the underlying problem causing our aches and pains, as well as decreasing our range of motion.

    Studies found that taking the amount of nutrients (the amounts contained in this stack) taken at least once daily significantly reduced pain, both rapidly (within seven days) as well as continuously (30 days) and have been proven more effective than harmful drugs used to relieve pain that causes more harm than good. Not to mention, this combo makes your skin tight and looking vibrantly healthy.

  2. Improves skin's tightness and tone, and decreases wrinkles: Getting the right amount of collagen is absolutely essential when it comes to tighter, firmer, healthier, and younger-looking skin. Collagen from Egg White Protein Powder stacked with Daily Joint Recovery & Repair, when used for cosmetic use can help protect the skin from wrinkles, sun exposure, and moisture loss.

  3. Increased range of motion and better flexibility: Published research in The Journal of Medicinal Food studied the effects of the consumption of dietary collagen from egg white protein combined with extra collagen, MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin on joint function and chronic pain in an otherwise healthy population. Taken consistently for four weeks, they found that there were significant improvements in whole-body range of motion, specifically knees, hips, and shoulder motion.

    The results showed not just some improvement, but highly significant improvements in range of motion that were also seen in the neck and dominant shoulder.

    In my world of PT (Physical Therapy), we say, "If you can move it, you can heal it," thanks to blood nourishing the area that can't get in when we are stiff and don't move our joints. This also helps detox the joints, making them feel better.

  4. Decreases pain and stiffness naturally: Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down over time, most commonly affecting the joints in the hands, knees, hips, and spine. The nutrients this stack contains and delivers have been shown to reduce arthritic pain and stiffness of joints resulting from osteoarthritis, or any “itis” you're struggling with. “Itis" means inflammation, so if you can alleviate the inflammation you can begin the healing process. This stack is a highly effective, safe, and natural option when it comes to relieving aches and pains.

  5. Improves gut health and digestion: The amino acids found in Egg White Protein Powder (proline and glycine) are the amino acids that play a major role in healing and repair, making sure that every system in our body is running smoothly, including our digestive system. These specific amino acids help to rebuild tissue that lines our digestive tract. By rebuilding this crucial tissue, glycine and proline can help keep food particles and bacteria inside the gut where they belong, rather than allowing tiny openings to form that pass particles to the bloodstream, where they trigger inflammation.
    If you have digestive issues, this stack is especially important for you!

    Because these amino acids are so fresh and preservative-free, how you store them matters. Store your collagen supplements in the refrigerator, especially after opening, to keep them fresher longer. Avoid keeping them near heat or moisture, and if you decide to use them for cooking, it's okay. While heat can alter the chemistry of the eggs, our Egg White Protein is so fresh and premium that you will still get what your body needs. This is not true of store-bought brands.


NOTE: Collagen sources may vary due to nationwide shortages. We take every step in choosing premium, pure, fresh collagen sources to protect your body and weight loss.

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