The One Single Thing That Successful Losers Have In Common Is...

The one thing successful weight and fat losers have in common is... they eat simply and “live” on a food plan that allows them to reach their weight loss goals and also prevents them from regaining that weight back.

While some (food addicts who aren’t ready to give up their fix) may think meal plans are too restrictive, once they realize that restriction is exactly what’s needed to gain control over out-of-control eating, they'll realize how freeing that can be. It frees from the bondage of food and allows you to focus on what’s really important in your life instead of worrying about what to eat or what you’ll have for dinner.

If you’ve ever surrendered yourself to a food plan, you know how freeing they can be. Following the Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan has changed my life, physically (I lost 40 pounds, and I've kept it off), mentally, and most important, spiritually. When my food is in order my whole life seems to be in order, and I can hear God’s voice loud and clear.

When I’m into the food, I’m like a drug addict living to figure out where and when I’ll get my next fix. I know... you thought I was perfect with great self-restraint, but the truth is I live on this plan because it works for me and my busy life. I feel so much better, and I’m happier (I don’t battle with depression like I used to, where I couldn’t get off the couch), so I never want to go back to my old ways.

It also creates margin in my diet while boosting my sluggish metabolism that’s now 50-years-old. Even when I’m not perfect, I don’t gain 10 pounds overnight like I used to. I’ve learned that if I follow this type of plan 75-80 percent of the time (which is stricter than most people need to), I don’t have to stress when I’m not perfect. Newsflash: Perfection does not exist! I can now accept that because my skinny jeans still fit.

When I fall off and have a not-so-healthy meal, I don’t beat myself up. I focus on my progress instead. Twenty years ago I would have binged my way through the rest of the week, but now I get right back on plan because I’m crystal clear what works. 

No more diet insanity and no more diet research. I was a diet pro and tried every one, from Atkins® to Paleo®, and even became vegan for five years. I even worked at these clinics! All of these crazy schemes played a role in damaging my already sluggish metabolism, thanks to hypothyroidism that runs in my family.
Now I have peace of mind, and that is priceless!

You’ve been asking for personal insight and my personal metabolic boosting meal plan, and for my 50th birthday celebration, I decided to share it with you and tell you how grateful I am to that each of you is in my life in some way or form. I hope you are reaching your health, weight loss, and fitness goals. If you're not, please email me at I’m happy to help! All I ask is that you share your story with anyone who needs help.

Here (click here to download) is my7-Day Meal Plan that's better than Paleo® and Keto®. LynFit's Lose 1 Pound Per Day System is the cleanest diet to follow because it's low carb, and unlike Paleo® and Keto®, it's low fat. It's not only the healthiest way to feed your body, but it's also the best way to guarantee weight loss, no matter how stubborn your metabolism is.

Not losing? Clean up your diet, decrease your cheat meals, and if you're not sure why, take food journaling a step further and count fat grams and carbs. If you're honest (what you put in your coffee and/or tea counts, and so does wine) and thorough, you'll quickly find your answer!

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