The Daily Essential Nutrient Everyone Should Be Taking


Let's see if you can guess what daily essential nutrient (technically a hormone) can do all this:

  • Improve immunity
  • Improve and protect heart health
  • Enhance weight loss
  • Accelerate fat burning (especially belly fat and love handles)
  • Help you sleep
  • Regulate insulin levels (improves fat burning and combats diabetes)
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Support healthy lung function and helps reduce asthma
  • Boost energy and mood (helps combat seasonal affective disorder)
  • Improve skin, alleviates eczema, and helps alleviate psoriasis
  • Help provide healthier pregnancies – reduces the risk of preeclampsia
  • Strengthen bones and teeth

This daily essential nutrient is one of the most important supplements that everyone should be taking. And when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone.

This superhero ingredient... Beta-Glucans found in LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost!

Don't think you need it? Think again!

Beta-glucans are one of nature’s miracles, a soluble fiber that helps improve immune function. This 100 percent natural food ingredient is derived from a proprietary baker’s yeast and performs all kinds of miracles, starting with improving cholesterol levels and boosting heart health, but its benefits don’t stop there.

You can find beta-glucans in whole grains, oats, bran, wheat, and barley. But when it comes to weight loss, most of us need to limit these, especially when it comes to melting off stubborn belly fat due to their carb and calorie content. That's why you're better off taking them in supplement form.

The most effective way to take beta-glucans is in liquid supplement form versus tablets or capsules because it’s the most absorbable by the body. Taking it in a liquid (sublingual - under the tongue) delivers the most precise, clinical dosage that research proves is the most effective. That’s why LynFit makes Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucans in an easy-to-take, fast absorbing liquid.

I started taking this dynamic duo when I was diagnosed with melanoma. The melanoma specialist recommended I take 2000 IU of vitamin D3 and beta-glucans to help boost and strengthen my immune system to fight this deadly form of skin cancer.

Did you know that a portion of Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucan sales are donated to melanoma research?

As I shopped for the clinical dose needed to boost my immune system I quickly realized why people are so frustrated when buying supplements. I found out fast that finding a quality supplement with the right dosage was almost impossible, and my life depended on it. So I teamed up with my team of doctors, researchers, and supplement scientists to create what’s now LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucans.

What else can Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucans do for my health?

Beta-Glucans help lower blood pressure.

In fact, beta-glucans are so effective when it comes to lowering blood pressure that we suggest taking it separate from medications used for lowering high blood pressure because it might cause your blood pressure to go too low. 

In a country where one out of every three people have high blood pressure, beta-glucans should be your first line of defense versus relying on medications (and of course, you should be walking 10,000 steps daily). I’m not suggesting you stop taking medications, but I am praying I inspire you to clean up your eating, get active, and supplement safely with a more natural approach. You’ll improve your health and save $ with daily usage of Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucans.

(NOTE: If you take blood pressure medication, take Vitamin D3 Boost with dinner and before bed, or anytime during your day. Just avoid taking it at the same time as other blood pressure medications, or allow at least four hours in-between.)

Beta-glucans lower cholesterol.

Did you know that beta-glucans found in Vitamin D3 Boost have more than twice as much cholesterol-lowering beta-glucans than oatmeal?

While most people in the US feel victimized by bad artery-clogging cholesterol, we have more control than you might think, and researchers have proven a natural approach that can be just as beneficial as drug therapy. Even though there are many drugs on the market that doctors prescribe to lower cholesterol, the US still has cholesterol numbers that are climbing, which saddens me because it’s not that hard to lower them.

I can hear you saying. “It’s hereditary.“ But because I love you all, I’ve got to give it to you straight... bad genes don’t mean you’re a victim to high cholesterol. Most of the time what we inherit is an unhealthy way of eating that causes our cholesterol to become elevated. Added to this is a lack of activity (sitting is the new smoking) and it's a perfect storm. Move more and eat more fish and a lot less meat, cheese and dairy, especially the artery-clogging creamers most people pour into their coffee (including non-dairy).

Can beta-glucans help you lose weight? Yes, the prebiotic fiber delivered by beta-glucans in liquid supplements can help you feel fuller, which is critical for weight loss and extremely necessary when it comes to burning off stubborn belly fat. Helping our body feel fuller means we eat less, which is the Holy Grail for losing weight. 

Is it FDA approved? Yes, beta-glucans in liquid form meet the FDA’s regulation for the “heart health” claims.

Why did your doctor suggest daily supplementation with beta-glucans and liquid vitamin D to help hypothyroidism? A study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) found that people with hypothyroidism or thyroid issues (especially those who have had their thyroid removed) are at risk of high cholesterol and should address the underlying issues that affect their health in a healthier holistic manner.

Are beta-glucans a probiotic? No, they are better because they are prebiotic versus probiotic. They work with your body's intelligence to create the right environment versus doing it for our body, which is not suggested. Our body can make probiotics naturally if we provide the right nutrients, and prebiotics do exactly that.

Taking beta-glucans improves probiotic viability and stability even better than eating oatmeal due to their enhanced lactic bacteria and propionic acid production. Both improve every aspect of our health, boost immune function big time, and prevent new fat cells from forming and enhances fat burning. This combination of superheroes works together as an army to suppress proteolytic activity that helps regulate (notice I didn’t say lower) inflammation more than from eating oats.

Keep in mind that not all inflammation is bad. Inflammation is one of the body's healing responses needed to combat injuries and ailments that cause disease and achy joints. That’s also why you’ll hear me say to stop taking over-the-counter pain meds. They do the exact opposite of healing. They halt it and destroy our gut bacteria, where all health is made.

Can LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost help my hair? D3 Boost is a good source of biotin, and it's more usable by our body, so every time you take D3 Boost you're improving your hair health.

Beta-glucans is one of the best sources of biotin, and if you’re like me and need to reduce your carbs due to sluggish metabolism that are found in whole grains, you’ll want to take D3 Boost daily to nourish your entire body, especially hair, skin, and nails.  Since beta-glucan is derived from natural botanicals (aka plants), it can also help maintain a smooth, healthy, and youthful skin appearance and promote collagen-building better than the hyper-promoted collagen drinks that are slowing weight loss.

Can beta-glucans help balance blood sugar levels? Beta-glucans help balance blood sugar levels, which is paramount when it comes to losing weight and burning fat, and every other aspect of our health.

They are a new upcoming, highly beneficial treatment for diabetes in Europe and other healthier countries. Studies have shown that beta-glucans could reduce hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Thus, beta-glucans could produce new approaches for the treatment of diabetes.

Can taking beta-glucans with vitamin D help my body fight cancer? Yes, taking beta-glucans daily can be a hematopoietic and immune modulator agent in cancer patients. Research proves that beta-glucans, combined with liquid vitamin D, is one of the greatest ways to protect your health from diseases, including cancer. The findings suggest that beta-glucans can be useful as a complementary or adjuvant therapy and immunomodulatory agent in breast cancer patients in combination with cancer therapies. 

Most people don’t realize that vitamin D plays a key role in regulating the growth of new cells and is also a key player in cell-to-cell communication. It has been shown in some studies that the hormone calcitriol (which is what vitamin D gets converted into) can slow the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues and to reduce the proliferation and metastases. Vitamin D has a key role in gene expression too: influencing over 200 human genes specifically. This might be impaired when vitamin D is suboptimal. If you or someone you know is battling cancer or is a survivor – you will want to suggest this Vitamin D3 Boost with Beta-Glucans to them. It could save their life!

Now you know why this dynamic duo needs to be a part of your daily supplement protocol!

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  • Lisa Lynn