The Best Intermittent Fasting Schedule for Weight Loss & Fat-Burning

Fasting the right way can reduce blood sugar levels, making it easier to lose weight and melt off belly fat. But fasting the wrong way can block weight loss and fat-burning due to the hormonal changes that can occur if you fast for too long.  On the flip side, if you don't fast long enough, you interrupt the biochemical changes that take place that work like magic when it comes to reducing blood sugar levels, making it easier to reach ketosis (fat-burning), which in turn boosts your metabolic rate, making it faster and easier to lose weight.

When you fast the right way, the “Metabolic Method,” the health benefits are more effective than any prescription drug you can buy or exercise you can perform. NOT THAT I'M SAYING you can sit around. The health and weight loss benefits are limitless when you fast the right way.

Intermittent Fasting Fat-Burning

There are seven things you need to know when fasting.

  1. Fast for 14 hours overnight. No more or less. Fourteen hours is the best time for reducing blood sugar and overcoming insulin resistance that blocks weight loss and fat-burning dead in its tracks. After fasting for 14 hours...

  2. Break your fast with LynFit Natural Whey Protein made with water, chai tea, or black coffee. Skip the fruit, almond, cashew, soy milk, and vegetables (unless using leafy greens) that can spike blood sugar.

    The last thing you want to do after fasting, regardless of how long you fast, is to bombard your digestive system with heavy, hard-to-digest foods, especially if they are high fat, which is why I ONLY suggest clean keto and NOT the full-fat kind. And take (1) LynFit Keto Carb Edge + (2) LynFit Cutting Edge to wake up your sleeping metabolism and boost fat-burning by 25%.

  3. Nourish your body with the essential amino acids and nutrients to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. LynFit Essential Amino AcidsLynFit Daily Power Shot, and LynFit Women's Whole Food Multivitamin are all great ways to provide your body with the specific nutrients it needs without breaking your fast or slowing down your metabolism. And, if you're trying to lose weight and melt belly fat, you should be more specific with your nutritional supplementation to make sure you target belly fat by taking (1) LynFit Keto Carb Edge and (1) LynFit Cutting Edge as soon as you wake up and gain mid-day, at a minimum.

  4. Stay hydrated to prevent metabolic slowdown. It’s crucial to stay hydrated, especially when fasting for weight loss. If you become dehydrated, your metabolism will slow; you'll feel tired and sick. Add LynFit Essential Amino Acids and/or LynFit Metabolic Collagen Powder to your water for maximum hydration.

  5. Avoid constipation and reduce bloat. Suppose you fast too long and need to drink more water or eat enough leafy green vegetables. In that case, you can quickly become constipated, which allows toxins in your body to build up, leaving you feeling bloated, tired, and sick. Take (2) LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore with your last meal of the day to help nourish your gut with probiotics, improve digestion and assimilation, and natural botanicals to gently cleanse the liver and colon to restore digestive health that can become affected when you fast too long. If you're prone to constipation, add (2) LynFit Sugar-Free Prebiotic Fiber Gummies (they provide some yummy too).

  6. Improve sleep quality and manage cortisol. Fasting can't reduce cortisol or ease inflammation if you're not sleeping. And even if you are sleeping, I suggest everyone take (1-2) LynFit Lean Sleep before 10 p.m. to be ready for sleep. Lean Sleep is the #1 antioxidant on the planet, helps manage cortisol levels, and reduces belly fat.

  7. Clean up your keto! For the best weight loss and fat-burning results, follow the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Plan to ensure your diet supports your fast and you're not fasting to make up for unhealthy eating. The secret to losing weight and lifelong health is nourishing your body correctly.

14:10 Lose 1 Pound a Day Intermittent Fasting Plan

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