STOP Summer Sugar Cravings & Prevent Hunger... For Good!

For most of us who struggle with our weight, sugar cravings are a big problem. In fact, in my 27 years as a metabolic expert, I’d say that it is the problem. Did you know that sugar can be more addictive than cocaine? 

Compounding this problem is that sugar is hidden in foods that we don’t suspect. The tomato sauce on pizza can have more sugar than a few Oreos. Of course, we know the obvious: chips, cookies, and ice cream.

Our behaviors and attitudes toward some foods mirror addiction patterns. The most addicting foods are the foods found on The Metabolic Boosting Food List because they are low on the glycemic index which is the tool used to measure how foods affect/spike our blood sugar levels.

Studies are proving that processed, sugar-filled foods (you know the ones you think are healthy, like that fresh juice you tell yourself is all green and good, or the liquid sugar you pour into your coffee every day) produce behaviors and changes in the brain that researchers use to diagnose addiction like drugs and alcohol. Cardiologists see how sugar affects obesity and cardiovascular disease, as well as liver disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Overall, our bodies ache due to the inflammatory effects of this great white hazard. When we eat sugar it spikes our blood sugar, then insulin (yes, even from high glycemic fruit and even some veggies). These are the hormonal changes and disturbances that make us store belly fat and make us hungry for more sweets and starchy foods.

It can take up to six weeks to kick your sugar habit, yet sadly, most people don't even make it through the withdrawal process because cleaning your body out of the damages caused by sugar and the withdrawal can make you feel like you have the flu, complete with shakes and low energy crashes that make you want to eat your beloved children :) The cunning addiction makes them believe that the dietary changes needed to correct their weight problem aren’t good for them or normal. I’ve been there and know first-hand about the mind games our body plays to get its fix. If you're struggling with this, there is more hope than you think, but you do need the right tools available, so you survive this sugar-busting war.

The good news is (focus on this) once you kick the habit, you will be less depressed, happier, and anxiety will be reduced. You’ll lose weight (on the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan) making this shift and your whole family benefits from the transition.

Here are a few tips to help kick that sugar (food) addiction to the curb. Say goodbye to soda, cereal, and pop tarts (and alcohol). Say hello to the first day of a healthier, happier, leaner life! 

#1: COMMIT YOURSELF 100% (There's no such thing as a "little bit")

Sugar cravings don’t go away if you succumb to them. It’s actually easier if you surrender and stop the insanity, and the sooner you quit sugar, the better! Even on your cheat days, giving in to your sugar fix is not worth it and will actually make things harder because it flips your craving switch back on. Focus on the benefits, like drastically lowering your sugar and carb intake, will help you lose weight faster and immediately begin to burn off stored fat.

When your body begins to lose weight and burn fat (also known as the Keto Zone) your sugar cravings truly vanish. Most people actually experience an aversion to sugar once they’re in the metabolic weight loss and fat burning process.

Everything gets easier when your sugar cravings are broken. How long will this take? Depending on your sugar/food addiction, it normally takes up to 3-4 days. Don’t quit, you can do this. No one dies from sugar withdrawal... so stick with it, and when you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place.

#2: SWAP OUT THE BAD WITH THE GOOD (Replace the sugar and carb foods with healthy fats and lean proteins)

Filling the void is a huge help. Most of our sugar cravings happen because we aren’t getting enough lean protein (40% of us are lean protein-deficient) or lack essential nutrients such as Chromium, B complex, and  Omega 3 fatty acids (which is the only fat our body lacks in today’s excess omega 6 & saturated fats processed diets).

If our bodies are lacking in even one nutrient, it can cause huge cravings. Stress is the #1 nutrient depletion, so it's critical that you meet your body's nutrient demands by taking a multivitamin-mineral. With LynFit Daily Power Shot, you'd have to consume 30 pounds of fruit to match the nutrition in just one shot. No hard-to-swallow pills, and it’s quickly absorbed, so your body gets what it needs fast.

Forget playing nutritionist and doing it the hard way. Our lives are past that point of having the time to plan, prepare, and make sure our foods are 100 percent on target with the nutrients it needs. I believe this is why people aren’t sticking to their health plans, keeping them unhealthy, overweight, and sick. Everyone should have these tools to make nourishing their body easy and spot on.

  • Lean Metabolic Boosting Protein: I think it should be so delicious that you crave it, which makes it easier to quit the sugar.
  • Pure Omega 3: Provides the exact amounts of essential fatty acids the body needs, so you crave less and lose more. You’ll also notice a whole host of health benefits, such as hair, skin, and nails growing and becoming healthier. Not all omega 3s are created equal, however. Ninety-nine percent of store-bought omega 3 does not contain the DHA/EPA ratio and are loaded with toxins, like mercury.
  • And, of course, power your life and weight loss with Daily Power Shot!


Make sure you have metabolic boosting (Keto)-friendly snacks and comfort foods available. Hunger and sugar cravings are caused by over-consumption and can make you feel hungry all the time. If you’re just starting your metabolic boosting weight loss plan and you're in the beginning stages, trying to get your body into the Keto Zone as you begin to burn off more fat, you might eat more often as your body adjusts.

Fill up on low-carb, legal slimming snack options that will help curb the sugar cravings versus making them worse. Try these metabolic boosting, fat-burning, Keto-friendly snacks and desserts, like:

#4: HYDRATE (Nine out of ten times when we think we're hungry, it's actually thirst)

Drink lots of H2O before you become dehydrated to avoid hunger and cravings before they even begin. Dehydration is common at the beginning of any diet, but metabolic boosting, fat burning diets, combined with being dehydrated, can cause cravings. Drink a glass or two of water (preferably warm water with lemon as it's better at filling you up and keeping you hydrated) before sugar cravings hit, and as soon as cravings strike. Remember to continue drinking steadily throughout the day.


Carbs are lurking everywhere these days, even in the most unsuspecting and unexpected places. These hidden carbs can trigger sugar cravings, so always check product labels and pay attention to how your body feels before and after eating them. Make note as to which foods trigger your cravings for more. When in doubt... don't. Make your meals at home yourself, so you know exactly what’s in them.

The cravings trigger foods are alcohol (wine), yogurt, fruit and fruit juices, creamers (all including non-dairy almond milk), diet sodas, cereal bars, and crackers and chips.


If you fall off the sugar wagon, a metabolic boosting cleansing/fast can help you get back on track quickly, while turning off your sugar cravings. You can follow the Metabolic Boosting Cleanse and reset your system and taste buds.


Sugar addiction is no joke. The 12-Step Program and Overeaters Anonymous support groups suggest that you change a thought and move a muscle to distract yourself while the cravings subside (and they always will). Keep in mind that cravings last only 2-5 minutes and then vanish, so if you remind yourself of this, you'll make it through. 

GIVE IT TO GOD! I say the serenity prayer, and it works every time. Most of our cravings are actually head hunger, with no physical hunger. Remind yourself of this and why you're not going to allow your cravings to rule you anymore. Let go and let God. He can help when all else fails!

Repeat after me... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

And, don't forget to reach out to others who are also struggling. Taking our minds off ourselves is one of the best ways to forget all about our cravings.


We are all human, and the truth is, at some point, you will fall down. It's normal, so make a plan ahead of time so that when you do, you will immediately: 

  • Get up
  • Get over it
  • GO easy on yourself and forgive yourself
  • And get right back on track (at the next meal) 

Beating ourselves up doesn't work. In fact, it brings on more cravings. Forgiveness is the secret, and this is a good time to write out those positive affirmations.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Create a few of your own and write them out over and over until you believe them. Your mental metabolism is just as important, so detox those thoughts and replace them with Godly thoughts!

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