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Most of us know that we need to eat a variety of vegetables and plant foods. There is a huge variety of health-benefiting compounds (phytonutrients) like the sulforaphane in cruciferous vegetables. 

Broccoli and cauliflower are normally the best way to obtain maximum amounts of these health-boosting benefits, but what most people don't realize is that they would need to consume more than 20 pounds of vegetables and fruits in a wide range of colors. This is not only costly, but it doesn't guarantee that your body will get what it needs due to soil depletion. 

Many of the most nutritious vegetables are also not good for your health, preventing you from losing weight and spiking blood sugar levels, which is never a good thing. That's where the smart use of safe supplements comes in, making it easier and more cost-effective to keep our bodies nourished and protected, so we can WIN the WAR when it comes to preventing disease and illness. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but it warrants repeating, and I’m adding my two cents after listening to a Dr. Oz health briefing given to us Oz bloggers.

1. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds every hour on the hour. Skip the hand sanitizer--it kills off good bacteria. Soap and water for 20 seconds are best. Say the “Our Father” while you wash.

2. Eat a healthy diet. And, it doesn't get any healthier than the Metabolic Boosting Leaner Lifestyle Diet. The reason it’s so effective is that it removes the junk and replaces it with the good stuff our bodies need, in exactly the amounts needed to keep blood sugar levels balanced, so you lose weight faster and easier. Your aches and pains will be reduced, and immune health improved. Aim for 5½ cups servings daily from the approved list in the Plan.

3. Supplement your diet with a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients that help support your immune system and keep it strong by neutralizing the free radical antioxidants that harm and weaken it.

Due to the stress and tenacity of the current coronavirus, it's a good idea to stack or combine several different types, taken at different times, so your body gets a wide variety of nutrients in different forms, just in case one form is more effective for your body than another.

How do you know which is best for you? Try them and pay attention to how you feel and how your nails and hair grow. Your skin health will tighten and improve, along with energy and health.

Here are the LynFit supplements that contain more antioxidants than we can list here:

The above are the daily multiple if you will, but make no mistake the Accelerator Advanced/Keto Carb Edge, Cutting Edge, Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore, and Lean Sleep with Melatonin all contain antioxidants that nourish and protect.

Which one should you choose? I suggest choosing according to your greatest need. I personally use each and every one, in addition to Daily Joint Repair with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which helps keep my skin, hair, and nails flourishing. I have one of those sluggish metabolisms, which usually comes with a not-so-robust immune system, so I decrease the amounts of each that I take and scatter the use of each throughout the day, allowing a few hours in-between to avoid excess.

The Daily Power Shot or Recovery Agent, and/or Thryo-Boost/Immune Boost should be staples in everyone’s nutritional supplement program.

4. Start your day with LynFit Whey! Why whey? Whey protein is the richest source of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. These are the three amino acids required for the production of glutathione, which all experts and doctors agree on us the #1 antioxidant.

The glutamine in our Complete Protein Whey is the best way to get this glutathione because it contains unique proteins called immunoglobulins that stimulate immune function. 

LynFit's whey is 99 percent lactose-free, so the dairy sensitive can drink it without worry. It won't cause weight gain or bloating the way other whey proteins can.

5. Power your immune system with a daily intake of Prebiotic Fiber. Our Complete Protein, Lean Bars, and Sinful Chocolate Sauce make this easy to do, and a lot more delicious!

Why is this so paramount? The Greek Physician Hippocrates stated, “All disease begins in our gut,” and researchers today validate that this is true. That's why we should all eat like our lives depend on it because it does.

Healthy bacteria in our digestive system are destroyed when we are sick, stressed, drink alcohol, consume processed foods, use NSAIDS or certain medications, overuse antibiotics, and even chlorinated water. All allow the bad bacteria to flourish, and this excess of bad bacteria compromises our digestive system (yes, IBS and other digestive issues can all be improved by your gut health). The worst part is that these bad bacteria also affect nutrient absorption and intestinal health, weakening our immunity.

That's why we all need to make sure we get enough prebiotics every day. If you're drinking your shake or having a LynFit Lean Bar, you're getting at least 5 grams. Add a delicious Sinful Hot Chocolate to your day and you get 10 grams and tip the scales in your favor because they also kill cravings, make you feel fuller longer, and add more of these good guys to your microbiome.

You can find this nutritious microbiome food (aka prebiotics) in the following nutritional supplements that are really superfoods (*prebiotic fiber amounts may vary according to flavor):

  • Complete Protein Regular Whey: 5 grams per 2 scoop serving
  • Lean Bars: 5 grams per bar
  • Sinful Chocolate Sauce: 10 grams per 60 calorie serving 

Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore also contains a daily dose of probiotics.

NOTE: Each of the products listed above are technically superfoods, not supplements, and provide more of the good bacteria your body needs in the freshest, most potent form that's better for your body than store-bought prebiotics and probiotics that are often dead by the time they hit store shelves. This is also why LynFit makes each of their products in small batch quantities, which makes them difficult to create, hence product shortages are expected during this time, but we refuse to lower the quality, and we know that freshness counts most. We also store our products in climate-controlled, sanitary environments. You may notice that our products don't always contain expiration dates, and if they do, they are best by dates. We are proud of this because it means our products are so fresh they almost never go bad unless you don’t use them and they sit on a hot shelf for a long, long time.

We do suggest refrigeration of all liquid supplements once opened to preserve this freshness, and make very sure to shake well before using and close the tops securely to seal out moisture.

6. Improve digestion with a daily cleanse. Detoxify and protect your liver with Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore stacked with Immune Boost/Thyro-Boost.

The liver works hard enough every day to detoxify our body in today's world of overconsumption and depleted soils. Our liver detoxifies, filters, and helps remove harmful toxins, chemicals, and bacteria in the blood, as well as toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis. It has to work even harder when our immune system is stressed or being exposed and tired. Among the other nutrient benefits of these supplements, they all have antioxidant properties that make it easy for our bodies to stay healthy.

Take Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore every day, not just when you're trying to lose weight, but even more importantly, when we need our immune system strong.

One of the best benefits of the "clear stack" (which is 2-4 Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore and 2 full droppers of Thyro-Boost/Immune Boost) is that it also helps protect from allergy occurrences, alleviating allergy symptoms because of the outstanding nutrients they contain. 

7. Drink 6-8 cups of hot water with lemon or green tea. Yes, regular water is okay, but it doesn’t hydrate or protect the way warm liquids can, due to the fact that they help rid the body of mucous, which is where bacteria like to hide out. Warm liquids bring it to your stomach, where bacteria-fighting acids can kill them off, including harmful foreign invaders. Now you can see why gut health and microbiome matter so much... stomach acids can kill it off.

Bottom line, just make sure you're drinking sufficient amounts of fresh, clean, pure water, not old stuff that's been in your used water bottle in your gym bag or car. It's easier than you might think. A good starting point is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half. This is the number of ounces of fluids you should drink, preferably from water every day.

8. Move your body to move nutrients to where they need to go. Yes, I mean exercise! Exercise does more than strengthen our bodies, it also helps nutrient transport and reduces stress, in addition to its immune-boosting and other amazing benefits. If you can get outside and walk, do it. The fresh air will do wonders for your mood if you're in a sunny area. Vitamin D is extremely important to immune health.

If you're not in a sunny area, or the sun's not shining, you can meet your body’s needs via LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost for extra vitamin D boosting insurance. Our vitamin D has one of the best immune-boosting ingredients (Beta-Glucans) that makes it more effective than any other stand-alone vitamin D you can buy. I personally suggest Vitamin D3 Boost, especially now.

Back to exercise — walking 200 or more steps after we eat or take supplements helps improve digestion and boosts assimilation, meaning it helps get our blood moving, delivering nutrients and removing toxins. Exercise helps improve microbiome too, so no matter what health or injury issues you may have, you need to find a way to move your body, even if you're bicycling your legs lying in a bed.

Move it or lose it, and I don't just mean muscle tone. This also refers to immunity! You don't have to stress or push too hard, but we all have to keep moving. This will also prevent you from gaining the "Quarantine15"!

9. Sleep, rest, repeat! Getting enough rest and sleep are paramount. You know the drill... 7 -8 hours per night, and if you're struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep due to all the stress surrounding us, reach for natural approaches that won’t harm your liver or prevent weight loss. Or worse, cause you to gain weight.

I use LynFits Daily Wellness Liquid Drops. I take (2-3 full droppers), (1-2 capsules), and (1) Lean Sleep right before bed to help me fall asleep quickly. The liquid drops work fast, the capsules work longer. I like to use both.

Both the Daily Wellness Liquid Drops and the capsules contain the magnesium and essential omega 3 fatty acids that my body needs, among other nutrients. That's why I say it's my nighttime vitamin (aka cortisol) manager. I couldn’t live without it during this time of my life, as menopause hormones wreak havoc on sleep, and I need my sleep or my mood is negatively affected, and my brain doesn't work as well.

This stack also helps counter the effects of stress, helping our bodies heal and repair for improved recovery while we sleep.

There you have it... easy ways to stay healthy!





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