Science-Based Benefits Of Ashwagandha & Why You Should Be Taking It

If you had to choose one natural remedy for your Natural Medicine Cabinet that helps boost your whole body health, improve thyroid function, reduce damaging stress hormones, enhance muscular strength, protect cognitive function, and help maintain a healthy weight as you age, it would most definitely be ashwagandha! Studies prove that it is the one natural ingredient that's been used for centuries that can do all of this and much, much more.

Ashwagandha is an herb that's been used for more than 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. The plant itself is a shrub with yellow flowers that are native to India and North Africa, and its botanical name is Withania Somnifera.

Why is so popular these days?

Ashwagandha contains compounds called withanolides. LynFit specifically uses ashwagandha extract because these proven Withania Somnifera compounds remain intact in higher concentrations, which is critical to your results because the higher the concentration of these withanolides, the more potent medicinally, hence the more effective.


Reduces stress and anxiety helping regulate control to reduce cortisol levels by 30 percent

Stress is the #1 health and diet wrecker threatening us today. It's healthy to have some stress, as it signals our body that danger is coming and provides needed energy, so that we can respond accordingly. But here is where the BIG problem is — in today's world of chronic stress and mental challenges our body can't distinguish stress from a computer issue or lion attack. With a lion attack, we would physically run away, which uses up the cortisol that's been emitted, helping reduce these health-zapping hormones, due to the physical exertion inflicted. However, in today's world, we sit in our chairs while our body fills up with these stress hormones (even just watching the news), creating an unhealthy imbalance.

When cortisol increases and remains at high levels in our bloodstream, it can create insulin resistance, which is also why we store fat around our midsection when we are chronically stressed. Research proves that ashwagandha reduces cortisol levels 30 percent... naturally! So if you're chronically stressed, grab a bottle of LynFit Thyro-Boost!

Improves memory and boosts brain function (feeds your brain)

After age 40 (and worsening every five years after that), our brain health deteriorates. This is a huge factor in how we age as well as preserving our youth. Bottom line — every aspect of our health is ruled by our brain and prevention is the best way to protect it.

Research proves that ashwagandha provides the critical nutrients that help protect brain degeneration and memory, whether they are caused by injury (stroke, concussion, etc.) or aging. These powerful antioxidants reduce free radicals, specifically in the nerve cells.

Eases depression and reduces its symptoms

This is huge in today's world as medications seldom work due to the fact that they basically use a band-aid approach, rather than addressing the underlying issues causing the depression to begin with.

Our diets aren't quite as healthy as they need to be for this job, and even when spot on, our body can no longer digest and assimilate these nutrients, so despite our intake of them, they never reach the final destination (our brain), where they can be of help.

NOTE: I don't suggest stopping your prescribed medication, especially if you're over 40. If and when you decide this is a good idea, it’s imperative that you work with your doctor to do this.

Ashwagandha doesn't have the side effects that antidepressants do, such as weight gain, sluggish weight loss, foggy feelings, lack of energy, and gastric or stomach issues, all of which can make us feel more depressed. My clients who use LynFit Thyro-Boost say a dropper or two daily keeps the blues away... 'nuff said.

Improves thyroid health

As we age, our thyroid function declines, and our weight begins to creep up.
Weight loss plays a role in the decline in thyroid levels, and if you're like me and already suffer from hypothyroid issues, this can result in extreme fatigue and weight gain that affects every aspect of your health. Add to that hair loss, loss of your eyebrows, constipation, and the list goes on and on. All of this plays a very big role in every aspect of our health, especially after the age of 40 (and becoming increasingly more important every decade).

Daily ashwagandha intake has proven to improve all-over thyroid health by working with your body versus against it (the way pharmaceutical drugs can). Because it's an adaptogen, it helps decrease the thyroid-stimulating hormone (causing hyperthyroid issues that can be just as bad or even worse than hypothyroidism). The daily use of medications can bring this on, so rather than help improve your condition, it can make it worse. That’s why a natural approach is preferred.

Ashwagandha works with the body naturally, helping regulate thyroid function and bringing it back to a healthy balanced state — the opposite of what drugs do. It’s important to note that the prescription drugs used for the thyroid do not treat it  there is no cure. They only help you deal with the symptoms. If you ask anyone who takes these thyroid medications, they will tell you that they have not lost weight or had much relief, yet they continue to take them, causing more and more damage or imbalance.

I've struggled with hypothyroid issues my whole life, and since I’ve switched to Thyro-Boost, my weight has dropped, and my hair is growing again, among many other benefits.

Thyro-Boost is safe to take with your thyroid medications, whether they be for hypo or hyperthyroid conditions. In fact, due to the nutrient deficiencies caused by these drugs, it's suggested that you take Thyro-Boost daily to nourish and protect your entire body. I'd also suggest you use LynFit Pure Omega 3 that is purified to remover toxins that might be present in other omega-3 oils. These toxins can shut down thyroid function and cause liver damage, which is catastrophic!

Helps reduce and relieve inflammation

Ashwagandha rocks when it comes to reducing inflammation, thanks to its super-powerful antioxidant properties. Studies confirm that it directly decreases inflammation, increases immune system function, and decreases the C-reactive protein (inflammatory markers) by up to 36 percent!

Helps manage and regulate blood sugar levels

When it comes to aging and weight gain, the secret to your success lies in your blood sugar levels. In a short speech, if you can't regulate blood sugar, you won’t be able to lose weight, and you certainly won’t burn off that stubborn belly fat.

Ashwagandha is one of the best ways to improve insulin levels, sensitivities, and secretions. This is critical because chronic high blood sugar contributes to many of today's health issues, including diabetes, hardening of the arteries, belly fat, insulin resistance, kidney, pancreas and liver issues, and also cardiovascular health problems. All these made worse by adding cream or milk to coffee every morning, not to mention what it's doing to our waistline.

Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, improving heart health

Ashwagandha lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and balances them naturally for optimal whole body health. Studies (animal) show a significant cholesterol decrease up to 53 percent and a 45 percent decrease in triglycerides, which is pretty amazing,

Plus, ashwagandha doesn't come with all of side effects that cholesterol-lowering drugs deliver (muscle aches and pains, weakness, memory loss, dementia, liver damage, erectile dysfunction, increased blood sugar levels, belly fat that won’t budge, slow weight loss, and the list goes on and on... you get the point).

Ashwagandha won't make you feel as tired and depressed the way some medications can. You might actually feel good enough to become more active, and nothing is as good for your heart health as staying active and happier!

Helps fight against cancer

The most effective way to fight and guard our body against the ravages of cancer is to improve immune health and kill off or at least reduce the growth of new, offending cancer or unhealthy cells, called apoptosis. 

Ashwagandha does an amazing job of attacking cancer cells from every possible angle, including impeding the growth of new tumor cells holistically  meaning, while it's irking to kill off these sick cells, it’s improving the health of your healthy cells, making them stronger and better able to fight against future attacks, which is the exact opposite of what chemo drugs do. Breast, lung, colon, brain, and ovarian cancers have all shown promise, and of course, my personal daily fight... melanoma.

It's important to note that you should not consider treating yourself if you're dealing with cancer, but taking high doses of ashwagandha can help work right alongside your current treatment without harm.

Boosts testosterone and fertility

Men love ashwagandha because it helps boost testosterone levels that decline as they age. This improves men’s health in just about every aspect, from muscle tone, strength, hair loss, and also reproductive health. Bottom line, if testosterone levels are low, nothing works properly (if you know what I mean). Studies confirm that men who took ashwagandha saw a 75 percent increase in sperm count, improved quality and function with proper supplementation.

Boosting testosterone also helps manage middle-aged belly fat by preventing it from being stored in the first place, which can be almost impossible as men age.

Preserves and protects lean muscle, improving strength and increasing endurance

At age 30 our body begins to age at an accelerated pace, contributing to weight gain and difficult weight loss, unless you are proactive when it comes to increasing strength year after year. Ashwagandha gives you a huge advantage!

If you take ashwagandha twice daily consistently (regularly taking 2-full droppers of LynFit Thyro-Boost twice per day), for at least two months, you'll begin to see and feel the difference in your body  from tighter, more toned muscles, stronger and more physically fit, and improved endurance (both in real life and in the gym). Of course, any supplement, including this one, needs to be combined with a training program and a nutritious diet (you can't sit on the couch and expect results) when it comes to improving strength, which is absolutely crucial as we age.

Bottom line... EVERYONE should be taking LynFit Thyro-Boost with Ashwagandha daily to protect health. You'll quickly realize why it's been used for thousands of years for its whole body health benefits! 

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