RECIPE: Watermelon Weight Loss Smoothie

Watermelon Weight Loss Smoothie

Nothing makes it feel like summer more than watermelon. Even if you're on a strict, clean keto diet, you can enjoy this watermelon smoothie without guilt.

When you pair fresh watermelon with metabolic Complete Protein Powder it becomes a delicious and creamy smoothie that's low-calorie, carb, and fat, yet high in complete protein, delivering all the amino acids your body needs to stay healthy. Keep your immune system strong without spiking blood sugar levels (no need to worry about getting kicked out of ketosis), hydrate, and satisfy sugar cravings healthfully.

This recipe can be turned into a smoothie or sorbet; just skip the water and VIOLA, instant watermelon sorbet!

All you need is:

  • (1 cup) Chopped, frozen watermelon (adjust to suit your needs)
  • (1 scoop) Vanilla Milkshake Vegan Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder

Blend the ingredients above until combined and ENJOY! Use pre-frozen watermelon and be careful not to blend too long, or it turns into soup.

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