RECIPE: Creamy Lemon Lavender Smoothie

Creamy Lemon Lavender Smoothie

Lower anxiety and ease stress levels while making you feel fuller longer and making it easier to lose weight!

Are your anxiety and stress making you feel hungry and crave sugar and carbs? Next time you feel stressed to the point that you feel hungry and start to crave the not-so-healthy foods (you know, the ones that you just can't seem to stick to a healthy portion), try this delicious stress and cravings-reducing lemon lavender smoothie. It's as delicious as it is nutritious, so it won't stop your weight loss. In fact, it will boost it, along with your immune system and hair growth too! 

This Lemon Lavender Smoothie packs a powerful punch in both flavor and nutrition. When you combine LynFit Lemon Citrus Metabolic Collagen with fresh brewed lavender tea, you're physically and mentally satisfying your cravings, while reducing stress, boosting collagen production, immunity, and metabolism. 

In addition to clean keto protein, the Metabolic Collagen provides vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which tightens loose skin, helps reduce wrinkles and cellulite, improves hair and nail health, accelerating their growth, while also assisting and improving digestion, gut health, and nourishing your joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage too. The vitamin C and extra hydration can also help prevent kidney stones.

Why You'll Love this Smoothie

The taste is light, luscious, and delicious. This smoothie is more than just healthy; it's unique flavor tastes fresh and citrusy, which satisfies your taste buds and turns off hunger & cravings.

To reduce or increase the lemony-citrus flavor, increase the amount of Metabolic Collagen you add. I use an additional scoop of Metabolic Collagen because I LOVE the tart lemon flavor, but also because I need it now that I’m over 40.

Lavender tea adds a flavor twist plus heart health benefits known to reduce blood pressure, which helps ease anxiety and calm the nerves, making it easy to relax and unwind your body and mind.

Metabolic Collagen Powder adds the bold delicious flavor and bioavailable vitamin C to boost immunity and collagen production. Studies prove vitamin C is also essential for brain function and health, especially when it comes to repairing and healing, even after damage caused by injury or stress.

National Institute of Health study confirms that vitamin C is essential in the body's production of glutathione, an antioxidant essential to helping repair damaged brain cells. DID YOU KNOW that LynFit Natural Whey is higher in glutathione than typical proteins due to its superior quality?

Takes less than five minutes to make! This lemon lavender smoothie is super easy to make. Just make a cup of lavender tea and add (1 scoop or desired amount) of LynFit Natural Whey Protein Powder + (1 scoop) of LynFit Metabolic Collagen Powder (add more if you like bold flavor). Add ice if you prefer a cold alternative. Blend and enjoy! For a pretty protein shake, add whole culinary lavender buds to the top.

Like it sweeter? Add some lime juice to trick your brain into thinking it's sweeter than it is, or additional Stevia if your sweet tooth hasn't been tamed yet.

This fast, easy-to-make Lemon Lavender Smoothie:

  • Is creamy and delicious
  • Has a bold citrusy flavor
  • Boosts digestion and immunity
  • Kills cravings and hunger
  • Accelerates weight loss and fat-burning
  • Reduces anxiety
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