Prevent Holiday Weight Gain With 5 Simple Steps

Holiday weight gain is real, and the extra weight put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose... unless you understand how your metabolism works and take the necessary steps to turn off the weight gain switch and turn on the fat burning switch!

New research, led by Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab as well as scientists in Finland and France found that weight began to rise throughout October and November, and peaked ten days before Christmas. But you don't have to be among those numbers. In fact, you can go in the opposite direction from that trend and lose weight during the holiday season. You can power your life, nourish your body, and energize your weight loss.

Did you know that 90 percent of all women (and men) over age 35 not only have a slower metabolism but also have a metabolic issue brought on by age that needs to be addressed before they can start losing weight? Metabolic issues such as hypothyroidism, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, unbalanced hormones, stress, and chronic inflammation all prevent weight loss and cause intense hunger and cravings. All these make you feel tired all of the time, adding to your stress levels, preventing weight loss and stopping fat burning.

Don’t worry, there is a natural solution—a new way to lose weight. This five-step system addresses the underlying issues that are, or have been, preventing you from losing weight. Even during the holiday season, you can lose up to one pound daily and melt off that belly fat.


Replace two meals per day with a LynFit Complete Whey Protein Shake to build your metabolism, so you burn more calories all day long even at rest. LynLynFit Complete Whey Protein is the only protein specifically designed to boost your metabolism, melt belly fat, and tighten loose skin.

    • The best protein shake for weight loss & fat burning that also tastes delicious! 
    • Boosts metabolism 25%
    • Blocks cortisol (stress hormones) levels
    • Kills hunger and cravings 
    • Promotes fat burning
    • Improves strength & energy
    • Pure, premium-grade whey protein
    • Ultra-filtered for purity 
    • 24 grams of lean protein
    • 15 grams of low glycemic carbs
    • No added sugar or fats
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten & soy-free
    • Dairy-free
    • 99.9% lactose-free
    • Naturally delicious 

The protein shakes are the foundation of your weight loss program and have been proven to be effective for healthy weight loss and preserving lean muscle tissue, preventing the metabolism from slowing down when calories are reduced.


Support your metabolism and increase natural energy with LynFit’s Accelerator Advanced with Raspberry Ketones. This is the only scientifically blended formula that contains pure raspberry ketones in the exact amounts needed to trick the body into acting like a "thin person," allowing it to burn more calories and melt fat while reducing bloating and blood sugar, making fat easier to melt off. 

    • Safe, all-natural thermogenic (fat burning) supplement
    • Contains over two dozen natural botanical extracts
    • Contains the celebrity ingredient, Raspberry Ketones, that you may have seen on the Dr. Oz Show
    • Contains B-Complex, chromium, banaba leaf, forskolin, & white kidney bean extract 
    • Makes losing weight faster & easier 
    • Prevents metabolic slowdown 
    • Promotes fat burning 
    • Balances & lowers blood sugar levels 
    • Kills hunger & cravings 
    • Naturally energizes 
    • Improves mood & focus
    • Made with pure, premium-grade ingredients that are picked by hand
    • Made in a GMP facility
    • Pharmaceutical-grade quality
    • Gluten, soy, dairy, & sugar -free
    • Easy-to-take formula that saves you time and money

Bonus Benefit: Accelerator Advanced contains White Kidney Bean Extract which helps balance blood sugar levels and blocks the absorption of carbs and fats, making this ingredient extra important on those hard to resists cheat meal days. White Kidney Bean Extract is clinically proven to block up to 65 percent of the carbohydrates from being absorbed without any harmful side effects.


Turn fat into energy with LynFit Cutting Edge —  a powerful, stimulant-free, fat burning complex. While Accelerator Advanced works well on its own, it's even more efficient when stacked with Cutting Edge. The all-natural combination of fat burning ingredients in Cutting Edge helps the body metabolize stored fat to be used as energy by muscles, cells, and the liver. It is a great way to safely and effectively reduce fat and preserve lean muscle tissue while preventing new fat cells from forming. 

    • Safe, all-natural, stimulant-free blend of scientifically tested, highly effective, fat burning ingredients
    • Specifically combined in the right doses to promote faster fat burning
    • Convinces your body to burn fat from stubborn hard to reach places like love handles, hips & thighs, & the back of the arms
    • Improves health & well-being by helping to reduce cholesterol & triglyceride levels
    • Helps ease muscle soreness while improving strength & endurance.
    • Converts body fat to usable energy 
    • Breaks down stored fat
    • Helps reduce cellulite & bloat 
    • Prevents fat cell formation 
    • Tightens loose, crepey skin
    • Firms & and tones muscles 
    • Naturally energizes
    • Made with pure, premium-grade ingredients
    • USA derived
    • Made in a GMP facility
    • Pharmaceutical quality
    • Gluten, soy, lactose, preservative, artificial coloring, & sugar-free

Cutting Edge lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, improving your cardiovascular health. This combination of high quality, pure ingredients now includes L-Carnitine in Tartrate form, Choline, L-methionine, and CLA (Linoleic and Oleic) acid, plus over two dozen key players that promote fat burning from every level and lower blood fats. You’ll not only look better, but you'll also be healthier.


Detox, Cleanse, and Restore gut health with LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore. Toxins exist in the body and make losing weight impossible. That’s why it’s critical to detox and cleanse when it comes to promoting weight loss and fat burning. LynFit’s Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore is the only pure, high-quality grade, extra gentle and safe combination cleanse and gut restoring weight loss product.

    • Pure, natural,
    • Pharmaceutical-grade combination cleansing & detox
    • Promotes weight loss & accelerates fat burning while improving gut health
    • Address the underlying issues that slow weight loss & cause bloat & depletes energy
    • Jump starts weight loss by cleansing & detoxifying, specifically the liver
    • Gently flushes toxins out of your system
    • Promotes & improves digestion by restoring intestinal flora 
    • Helps break down stored fat
    • Helps reduce cellulite 
    • Made with pure, premium-grade ingredients
    • USA derived
    • Made in a GMP facility
    • Pharmaceutical quality
    • Gluten, soy, lactose, preservative, artificial coloring, & sugar-free

Rasberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore was specifically formulated to enhance and improve digestion and restore gut health, so less of what is eaten is stored while more is utilized by the body, helping to prevent that bloated, congested feeling. It is the best way to jump-start weight loss.


Sleep deeper and burn belly fat with LynFit Lean Sleep. LynFit Lean Sleep is a drug-free sleep aid that promotes deeper and more efficient sleep to maximize fat loss and healing, tissue repair, balance hormones levels, reduce anxiety, and block cortisol levels. It is made from the highest quality, pure melatonin in the exact amount needed to work fast. It will not leave you feeling groggy in the morning, unlike most sleep aids that are made with ingredients that slow metabolisms and interfere with weight loss. 

    • Promotes deep, restful sleep
    • Lowers cortisol levels 
    • Reduces anxiety & depression 
    • Helps reduce belly fat 
    • Boosts immunity 
    • Enhances healing
    • Helps prevent hunger & cravings 
    • Helps reduce blood sugar levels 
The melatonin in Lean Sleep plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants. That’s what makes it a truly unique antioxidant. It is considered more powerful than vitamins C, E and A because it is soluble in both fat and water and can enter cells that vitamins cannot. Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin does not store in the body which is why it’s important to take every night.

Studies show taking melatonin can also help reverse weight gain and decrease visceral fat (the dangerous kind that surrounds our organs). Taking Lean Sleep helps to keep the fat burning furnace fired up 24 hours daily while helping the body heal with deep sleep!

While these products work independently, combining them into a comprehensive multi-system approach in the LynFit Lose 1 Pound Per Day System is the most effective way to boost metabolism, so you lose weight faster and burn fat easier this holiday season. 

So you see, there is hope. You don't have to gain weight during the holidays. You can successfully reach your weight loss and fitness goals with the right tools, and LynFit provides those tools for you!

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