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Myths About Women Over 40 Regarding Their Health & Weight Loss


God bless Dianna Ross for telling the crowd at her concert over the weekend that her key to weight loss was drinking more water and walking 15 minutes away from her house and then back. If everyone would do this our country wouldn't be so unhealthy!

If you're like me, weight loss is something that hits home. A lot of women are turning 40, or over 40, and losing weight becomes harder, and taking care of your health becomes even more critical.

So what are the myths out there about women and their health in their 40's and beyond? Let's have some fun by answering these true or false questions...

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
You're going to gain weight if you're over 40

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
You have to increase your calcium and iron intake

True or False? (answer can be found in video above)
The older you get, lifting and stretching damage your body

How did you do with the true or false questions? Just remember, it's never too late to take preventative measures!

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  • Lisa Lynn