Meet Our New Recovery Agent For Pets!


Anyone who has ever rescued an animal will say, “We are the ones who have been saved." One look into their eyes and instantly, your life is changed for the better, in a way that you can’t describe in words. You immediately feel your heart heal as you experience their unconditional love and the profound gratitude, paired with joy that only they provide (next to Jesus, of course).

I'm convinced that God filled the earth with these four-legged furry friends so we feel his presence close by. No matter what happens on our stress-filled planet, one encounter with a dog, cat, or any pet for that matter, instantly reduces our stress levels better than any drug, massage, or vacation ever could.


Meet this incredible fur baby, Hershey. She has taught us all about unconditional love, perseverance, and how not to sweat the small stuff in life because every situation we face can be overcome with love, a delicious doggie dessert, and a couch to lie on.

Most importantly, Hershey teaches us how NOT to let anything get us down. If Hershey could talk, I know she would say, ”When something bad happens, you have three choices: You can let it define you, you can let it destroy you, You can let it strengthen you."

I know she would say that by the way she lives her life, despite the fact that her arm is permanently disfigured, causing her to limp and have some extreme joint issues due to her body being so out-of-balance. Extreme arthritis was so bad at times that it would make her sick to her stomach and confined to her couch (yes, her couch... lol). She looked so sad we could barely look at her.

Sadly, Hershey’s arm was broken when we rescued her and had already begun to heal deformed. Coupled with her sensitivity to anesthesia, this meant it was too late and too risky for her to have surgery.

Hershey had us wrapped around her paw immediately, and if you're a pet owner, you know that there is nothing worse than watching your pet suffer. Thankfully, my daughter is a brilliant vet tech and professional researcher and worked for one of the best vets, who also like to take a healthier more holistic approach, especially for chronic joint and arthritic issues. Thankfully, this allowed us to give her the absolute best care. For poor Hershey, who walks with a limp affecting her entire body this instance, that often meant prescription pain relief that made her sick to her stomach. Often, we had to rely on drugs that blocked healing but provided pain relief 24 hours a day, until we got it under her aches and pains under control and better managed.

Hershey was emaciated when we rescued her and could barely eat normally, let alone take drugs. To this day Hershey is one of those super-sensitive dogs, and the pain meds brought a whole new set of problems, especially when we relied on them too heavily. This led me (her Fur Grandma) to put my Sports Nutrition/Fitness Therapy hat on and research the best way we could help alleviate her aches and pains naturally, so we can stay ahead of the pain in the best possible way.

In addition to us massaging her (of course we do) we also make sure she moves her body every day to prevent toxins from building up as a by-product of arthritis and lack of blood flow that accompanies inactivity (yes, this is true for humans too). It’s why you hear me say, “If you rest, you'll rust.” That rust shows itself in the form of aches and pains. Of course we are careful to keep her active in a balanced way -- not too much or too little, avoiding the rust that forms in our joints when we rest too much and maintain her weight to alleviate excess joint pressure.

Like most dogs, Hershey thinks she is human, so whenever she sees us take our nutritional supplements (which for me at 52 always includes Recovery Agent, Pure Omega 3Dairy Repair Liquid, and always a Complete Protein Shake at least once a day followed by a delicious dessert), she is always right there waiting for her share. This is especially true when it comes to Lean Bars. She will knock me over if I don't share mine.

Thankfully, she has constantly gotten the best natural care, and it's allowed her to remain healthy, even at 8-years-old, in spite of what all the veterinarians said!

While we all know how effective higher quality nutrients in the proper doses can be when it comes to alleviating our own aches, pains, bursitis, arthritis, and managing inflammation, we overlook how powerful they are for pets too!

Fast forward... while Hershey will take any supplement you throw in the air (she is a master catcher), our little dogs and rescue ferrets required us to cut the Recovery Agent into small pieces, and now that they are older and missing teeth or toothless (they don't care). We also had to smush them. This inspired us to make a Recovery Agent for PETS!

We made it using the same premium-grade healing nutrients found in our human Recovery Agent, but in a delicious chewable tablet pets love so much they will beg for it!

For years we have had customers with show dogs, athletic dogs, breeders, and pet lovers who want the best for their pets. They have used our Recovery Agent (and also our Pure Omega 3 and CBD Daily Wellness) with great success due to the clinical amounts that are proven to work more effectively, and because we stack all of the right nutrients in the proper amounts needed, so you get results!

I’m sure you're asking why we didn't just go buy a pet product versus making our own. We wish it were that simple. The truth is most pet products are made using inferior ingredients that don't work, or they don’t contain enough of the active ingredients to bring relief or prevent “bad days.” And we hate seeing our pets suffer. Don't you?

Since we already buy our natural ingredients in large batches, why not use the best possible ingredients in the amounts that work like our other supplements?
Happy Pets = Happier Life! For us, it's just that simple!

We BELIEVE all pets deserve the VERY BEST as our way to thank them for making our lives and the world a better place to live every single day. On behalf of the LynFit family that includes five dogs, two ferrets, two tortoises, and 13 Koi, we hope that our new and latest LynFit Nutrition product changes your lives the way it did for us.

We would love to hear your stories and see your pet pics, so be sure to post them on social media (FB: @LisaLynnFitness. IG: @lynfitnutriton) or send them to us at!

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