Make Your Holidays More Metabolic

Having a Merry Christmas doesn't mean you have to gain weight or allow stress to remove all the fun. Here are a few of my favorite things (aka tools) that I use to get through the holidays happier, healthier, and still fitting in my pants.


Boost Your Metabolism 25% So You Can Eat More Without Gaining Weight

The faster your metabolism is, the easier it is to prevent weight gain or lose weight. This time of year we need help from our metabolic boosting friends (Complete Protein Shakes and metabolic boosting supplements) now more than any other time of year. Don't start your day without it. If you're drinking or overeating, make sure you replace two meals daily with a metabolic boosting Complete Protein Shake!

Kill Hunger and Cravings BEFORE You Leave the House

That's the key to prevent overeating to begin with, and 5-HTP Lean does more than that. You'll not only NOT want to eat, but it also provides your body with the nutrients needed to produce adequate serotonin so you feel happier and merrier too. Serotonin dips this time of year due to stress and lack of sunshine (that's why you need to take more Vitamin D3 Boost), but 5-HTP Lean can help. No need to be walking around like the scrooge!

Want More Merriness and Less Muffin Top?

The secret to melting off that muffin top and feeling happier is in your sleep.  Even if you sleep well, you should still take 1-2 Lean Sleep. Lean Sleep helps manage cortisol levels (stress hormones that make you gain belly fat and prevent you from losing it) and LynFit's Lean Sleep is pure, premium-grade, which also boosts immune health thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Most store-bought brands are not pure and also contain fillers that prevent the health-boosting benefits, so take 1-2 Lean Sleep and sleep away your stress while melting off that muffin top!

*Make sure you allow 7-8 hours of sleep, so you wake up refreshed. Rather than skip a dose, take less if you get home late. You need the help even more if you're burning the candlestick at both ends.

Boost Fiber Intake by Adding More Chocolate

Not just any chocolate, but LynFit's Sinful Chocolate Sauce! Not only is it delicious, but it also makes you feel fuller longer and keeps you regular. Holidays can be very busy, throwing off our systems, which makes us feel bloated and unable to button your pants. But 1-2 scoops of prebiotic fiber-filled Sinful Chocolate Sauce can be just what you need.

Here is my favorite holiday beverage that I make when company is around that keeps me from feeling deprived. It's so delicious most people ask me to make them one. Try it for yourself... you'll see!




  • (½ - ¾ cup) Strong black coffee - pre-made
  • (2 scoops) LynFit Complete Protein Advanced
  • (2 scoops) LynFit Sinful Chocolate Sauce (save 1 scoop for the drizzle)
  • (1 dropper-full) LynFit Daily Wellness Liquid Drops
  • (Handful) Of ice, if desired


Blend the above ingredients and enjoy the blissful moment.

Combine the Sinful Chocolate Sauce with a small amount of water and drizzle inside the glass or rim for a flavor boost!

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