Lose Twice as Much Weight & Burn More Fat with 3 Intermittent Fasting Hacks

“HELP! I've been doing the 16/8 fasting and during the eight hours that I'm allowed to eat, I drink a smoothie made with store-bought protein and veggie powder, almond milk and ½ of a frozen banana. And, I only eat one meal a day. Initially I lost two pounds but then I started gaining weight. Help! What am I doing wrong? I'm starving, so how can I not be losing weight?" ..... 
Scared Straight from CA

Everyone is talking about fasting these days, but most people don't realize that fasting the wrong way can backfire on you when it comes to weight/waist loss. However, fasting the right way can work health miracles and make losing weight and burning stubborn belly fat easier. If you fast the wrong way, however, it can create hormone havoc within your body that causes weight gain, blocks fat-burning, and turns on the weight gain switch. 

The fact that weight loss has stopped and you feel hungry is evidence that (1) you're fasting too long and (2) even though you're only eating within an 8-hour window every day, you're still consuming too many calories and the foods you're eating aren't clean enough. This is causing blood sugar spikes that block weight loss and fat-burning. As a result, you can experience rapid weight gain, in addition to intense hunger and cravings that are usually for all of the wrong kinds of foods.

Here is the 411 on how to fast for weight loss and what to eat during the eating window to keep your metabolic rate elevated, making it easier to reach ketosis.

Once your body reaches the blissful state of ketosis (where your body is burning off stubborn body fat and using it as fuel) you'll feel naturally energized and hunger and cravings will disappear.

It's critical you understand that you can easily stay in the ketogenic state (aka ketosis) as long as you're providing your body with the right amounts (no more, no less) of fasting balanced with fuel that, when combined, can help you lose twice as much weight and burn off more belly fat in less time. Whereas, not using the right fuel (aka nutritional supplements) can block weight loss and fat-burning.

Here are the three MOST EFFECTIVE intermittent fasting hacks that make your fast more metabolic.

  1. Fast overnight for 14 hours. You're not active; therefore, you don't need calories unless you're trying to gain weight. That leaves an eight hour eating window every day, spacing your protein shakes and metabolic meal out, making sure to leave three hours in-between to avoid interrupting the fat-burning process. 

    The ideal schedule would be to fast from 8pm to 10am. 

  2. Break your fast at 10am with a LynFit Natural Whey Protein Shake made with water of black coffee (don't add any fruit, nut milk, or calories of any kind).

    At 1:00pm have another Natural Whey Protein Shake to prevent metabolic slowdown and keep the blood sugar and cortisol levels balanced that can stop weight loss and cause cravings.

    At 4pm have a small green apple or celery and a cup of hot tea. This combo blunts hunger and provides just enough natural sugar, mixed with fiber, to keep blood sugar levels in check, without allowing them to plummet, which causes intense hunger and cravings, and sometimes can make you feel dizzy, weak, and unable to focus. This stability snack can be divided in half and consumed earlier, if needed.

    Stabilizing hormone levels prevents metabolic slowdown caused by fasting too long, which wreaks havoc on hormones, namely cortisol and leptin (also driven by stress), which most of us feel as our busy days wind down. If you feel like you need more, have another protein shake or leafy green salad, but don't skip this. The effects can show up the next day or down the line.

    At 7pm it's Metabolic Meal Time! What makes this meal metabolic in nature is what it's made of, and also for what it does NOT contain.

    Please use the Quick Keto Metabolic Boosting Food List and avoid food lists provided on the internet as there are lots of variations and opinions that can affect your weight loss and fat-burning results.

    As a clinical metabolic nutrition specialist, I did the work for you and put this list together comprised of THE VERY BEST METABOLIC SUPERFOODS that are above and beyond any other to guarantee your weight/waist loss success.

    IF YOU'RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT it's most certain that your either not eating enough of the leafy greens listed, you missed a protein shake, or skipped a dose of nutritional supplements that guarantee that your body gets the specific nutrients it needs to fuel your metabolism, which makes it easier for you to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat.

    Keep in mind that your body runs on nutrients not calories. This plan is optimized for you. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and remember, if you don't see a specific food listed, don't eat it until you’ve reached your goal.

    This list only lists metabolic superfoods. Just because a food isn't listed doesn't mean it's a bad food; it's just not good for your metabolism. The foods that do make the list are THE VERY BEST of THE BEST and create a thermogenic, enzymatic reaction within your body, causing it to accelerate. On the flipside, consuming foods, drinks, or supplements not listed does the exact opposite.

    To prepare a clean keto metabolic boosting meal, choose the following from the approved food list: 

         (1 serving) lean protein
         (5 cups minimum) leafy greens
         (½ cup) crunchy vegetable=higher glycemic index
         (1 tbsp.) omega 3 essential fatty acid

    *Optional free items: apple cider vinegar, calorie-free seasoning, spray canola oil, Himalayan pink salt, lemon pepper used to season foods thermogenically.

    My go-to weeknight metabolic meal takes me 15 minutes to prep, fills me up, and satisfies my need to chew and stuff myself. It's my Big Boost Salad that contains at least five cups of romaine lettuce, a ½-1 cup of the following vegetables combined (for a crunchy and colorful topping) consisting of shredded purple and white cabbage, a teeny bit of carrot for color, and minced garlic tossed with ½ tbsp. of canola oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon pepper, pink salt, and usually a ½ cup of frozen or fresh cooked broccoli, and zucchini or yellow squash for texture (this is tossed on top). And, 3 oz. of white fish or lean protein from the approved list.

    I'm an active short person and that's an adequate serving of protein for me. You don't need as much protein as you might assume. If I begin to feel my clothes becoming tight I know I need to ease up on the protein.

    When it's cold outside I may add water and turn it into soup and integrate different dressings. Sometimes, I'll sauté it for a change of routine to add variety.

    I've been successful keeping the 40 pounds off for 35+ years now because I’ve learned that keeping my diet structured has been a huge help versus allowing my head to make these decisions (my head is always hungry lol). That doesn’t mean I eat perfectly all the time or that I never vary my diet. Of course I do; there IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION. I simply do my best every day and leave the rest, always aiming for the above target whether I eat at home or out. 

    And, yes, this body eats dessert! Sometimes too much 😂. You know what they say: Life is short, eat dessert first. firs That's why I break my fast every single day with the Clean Cappuccino. It doesn't matter if I'm home, on the road, or on vacation. Every day... regardless! I'm hooked on the feeling and high on clean eating and how it makes me feel.

  3. Be strategic with your supplements. Taking the wrong supplements or inferior-quality supplements can do more harm than good. In addition to stopping your fat-burning and blocking weight loss, they can clog and damage your liver, which is never good.

    Most are likely jacks of all trades and masters of none, meaning they aren't specific to what your body needs. Most are not helping you; they are the problem, NOT the solution.

    To boost your metabolic rate and keep it revved up, so your body burns more calories all day as well as when you sleep, I suggest taking:

    (1) Keto Carb Edge and (1) Cutting Edge as soon as you wake up. Repeat four hours later when your metabolism begins to slow down again.

    Women over 40, DO NOT STARVE YOUR BODY. Your body wants to use what little muscle you have left as fuel before it wants to burn fat off fat. That's why it's crucial to have another LynFit Metabolic Boosting Natural Whey Protein Shake made using ONLY water. No milk of any kind or fruit, unless your blood sugar is low and you feel weak and tired, which leads to overeating later and zaps your motivation to stay active.

    Keto Carb Edge balances blood sugar, preventing hunger and cravings before they occur, making it easier to stay on track with your weight loss.

    Cutting Edge forces your body to use stored body fat as fuel by carrying fat into the mitochondria to be burned off and turned into energy instead. Cutting Edge is a compound made up of 25 of THE BEST, most potent amino acids, nutrients, vitamins, natural botanicals, and fiber that fuel every cell in your body. Water retention and bloat are reduced and cholesterol levels are decreased. You will not only lose weight faster and easier, but you'll also be able to prove it on your next blood test.

I guarantee you will never be sorry when you make the right choice when it comes to taking care of the body God blessed you with. Once you arrive at the healthy zone physically and mentally, and you're doing it for all of the right reasons, you will never be sorry or have to start over again.

You can devote all your time and energy to living your best life and hyper-focus on the things that matter most, starting with preparing delicious metabolic boosting food. God doesn't want you to be deprived; you just need to make healthier choices based on what your body needs versus what your head, commercials, media, or your eating friends tell you.

You'll know you've arrived when you're losing the weight you've gained by aligning your body's specific needs with your choices every day. The longer you do it, the better you'll get at it, and the struggle ends.

Welcome to the first day of your NEW LEANER and HEALTHIER Lifestyle!
Stay Strong in HIM
Your fit friend,




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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