Is Whey Protein Okay If You're Lactose-Intolerant?

I recently received this question regarding LynFit Protein Powder and how it affects people who are lactose-intolerant...

"I can't have lactose/dairy, so I'm wondering which one of your protein shakes is best for weight loss."

If you're trying to avoid dairy products due to all of the sugar they contain, or you're lactose-intolerant, choosing a protein powder can be tricky because most protein powders are usually made from inferior grades of whey protein that are higher in lactose and fillers such as milk solids, creamers, and all sorts of other ingredients that are not good for weight loss. If that’s not bad enough, the most important step of the whey being micro-filtered (where almost every trace of lactose is removed, among other things) is skipped due to the expense.

That’s what makes LynFit's whey protein different from all the rest. That's also why if can be called metabolic when others can't. It's also why it may cost more than the whey you see selling on store shelves. But all you have to do is taste it and you'll quickly see and feel the difference... and the scale never lies. If you've been afraid to try LynFit's whey or you've been using another brand and your weight is stuck, LynFIT Complete Protein can be exactly the change your body needs! Just make sure you're not adding in extra calories by mixing it with milk (of any kind) or fruit. Our whey tastes great on its own and you don’t need those bulkers!

Did you know that studies prove that using complete whey protein, combined with metabolic boosting supplements, results in 40 percent more weight burned and 10 percent more belly fat lost after 12 months than those who tried through dieting alone? 

What are you waiting for?

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