How To Make The Incredible Edible, Skin-Tightening Egg White Protein Taste Delicious!


What is Egg White Protein? Egg White Protein is hands down the cleanest, lowest-calorie whole food protein, and also the least processed. It comes directly from the farm right to your shake glass (aka table). It is the most convenient and affordable source of protein you can find, and my personal favorite benefit is the satiety it delivers, along with the skin-tightening effects. As we age and lose weight our skin can begin to sag and get crepey and our muscles get soft and less defined. A scoop-a-day of Egg White Protein can help!

If you're like me and you're addicted to my LynFit Whey, and the egg white isn't your favorite-tasting shake of choice due to its natural saltiness (remember, this powder is not processed at all), there are ways to disguise the “egginess” and fit a scoop of egg white right into your daily healthy regime without tasting a thing. 

Egg White Protein contains nine of all of the essential amino acids and three of the four non-essential amino acids that our bodies need to stay healthy. But the real reason health and fitness buffs have been drinking egg whites is that it's easier to absorb this way, providing the skin-tightening, muscle-sparing benefits that keeps your metabolism revved and makes you feel fuller longer.

Why do people love Egg White Protein? It's low-carb, dairy and gluten-free, and Keto and Paleo-friendly. if you're watching carb intake and struggle with high blood sugar levels, diabetes, prediabetic, or have excess fat around your midsection that won't budge, Egg White Protein is a must.

Lots of people say the taste is unbeatable and actually tastes much better than the other non-dairy sources of protein like pea and soy. 

Quality, taste, and texture. Quality is our passion and we very carefully source all of our egg white and make sure its texture is smooth and that it mixes easily with water with no clumping. LynFit Egg White Protein is convenient, super affordable. Eating clean can be expensive and being consistent with our healthy habits need to be doable so we can sustain our health and weight loss benefits. Egg White Powder should be a staple in everyone's daily life, from kids to seniors.

What could be more convenient than something you can drink, makes delicious smoothies, and be used to make delicious recipes? No eggs to crack, won't take up room in your fridge, lasts years (if you remember to seal the pouch and store it in a dry place), and it's cheaper than buying your own eggs!

Did you know... if a recipe is asking for egg whites, you can substitute Lynfit Egg White Powder on a 1:1 ratio? So, if you need one cup of egg whites, simply add ½ cup of your Egg White Protein Powder and ½ cup of warm water.


Mixing it with black coffee or chai tea masks the flavor if you're not a fan. If you require more masking, try it with non-fat Jello pudding (cheesecake flavor) and Walden Farms Zero Calorie Maple Syrup for an incredibly delicious, high-protein, skin-tightening shake that tastes like you're cheating.

My favorite... chocolate, of course! One scoop of Clean Cocoa Egg White and one scoop of French Vanilla Creme Whey (adding one scoop of Vanilla makes it sweeter, the way I like it). I add chocolate coffee for the ultimate chocolate cake shake that also tightens my skin (½ cup of black chocolate coffee, one scoop of Clean Cocoa Egg White, and one scoop of French Vanilla Creme Whey).


Check out my favorite homemade protein bar recipes using LynFit Egg White Protein here!


This is the world’s cleanest and leanest pancake. A go-to recipe for those busy mornings when you need to save time without sacrificing health and nutrition.

  • (2 scoops) LynFit Vanilla Protein Powder
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Pure Vanilla Egg White
  • (1 large) Egg white
  • (1 tbsp.) Cinnamon
  • Dash of water

Mix Protein Powder, egg white, cinnamon, and a dash of water in a small bowl. Pour mixed contents into a non-stick skillet on medium heat. Cook until done — 1–2 minutes per side (careful not to overcook).

top with Walden Farms Zero Calorie Maple Syrup.


This is an easy French dessert you can use with just about any kind of fruit. Of course, I leaned it out and cleaned it up because I don’t like skimpy portions. This cleaner recipe allows me to indulge without guilt and it's good for the body and irresistibly delicious. Even my fussy teen loves it when it’s hot out of the oven with a dollop of "Faux Yo" Yogurt on top!

Check out this delicious, skin-tightening dessert here!


This is a great snack or on-the-go meal for when you’re trying to get lean.

  • (2 cups) LynFit Chocolate Complete Protein
  • (5 tbsp.) LynFit Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein
  • (2 tbsp.) Splenda® (more if needed)
  • (1 tsp.) Baking soda
  • (1 tsp.) Baking powder
  • (1 cup) Mashed, ripe bananas (2 large)
  • (1 tsp.) Unsweetened cocoa powder

*Add a smidgen of water if mixture seems too doughy—more for a moister bread.

  • Preheat oven to 350° F
  • Coat an 8x4x2-inch loaf pan with vegetable spray and set aside
  • Unpeel and mash bananas in a separate bowl, setting aside
  • In another bowl, mix protein powder, Splenda®, baking powder, and baking soda — set aside
  • Using a large bowl, combine egg whites and banana. Once mixed well, add dry mixture to moist banana and egg white mixture and stir until moist (it’s okay if the batter is lumpy) — if you prefer, mix the batter in a blender for a smoother bread
  • Swirl the cocoa powder into the batter
  • Bake for 30-40 minutes (keep an eye on cooking times as ovens may vary and it’s better to undercook this lean bread than to overcook… less is best!).
  • Let bread cool for 10–15 minutes prior to cutting

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