How To Maintain Your Weight This Holiday Season

If you’re like me, and I’m guessing that you are, maintaining your weight loss through the holiday season can be tough UNLESS you have the right tools. Each one of LynFit’s metabolic boosting products was created out of a need that stemmed from my personal struggle with losing weight. I battled with intense cravings for the wrong kinds of foods and when you combine that with family and work gatherings and chronic fatigue it creates the perfect environment for weight gain and sluggish, bloated feelings that affect our moods. The bad news is that this also damages the metabolism. Luckily that damage can be fixed if you do these five things.

  1. Boost metabolism and prevent weight gain: Drink your Complete Protein Shake every day at breakfast and again for lunch. Don’t mix anything with it except black coffee or water to save calories and a maximum metabolic boost. If you need to lower your carbs even more, use LynFit Egg White Protein; it has the lowest carbs.

  2. Accelerate metabolism, balance blood sugar levels (to kill cravings and blunt hunger signals), and block 65 percent of unwanted carbs and fats from being absorbed: Take (1-2) Accelerator Advanced twice daily and add a third dose 45-60 minutes before your cheat meal to block 65 percent of the unwanted carbs and fats from being absorbed without gastric distress.
    *Its okay to double up if you feel you need it. 

  3. Burn fat for fuel versus storing it and protect your heart: Take (2-3) Cutting Edge twice daily and add a third dose 45-60 minutes before your cheat meal to prevent fats from being absorbed and to help turn excess fats into fuel for energy versus being stored as fat.
    *This also protects your heart because it helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

  4. Cleanse, detox, and restore: Take (2-3) Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore with your cheat meal to help your body digest the food you just ate, so it’s less likely to be stored as fat and also to help keep you regular, so you feel less bloated. The Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore is not your typical cleansing supplement. It also helps restore your gut bacteria, keeping you healthy and protecting from the damage that eating not-so-healthy food causes to your body. If needed, don’t be afraid to take extra; it’s gentle on the system, and some of us (I know I do) need to take more than others. 

  5. Block cortisol and melt belly fat: Take (1-2) Lean Sleep before bed or at 9 p.m. to help control cortisol levels (stress hormones that are guaranteed to spike through the holidays and from overeating). You’ll not only have the best night sleep you’ve ever had, but you're also preventing cortisol from building up so you won’t add more belly fat to your muffin top (belly bulge), so you’ll have less to lose later on.

Be sure to use your supplements the day of indulgence and the morning after for best results.

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