How Can LynFit Lean Bars Boost Your Health & Weight Loss?


LynFit Lean Bars are NOT your average protein bar. In fact, they are about as unique as they can get, and here's why.

Most protein bars are sugar and “stuff" (sugar, soy, and a ton of ingredients you can't pronounce, and that's why they're so cheap) — ingredients that basically hold them together, and are not good for weight loss, and certainly aren’t good for your health, despite their label claims.

Don't take my word for it. Try not eating your protein bar for one week and watch your weight loss and fat burning improve by NOT eating it. 

LynFit Lean Bars, on the other hand, are made using the same premium-grade protein, combined with the best superfood on the planet when it comes to boosting metabolism to enhance weight loss and promote fat burning. It's an amazing superhero when it comes to your health. Of course, we also use the very best natural tasting flavors you can find — this is where my love if food and OCD work in my favor :)

Prebiotic fiber is backed with plenty of research and more than 15 years of medical research. It's well documented in medical literature amid research, and even oncologists say that good health starts in our gut, and so does weight loss! So whether you're eating Lean Bars every day because you love them (I’m addicted and eat at least two daily), you're trying to enhance your immune health to avoid sickness (including a fight against cancer), or you live on the run and need healthy food that’s portable, Lean Bars are one of the best choices when it comes to your health.

Our colon is more than a waste organ; it’s now viewed as one of the most vital health organs because of its role in protecting and preserving our immunity. It's powered by the good kind of bacteria that should be thriving in our colon. However, in today's world of overeating processed foods, sickness, stress, and medications (all of which are overused) our colon becomes undernourished in the fuel it needs to remain the healthy bacteria factory it's supposed to be. This is exactly where prebiotic fiber comes in and is better at this job than taking probiotics. Most people don't understand the difference and think probiotics are better.

Prebiotic fiber works with the body's intelligence and makes it more efficient at doing its jobs; whereas probiotics act as a bandaid and do the work for the body, which is not good in the long run. When it comes to being healthy, leaner, and teaching our body, making it work is how it becomes stronger and more efficient. In this case, a stronger immune system can mean the difference between life and death if you're battling cancer, especially if you're undergoing cancer treatments that take their toll on your health. They basically put out one fire while creating more.

Here is what's proven about prebiotic health benefits:

  • They increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, which we all need more of after age 30.
  • They strengthen bones and teeth.
  • They enhance and strengthen the immune system.
  • They reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • They promote weight loss and prevent weight gain.
  • They kill cravings and improve appetite control. 
  • They increase healthy gut bacteria, which is the kingpin of every aspect of our health, including improving skin, hair, and nail health, while promoting their growth. 
  • They decrease the bad bacteria that make us sick that ecologists believe may be one of the causes of cancer.
  • They reduce abnormal bacterial leakage via the gut wall, also known as leaky gut syndrome. 
  • They prevent constipation and improve irregularity. 
  • They reduce intestinal infections (diverticulitis and more)
  • They reduce and prevent inflammation of the colon wall.
  • They reduce and prevent anxiety and depression.
  • And, my kids favorite —  reduces and prevents (some studies say it ceases) smelly flatus smell.

Prebiotics now has a reputation for anti-aging benefits since studies proved that a daily intake of prebiotic fiber can increase our survival by 30 percent!

I'm sure you can see why LynFit Lean Bars are not 0.99! Lean Bars are not just good for weight loss and becoming leaner; they are great for everyone, including your dog. Snacking leaner with the health benefits prebiotics provide, along with a clean diet that's lower in processed food, can be a game-changer for everyone who eats them daily.

The LynFit Lean Bar (as well as the Complete Protein and Sinful Chocolate Sauce) Advantage

The prebiotic fiber in Lean Bars, Complete Protein Shake, and Sinful Chocolate Sauce is natural plant-based, full spectrum prebiotic fiber, in the amount needed by your body to get you results. The prebiotic fiber we use (Oligofructose-Enriched Inulin, or OEI) are proven to stimulate the good bacteria growth throughout your entire colon, without gastric distress or uncomfortable side effects, optimizing all of the prebiotic benefits you now know you need, just by enjoying them daily.

In addition to all this science... I forgot to mention how incredibly delicious all of LynFit's products that contain prebiotic are. I personally guarantee that you and your family will love them. In my house, the dogs and ferrets get a tiny piece. And of course, the humans too! A lean bar every day keeps the pounds (and sickness) away!

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  • Lisa Lynn