Eat What You Love While Preventing Cravings & Weight Gain with Plant Fiber


It's that wonderful time of the year... Christ-mas. It's my abs-solute (pun intended) favorite time. I start singing those feel-good Christmas carols in September. I’d start sooner, but my family gives me grief.

The holiday season comes with favorite traditions and celebrations with family, friends, and even co-workers, which means eating a little more than usual. Don't stress over it! There are simple and healthy ways to buffer blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and improve your energy and mood. All help prevent weight gain, while at the same time improving metabolic health, which includes re-balancing blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Gut and immune health are also protected simultaneously. 

If all of that isn't enough, you won't feel bloated and full after enjoying your favorite foods either.

This blog answers one of the most popular questions I’m asked every day. I'm going to clear up any confusion you may have regarding whether or not you should, or should not, take your Quick Keto Metabolic Reset nutritional supplements when you're not eating so-healthy, which is okay, especially this time of year.

So to answer the question, yes, you should take Quick Keto Metabolic Reset nutritional supplements on unhealthy eating days, meals, or weeks. In fact, don't limit it to the not-so-good eating days. The days you struggle with hunger and cravings are the most important days to be regular when it comes to taking your supplements that I will refer to in this blog post as the Sugar, Carb, and Fat Blocker Stack, and for good reason.

The Sugar, Carb, and Fat Blocker Stack does what the new Kardashian-promoted and now trendy drug Ozempic does, and much more, naturally, and without harmful side effects. And, it also costs a lot less.

What does the drug Ozempic do? Is it the same as Metformin? Ozempic is a once-a-week injection while metformin is an oral pill taken twice a day. Both require a prescription and have some not-so-healthy side effects that can include diabetic retinopathy (damaged blood vessels in the eye), gallbladder disease (including gallstones or cholecystitis, gallbladder pain and swelling), kidney problems, and fatigue.

Both are used to improve blood sugar levels, specifically for adults with type 2 diabetes. However, it is being sought after by those who should not be taking these medications due to the side effects that can be more pronounced when used incorrectly.

Why do I tell you all of this? I am a big supporter of a more natural and healthier approach using plant-based fibers and natural botanicals that can work even more effectively and do much more than balance and block sugar and carbs.

When used properly and consistently, this stack rebalances blood sugar levels, blocks 65% of the unwanted sugar and carbs from being stored without health-damaging side effects or gastric distress. Additionally, the formation of new fat cells are prevented, while blocking the bad fats from wreaking havoc on your cardiovascular system. The risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack are reduced. It's also easier to reach ketosis, making it easier to lose weight and prevent weight gain.

Add the clean keto metabolic reset dietary foods and regular exercise, and these nutritional supplements can help you lose three-times more weight in less time, while also improving every aspect of your metabolic health.

  • Kill cravings and prevent hunger, so you eat less.
  • Improve weight loss and fat-burning.
  • Improve gut and immune health.
  • Increase energy and focus.
  • Protect brain health and memory.
  • And, many more benefits!

Not only can you enjoy some of your favorite traditions and foods without the food hangover or guilt, but you'll also be able to eat a little more and absorb less of the not-so-healthy macros. You will be improving whole body health, naturally.

How does the Sugar, Carb, and Fat Blocker Stack work? The natural plant-based fibers act like a sponge when you take them before your cheat/UPZIG meals. For the best results, take as directed in the morning and at noon. And, for upzigging later in the day, take an additional dose 30-60 minutes before you indulge.

How does the Sugar, Carb, and Fat Blocker Stack work when it comes to blocking gluten from being absorbed? The plant-based fibers in Keto Carb Edge and Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore work together with your body, acting like a shield that guards against gluten, toxins, and other health-harming ingredients that might be ingested by accident, which is common during the holidays, or when you eat meals outside the home, when you don't have as much control over what's in them.

How does the stack improve digestion and gut health? The stack contains probiotics and apple cider vinegar that help improve every aspect of your health, including improving digestion and assimilation, so the calories you eat are burned off versus being stored as body fat.

Does the stack help with acid reflux? Yes, indeed. This stack is a comprehensive approach that addresses underlying health issues that can cause weight gain and slow weight loss naturally using plant-based botanicals and fibers that work with your body, not against it the way acid blockers like Prevacid can.

This stack helps alleviate versus cover up symptoms like excessive acid. If used consistently with a the quick keto clean diet it can help you wean off of the expensive over-the-counter drugs that cause more harm than good.

That's what I mean when I say natural works with your body's intelligence. Drugs work against it, doing more harm than good.

Directions for daily use and UPZIG cheat meal days:

Within one hour of waking in the morning:

    Take (1) Keto Carb Edge
    Take (2) Cutting Edge

      Midday (four or more hours after the morning dose):

      Take (1) Keto Carb Edge
      Take (2) Cutting Edge

        Late afternoon or with evening meal:

        Take (2) Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore

          For UPZIG cheat meal days:

          Take an additional dose or time your afternoon dose for one hour before you plan on indulging. If you forget, take it as soon as you remember versus skipping due to the odd timing. And, take (2) or more Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore after, or as soon as you remember.

            For advanced usage:

            Open a Keto Carb Edge capsule and add it to your morning metabolic boosting protein shake. The ingredients are absorbed faster and more efficiently this way, so make sure your system can handle the added boost.

            For energy sensitive individuals:

            If you're sensitive to energy boosts, reduce the amount of Keto Carb Edge and Cutting Edge (take one instead of two or use less often and earlier in the day to avoid the natural energy boost).

            While these supplements are stimulant-free, the premium grade B vitamins improve energy, especially in those who are deficient in certain nutrients, while raising your levels. This will subside once depleted nutrients are replenished.
            It's always better to start slow and use less than to use too much and be uncomfortable and skip a dose or stop taking them completely.

            Allow at least four or more hours before drinking caffeinated supplements or beverages, or other supplements that may contain the same nutrients. We can only speak to LynFit nutritional supplements such as Daily Power Shot, Energy Ignite, Recovery Agent, and Women's Whole Food Multivitamin that contain B vitamins. For that reason, we suggest that you stop taking all other supplements to avoid overdosing on certain nutrients that can increase energy.

            Know your body, avoid taking too close to bedtime, and if you need help, please email us at

            The bottom line is that the Sugar, Carb, and Fat Blocker Stack systematically rebuilds a sluggish metabolism and makes it faster, naturally!




            Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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