Delicious Edibles — That Won't Wreck Weight Loss

LynFit Daily Wellness Liquid Drops and Capsules are growing in popularity and for good reason. For starters, research is coming in strong that daily use is not only the new way to take your ultimate vitamin but it's also the best! 

Change the way you take your multivitamin every day and medicate the natural way.

  • You need relief from aches and pains
  • You need fast-acting help falling asleep
  • You need fast-acting stress relief
  • You need help reducing anxiety and depression
  • You need to reduce inflammation
  • You have high cholesterol and need to reduce it as well as prevent arterial blockage
  • You need to reduce blood sugar levels
  • You need to reduce muscle spasms and neuralgia symptoms while promoting healing
  • You need more omega 3’s in your diet but can’t take fish oils
  • You need help with addictive cravings to food, alcohol, or nicotine
  • You want to inhibit and prevent cancer cell growth
  • You want to boost brain health
  • You need help with your appetite and cravings
  • You want to strengthen and protect your bone health (including your teeth)
  • You want to protect your body in the very best way possible with the most potent antioxidants

The #1 most effective way to take LynFit Daily Wellness for maximum results, especially when it comes to pain relief, is Liquid Drops under your tongue. Hold it for 20 seconds and swallow what's left. This is also the most popular way, and don't worry, our Daily Wellness Liquid Drops taste delicious. We flavored it using a light berry flavor.

The #2 most effective way is to take the LynFit Daily Wellness Capsules. You get the same high-quality and it's great for travel. But, you'll need to take 3-4 times as many as you would if you used the Liquid Drops. The Capsules are slower acting, but because of that, you'll notice the pain relief lasts longer, so I usually suggest that anyone using Daily Wellness for pain relief should take both simultaneously for the best of all worlds. Combining them delivers fast-acting pain relief that lasts longer.

When it comes to ending chronic pain, you'll need to begin by saturating your body in order to get the pain switch to go to "off." Some people have to live this way while others can wean down the dose after a month and keep pain managed using a lesser dose.

LynFit's Daily Wellness works every time, even for neuralgias caused by diabetes. The secret is saturating your body with enough nutrients long enough. Everyone is different, so don't be afraid to overdose... that’s practically impossible. 

A starting dosage would be (1) full dropper or (1) capsule. Add from there, as much as needed, until you feel relief. It's just that simple. If you're not getting the relief you seek, you're not using enough.

I personally take (3) full droppers and a LynFit Lean Sleep to get a good eight hours of sleep, now that I’m in menopause. And, I don’t take any supplements after 11 a.m. unless it's Daily Wellness, Lean Sleep, Daily Joint Recovery & Repair, 5-HTP Lean, or Complete Protein. All of the others have b-vitamins that are super good for us but I’m so sensitive I cant take them after 11 a.m. without affecting my sleep. I have one small cup of coffee at 5:30 a.m. and avoid caffeine after that unless it's a really tough day.

I also give my fur-babies, who are a precious five pounds, 2-3 drops of Daily Wellness twice daily for joints, skin, coat health (anti-itch), and anxiety, since little dogs are prone to that and there are lots of thunderstorms this time of year that make my babies shake and tremble. 

Don't think for one minute that you're going to get the dose you need consuming edibles or rubbing these so-called expensive creams on your body. You wouldn’t even come close to getting the dosage you need to get relief, not even if you used then the entire container, which would cost a small fortune. If you're serious about relief or improving health, you've got to take it in dropper form.

Having said that, yes, I add it to some of my recipes due to the health benefits and stress relief caused by moving, business, college apps, and life in general. Why not, right? Without health, nothing else matters, and for us, it's all about being stress-free and enjoying every second, so yes, I add it to the "No-Bake Balls" I'm well known for lol :)

Getting Started Making Your Delicious Metabolic Edibles

Okay, back to yummy stuff... I should warn you that you'll want to make extra and freeze these so you always have something healthy to pop in your mouth. Let's face it, none of us is popping food in our mouth because we aren’t stressed. So without further ado, here is my famous "All-Natural, No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bliss Balls with an extra boost of Bliss"!

Yield: 15 balls (30 mg of Pure Daily Wellness Per Serving)

  • (2 scoops) LynFit Complete Protein
  • (¾ cup) Rice Crispy’s or quick rolled oats (I personally like Rice Crispy's because they lighten up the texture)
  • (¾ cup) Salted crunchy peanut butter (ingredients should be only peanuts and salt)
  • (¼ cup or a little less) Local honey (optional -- if you like things less sweet, omit the honey)
  • (1/3 cup) Cacao or cocoa powder -- I suggest LynFit Sinful Chocolate Sauce because it adds sweetness and a hefty dose of prebiotic fiber that buffers blood sugar)
  • (1-2 dropper fulls) LynFit Daily Wellness Liquid Drops

Mix the peanut butter, Complete Protein, honey, and Daily Wellness Liquid Drops together in a bowl first and stir well. Then add all other ingredients, stir. Roll into balls with your loving hands. You don’t want them too sticky, so add Rice Crispy’s, if desired. Freeze until hardened and store in the refrigerator or freezer for up to six weeks or more... they really don't go bad. Enjoy!

So, the next time, whether you're adding Daily Wellness to your morning smoothie, metabolic boosting hot chocolate, your favorite cookie recipe, or making your own salad dressing, have fun experimenting with your creations!

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