Be The Change & Calm In The Darkness

How are you feeling? A tiny bit anxious? I’m a pretty calm person, but I can feel it in the air myself, even here in sunny (vitamin D-rich) Florida.

The streets are a little quieter, but there isn't much going on here as much of people's time is spent outdoors, which is great for immune health. Of course, there are people hoarding food, toilet paper, and Lysol wipes. It seems that no matter where you go, there is never a short supply of the anxious.  No matter where you live or go, people are talking about coronavirus.

It's times like these where we need to reach for serenity instead of anxiety. We all need an extra dose of calm right now and people to administer serenity. Why not be the calm and be the decisive leaders needed?

We have all been in anxious situations before, especially if you have family and close friends. We can choose to become the person the anxious can regulate and restore with by latching onto us when the going gets tough. Simple things like being the person who has the batteries ready when the lights go out or plans the stress relief activity, like playing a game to distract our anxious minds and bring some laughter instead. For me, it’s been freely handing out our new Daily Wellness Gummies!

When stress strikes, we all need a “relief person’ to remind us to turn to faith versus allowing our fears to reign. Why not you? Why not be that person? Everyone can decide to be a peacemaker, even if you're young and single, or you live alone. We all have people who watch us to see how we react, so show them what serenity looks like. 

Join me and take a deep breath -- in through your nose, breathing in His peace -- using your diaphragm, allowing the air to fill up your belly (versus shallow stress shoulder breaths) to calm your nerves. You'll also be helping everyone you come in contact with to relax and feel His peace.

Together we can break the anxiety cycle, bring peace, and help spread serenity instead.

And, make sure you check out our new Maximum Strength Daily Wellness Liquid Drops and Daily Wellness Gummies! Our drops and gummies were inspired by YOU and created by a physician who specializes in epigenetic medicine, known as the best anti-aging, anti-disease in the holistic medical health arena because of its use of plant foods, herbs, adaptogens, or essential fatty acids. It uses natural substances instead of medicines to help address conditions like inflammation, arthritis, heart diseases, anxiety, and depression. It improves recovery, reduces blood sugar/diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer. Our Daily Wellness Gummies are the best grab-and-go health creator on the planet. 

So, we have two choices -- we can either let the darkness surround us, eventually overtaking us, or we can be the shining light in that darkness. Be that light of change and calmness in the darkness today!

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