Are Cravings Preventing You From Losing Weight?

Eighty-five percent of us struggle with cravings for the wrong kind of food and cravings are the #1 reason we fall off our weight loss plan, preventing us from losing weight.

Sadly, the foods we crave the most aren’t good for weight loss and exacerbate cravings. Processed carbs are at the top of the crave list: Sugar, chocolate, and chips. And don’t be fooled by foods like granola bars or cereal aisle protein bars that are also loaded with sugar but appear to be healthy. Truthfully... anything carbohydrate-wise.

What Causes Cravings?

The science behind our cravings is simple, and so is the solution. We are hardwired to crave, it's in our DNA in addition to our genes.  Stress, sleep deprivation, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, lack of sleep, and sleep-induced hormone imbalances all cause nutrient deficiencies that exacerbate cravings to the point that we become addicted and can't control them, severely affecting our health and causing weight gain.

But that's not the worst part... these blood sugar imbalances set off a cascade of unhealthy changes like hormonal imbalances. When you combine blood sugar and hormonal imbalances, our bodies become resistant to weight loss.

There is more hope than you think, however. The secret to your weight loss success lies not in another high-fat Keto/Paleo-style diet, but lifestyle interventions.

The older we get, the more important these steps become. The good news is that if you can breathe, you can also change your metabolism and make it work more efficiently. Here is what you need to do to take your stress eating to a whole new metabolism boosting level and to: 

    • Kill cravings
    • Control your hunger
    • Balance blood sugar and hormones
Make losing weight faster and easier!

    Here is the prescription for killing your cravings and boosting your metabolism (you'll lose weight and burn off belly fat)!


    Power down the hunger and cravings while powering up your metabolism with at least 10,000 mg of L-Glutamine daily in powdered form (found in LynFit Complete Protein) to correct amino acid deficiencies and neurotransmitter imbalances. 

      • Kill and prevent cravings
      • Boost mood and naturally energize
      • Improve immune function
      • Speed healing and recovery time
      • Improve gut health
      • Ease inflammation

    If you’re like me and you have severe amino acid deficiencies and neurotransmitter imbalances, you will need these daily essentials to get your body back into balance. Willpower alone will not work.

    The easiest way to do this is to drink a LynFit Complete Protein Shake made with two (2) scoops. This packs a whopping 13,196 mg of L-Glutamine, vital for proper neurotransmitter production, an important component in balancing hormones to help you avoid sugar cravings.

    Here is a delicious way to drink your shake and note: Only LynFit Complete Protein Shakes can be warmed without harming nutrition because the quality is so high.

    Metabolic Boosting, Creamy Vanilla Delight (make ahead of time)

    Two (2) scoops of LynFit Complete Protein (flavor of choice, but we suggest Pure Vanilla Egg White Protein Powder) blended with a ½ cup of water and shake until thoroughly blended.

    Pour into ice cube tray to make protein ice cubes and freeze until thoroughly frozen.

    Pour Diet Cream Soda into a tall glass until it's ¾ full (this drink fizzes) and spoon 2-3 tablespoons over the top of it and Mangia!

    You will love this delicious treat and never feel deprived again. You'll be nourishing your body and killing cravings before they begin.

    I personally use a two-shakes-daily protocol and have never felt better! You'll lose 1 pound per day if you replace two meals daily with a LynFit Complete Protein Shake. If you use the shakes as a snack, you'll enjoy all of the same benefits, but you'll lose weight slower. You can expect to lose 1-3 pounds every 2-3 days.

    You know all too well how stubborn those cravings can be, and that’s why one step isn’t enough. It will require an aggressive approach to turn them off!


    Get rid of cravings with the right amount of good fats. Cravings can be caused by something as simple as consuming too many processed carbs on a regular basis and not getting enough protein and good fat. That's where LynFit Pure Omega 3 comes in.

    Pure Omega 3 a pharmaceutical strength omega-3 that’s been purified to remove toxins and mercury which can make things worse. It's the only omega-3 you can buy without a prescription that has the exact amount of 800 EPA and 600 DHA that your body needs to balance blood sugar levels, stop cravings, and reduce inflammation that can create blood sugar imbalances. This may also be the reason you crave the wrong kinds of foods.

    The benefits of taking LynFit Pure Omega 3 twice daily are way too long to list, but for the purpose of this article:

      • Balance blood sugar levels
      • Naturally energize
      • Increase satiety and prevent hunger and cravings before they begin

    Take one (1) LynFit Pure Omega 3 with breakfast and another at dinner. (Note: for more severe inflammation, take an additional Pure Omega 3 before or at bedtime.)

    Over the long term, consuming enough beneficial fats and lean protein (along with a lot of vegetables, of course) is an important step to providing the body the essential fatty acids, amino acids, and micronutrients it needs to remain in balance and not crave foods we know aren't necessarily good for us.

    Eating right becomes easy when we are nourished correctly. If we aren't eating clean enough making level-headed decisions becomes impossible. The best part about drinking the shake every day to provide amino acids is that you don't have to pre-plan or prepare ahead of time. But you do have to have some on hand so when you get hungry, you can fill up on the right nutrients instead.


    Kill cravings with Chromium and B-vitamins that are in LynFit Accelerator Advanced. These solutions are often recommended by doctors because they are safe, highly effective, and improve health as well.

    Chromium is used to regulate insulin and balance blood sugar levels. There is strong evidence showing that chromium combined with B12 and B6 can help ward off sugar cravings more effectively and prevent the dips and spikes that lead to cravings.

    A doctor recommended that I begin taking:

      • 120 mcg =100% RDA of chromium
      • 20 mg B6 which is 1,000% of the RDA
      • 6 mcg of B12 -100% of the RDA for these nutrients, twice daily, one at breakfast and another at lunch or midday

    And, that's exactly why I made it easy for you and combined them all into one easy to take supplement—Accelerator Advanced.

    Why all the B-Vitamins?

    We process these at a much higher rate when we are stressed and lacking sleep. Our bodies use them up immediately when we take them and excrete the rest in our urine (that’s why your pee is bright yellow).

    We need B's because they help with carbohydrate metabolism and are needed for many other bodily functions, such as keeping our brains running and for fat burning. Stress, eating processed foods (almond milk, coffee creamers, poor quality protein bars) depletes B-vitamins, creating a demand for more which is why we crave carbs... sadly, the ones that aren't good for us.

    Taking B’s daily, consistently is the best prevention and you'll notice you have more natural energy.

    Where can you get even more B's in addition to Accelerator Advanced?


    Get some Lean Sleep! It's no secret that sleep is important. In addition to causing severe cravings for carbs and sugar, science has linked sleep deficiency to just about every chronic health problem, and the list keeps growing. Not getting enough sleep can: 

      • Increase the risk of heart attack and stroke
      • Increase cancer risk
      • Increase the risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease
      • Increase the risk of diabetes and unbalanced blood sugar levels
      • Increase the risk of hormone problems, including slowing thyroid output
      • Increase the risk of obesity
      • Prevent weight loss and stop fat burning
      • Cause fat storage in the belly area

    From a cravings perspective, sleep is vital for balancing blood sugar levels and maintaining the correct levels of hormones that manage insulin. Just one night of impaired sleep can leave you feeling hungry, angry, lonely, and tired.

    Scientifically speaking, one night of poor sleep quality can cause blood sugar levels of a pre-diabetic, which is exactly what you don't want when it comes to managing cravings and losing weight. That's where Lean Sleep comes in.

    Take 1-2 Lean Sleep before or at bedtime to help improve the quality of your sleep. Lean Sleep also helps blast that stubborn belly fat, boost immunity, and ease inflammation. So even if you "think" you sleep... take it anyway. You'll see how much better you feel!

    Like I mentioned above, eating nutrient-rich foods like proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables will help stop extreme hunger, cravings, and blood sugar spikes and swings. Using the tools found in the Metabolic Boosting Cravings Crush System will make it easier to choose healthy options. Sugar cravings are more likely to occur when we get extremely hungry, especially when it's combined with stress and lack of sleep.


    Move your body every day as much as possible. Exercise releases some of the same endorphins that sugary foods release. Exercises as simple as walking, hiking, or biking are a great substitute for stress eating if you do them consistently. You know my motto: "If you rest, your body will rust." Our bodies require a minimum of 10,000 steps every day just to keep our joints lubricated and our digestion working optimally. Food is 90 percent of your weight loss success, so when you eat less, you won’t need to abuse your body with over-exercise.

    High intensity, aggressive forms of exercise are contraindicated as they can exacerbate hunger and cravings. 

    If you have a question or you need help please email us ( To kill your cravings before the holiday season is in full swing, grab your Cravings Crush System today!

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