Product Issue Claim

Sorry, but customer safety is our #1 priority, and for that reason, opened products are not eligible for return to LynFit Nutrition. If you are experiencing an issue with a product, we request that you complete and submit the Product Complaint/Issue Form below.

Once the form is received by LynFit Nutrition, we will contact you to work closely with you to resolve your issue. Our goal is to assist you to be able to use your products, in the manner intended, to reach your goals. This collaborative effort between you and LynFit Nutrition may include product education and/or personalized product suggestions.

As each customer’s situation is unique, it is vital that you answer all questions on the form as completely and honestly as possible. Help us help you!

Rest assured, LynFit Nutrition will do everything we can to assist you with any issue(s) you may be having and will gladly personalize a plan of action, working together with you, to resolve your issue.