LynFit Mission Statement

LynFit Nutrition: A Faith-Based, Ministry Oriented Company


"LynFit is more than just another supplement and weight loss company... we put FAITH into everything we do. We believe what we put into our body is as important as the thoughts we think. My mission is simple. It’s also my passion and my why. It’s all about helping YOU live vibrantly and healthy in body, mind, and spirit. It’s WHY we produce the highest quality, purest proprietary blend, metabolic boosting, whole body health products that are as delicious, nutritious, and effective. Holy and wholesome products that make it faster and easier for you to lose weight, feel great, and protect your health, as well as your family's. Starting with cultivation, all the way to the final product, our passion purity translates into everything we do. Always inspired by nature and perfected by LynFit using eco-friendly sustainable practices, so each product is as beneficial to the earth and our environment as it is for you. We put our Faith into everything we do!" — Lisa Lynn


I'm Lisa Lynn, and I'm not only the founder of LynFit Nutrition, but I'm also an avid daily user of LynFit products, unlike other company owners who never use the products they sell.

I'm also a wife, mom, daughter, cancer survivor, and most importantly, a Christian!

I believe in miracles. No, not the type you saw me perform on the Dr. Oz Show, but real life miracles. 

I believe that quality and purity matter most. Martha Stewart's influence helped me prioritize this, but I know I also answer to a higher standard and a higher calling and authority.

Every product I've ever developed was born out of a personal need to find natural ways to solve my weight loss and health problems. That's why every product you find on is inspired by nature and perfected by LynFit Nutrition.

I've been where you are, and I know exactly how it feels to be overweight and helpless. That's exactly why I've made it my life's mission to help anyone who is struggling to lose weight. I want them, you, to be an overcomer; a victor, no matter what your circumstances are. I want to help others achieve their very own miracles!

So, I'm on a personal mission to help people get in the best shape of their lives, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want to help you turn your biggest obstacles into opportunities so you can start living the life God created you to live. A life that's healthier, happier, and blessed beyond measure.


At LynFit Nutrition, we believe in true, lasting change that starts on the inside first. We believe that diet, not exercise, is responsible for 90 percent of your weight loss results, and that everyone can lose weight, melt off fat, and live a healthier lifestyle, no matter their age or how slow their metabolism may be.

We believe that to be truly transformed requires a holistic approach to health. That includes more than just physical and mental well-being. We believe that to be truly fit, one must become spiritually strong first. The Bible commands us to be strong, anything less than that is not an option.

We know that letting go of bad habits is hard, but the plan to do so doesn't have to be. Rather, we believe a high-quality, sophisticated, yet super simple approach saves you a lot of precious time and a lot of money. Faster, easier, and a lot more delicious.


Over the past 30 years, LynFit Nutrition has seen miracles occur right in front of our eyes after helping countless real people, just like you. Sluggish metabolisms, diabetes, hypothyroidism, immune system issues, chronic fatigue, arthritis, menopause, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, triglycerides, depression, cancer, allergies, to the simple hungry, angry, too busy and over-tired. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and yes, even pets!



LynFit Nutrition products are always free of gluten, soy, and dairy. We use the least amount of sugar, fat, and any other ingredient that's not good for you or your weight loss. Our products are Non-GMO and organic whenever possible. 

We believe in full transparency, so our product labels list every ingredient, even if it's only a minute amount. At times, you may see a small amount of Splenda or sugar in a product; that's because the product wouldn't be edible or palatable if it weren't added for flavor. But it's always the least amount possible.

Unlike other brands who would leave these minuscule amounts off their labels, we choose to always be 100 percent transparent; for your protection.

Have you ever wondered why a product tastes super-sweet, yet doesn't list sugar or a sweetener? It's because products are allowed by law to eliminate ingredients from their label if they fall within 20 percent or less. At LynFit Nutrition, we believe in 100 percent honesty all the time because we answer to a higher authority.

Simply put, if I wouldn't take it or give it to my mom or kids, I won't ever sell it!


You'll never find LynFit Nutrition products on a store shelf or in a warehouse store. This allows us to keep our hands on the quality at all times. 

I'll play the "supplement scientist" so you don't have to. We provide you with the best ingredients, in the exact amounts you need them, saving you money and time. I will never allow LynFit Nutrition to become just another supplement selling company trying to make a fast buck. As the owner, I vow to you to always keep my hands on every aspect that affects you. The most important aspect? You!

Lastly, I vow to always answer to God, and if something LynFit Nutrition and I do will not please Him, we won't do it.

BELIEVE, to achieve.
BEGIN, to change.
BECOME, to become the very best you possible.

Let go of the old and embrace the new way to lose weight. The LynFit Nutrition way!

Stay strong, and God bless you,
Lisa Lynn