The LynFit Food Journal

The LynFit Food Journal

If you bite it, write it!LynFit Food Journal

There’s no easier way to keep on track than journaling your way through the day. Use the LynFit Nutrition Food Journal for an instant reality check, and stay on top of what your body requires for maximum weight loss results. “Feed the muscle, starve the fat.”
Start your day with a delicious LynFit protein shake to jump start your metabolism! And, keep the momentum going with Lisa’s lists of clean eats and drinks. Stay “in-the-know” as you go and lose 50 percent more weight than those who don’t journal. It’s that simple.

Make sure that "if you bite it, you write it"!

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The LynFit Food Journal will download as a PDF (Portable Document File). The PDF will open using software such as Acrobat Reader on a Windows or Mac operating system. Other PDF readers will also open this file.