Cutting Edge Product Information for Quick Keto System

If you're trying to lose weight, getting rid of excess body fat (specifically targeting stubborn abdominal fat) is the best place to start. LynFit Nutrition® Cutting Edge can help. It's a safe yet highly effective nutritional supplement that makes it faster and easier to lose weight by addressing the underlying issues preventing weight loss and blocking fat-burning, known as metabolic resistance

Losing weight without addressing belly fat is like driving with our brakes on.

Excess body fat (especially belly fat) makes it harder to lose weight, increases hunger and cravings, makes us tired, and indicates metabolic resistance.

Cutting Edge is not just another diet pill or weight loss product, it...

  • accelerates fat-burning and targets stubborn belly fat.
  • boosts metabolism.
  • prevents metabolic slowdown and weight regain.
  • blocks fat absorption and prevents the formation of new fat cells.
  • reduces water weight gain/bloat.
  • kills hunger and cravings.
  • reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
  • energizes and prevents muscle fatigue.
  • improves focus and mood.

Cutting Edge is the most comprehensive fat-burning and weight-loss accelerator. It is made up of 24 of the most powerful amino acids, B vitamins, trace minerals, natural botanicals, herbs, fat-burning/essential fatty acids, citrus bioflavonoids, algae, and Dynamine®, all strategically stacked together. These acids turn stored body fat into energy, making it easier for you to lose weight.

Unlike most effective fat burners, Cutting Edge is stimulant-free and won't raise blood pressure. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched and scientifically proven to help you reduce excess body fat and improve health. Cutting Edge works safely and naturally with your body rather than against it. It's safe to take daily for as long as you want. 

Boosting your metabolism is critical to weight loss, and when diet and exercise aren’t enough, Cutting Edge fat burner can help. Start losing weight and achieving the flat stomach you've wanted with Cutting Edge’s unique thermogenic formula, which consists of premium nutrients clinically dosed for a more powerful yet safe way to jumpstart your weight loss by targeting your midsection, making it easier to melt off stubborn belly fat.

While reshaping your body (arms, hips, thighs, and especially your midsection) can feel impossible, Cutting Edge gives you that extra edge by increasing your metabolism and energy to accelerate weight loss so you can start feeling like yourself again.

Cutting Edge's fat loss formula combines amino acids, vitamins, minerals, natural botanicals, and herbal ingredients (thermogenic) to turn your food into energy, increasing metabolism and calorie burn and accelerating fat burning. Cravings, hunger, water retention, and bloat are reduced naturally without harmful stimulants. Your weight and health management goals are supported by addressing the underlying issues affecting your ability to lose weight. Issues include high blood sugar, high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, and metabolic health. Cutting Edge also provides choline for increased focus and neuroprotection.

This incredible supplement reduces bloating and acts as a detoxifier. High in B-complex vitamins, Cutting Edge also naturally elevates your mood. Using it, you will notice that you not only feel better but also look slimmer and more toned, with or without exercise.

Increased, More Sustainable Natural Energy

One of the best benefits of Cutting Edge, now with Dynamine™, is that it increases your energy levels naturally by addressing the underlying issues that can make you feel tired when stressed. It prevents adenosine from binding to its receptors, which helps prevent feeling drowsy and tired. When adenosine builds up in our bloodstream, it interacts with cell receptors, inhibiting neural activity and causing drowsiness. This makes us feel even more fatigued yet unable to go to sleep when we try.

Did you know that when you are stressed, the levels of adenosine increase in your blood, which can lead to sleep issues despite being tired all day? You also wake up frequently throughout the night, leading to chronic sleep issues over time, and possibly get hooked on caffeine and other addictive stimulants that make matters worse. Swap out your fattening morning coffee for Cutting Edge instead!

Improved Mental Awareness

Cutting Edge increases focus, mental alertness, and increased energy, but without the anxious feeling. It is better than a cup of coffee and operates like it, resulting in a sharper brain that's better able to focus on the task at hand and also helping to avoid making poor food choices without the caffeine side effects.

Improved Physical Fitness and Performance

When fitness enthusiasts take Cutting Edge, they don't just get energized; they also experience improved physical performance because it allows them to work harder, maximizing physical and mental health benefits.

Take Cutting Edge as soon as you wake up and/or before you plan on working out to boost your benefits or improve your game. Baseball/softball, golf, tennis, rowing, running, CrossFit—regardless of your sport, Cutting Edge can help!

Boosted Mood

Weight loss, workout, and fat-burning results aren't the only things boosted by Cutting Edge. You'll also experience a boosted mood, less anxiety, and cravings when you take this premium supplement. Cutting Edge is known for its ability to inhibit dopamine reuptake. If you've been feeling super stressed or depressed, it can create a feeling of euphoria in your body, which can leave you feeling happy and content. It also helps ease aches and pains driven by higher-than-normal stress hormones that trigger inflammation, making it impossible to reduce chronic aches and pains.

If your body's nutrients are depleted, you may experience a boosted mood the first few times you take the supplement, which may last for hours after the supplement is consumed.

No Nervous Jitters or Crash

In addition to the unhealthy benefits that come with taking stimulants (like increased anxiety) and the crash that often follows (not to mention increased hunger and intense cravings triggering you to overeat) that are usually accompanied by unpleasant side effects while they are still in your system, when you take Cutting Edge you won't experience any of these extreme side effects that energy drinks, fattening coffees, or other stimulants cause. This means you can enjoy the benefits of boosted energy and alertness without any unpleasant feelings accompanying them daily.

Improved Mindfulness and Muscle Connection

If you lift regularly, you know how important it is to have your mind and your body in sync. By connecting your mind and your muscles, you can be more precise with your workout. Thanks to the increased focus caused by Dynamine™ in Cutting Edge, you can also experience a better mind-muscle connection when you take it and work out. This means you can reap as much as possible out of every single rep that you do at the gym, getting the most significant results possible from your workouts. 

Increased Fat and Calorie Burn

Experts believe that the Dynamine™ in Cutting Edge may enhance oxygen uptake when you take it as a supplement. That, combined with increased energy, may result in your ability to burn more calories and fat during the day. If you can burn more fat and calories throughout the day, you can achieve some added fitness benefits, including weight and fat loss and a leaner physique.

    In short, Cutting Edge goes far beyond weight loss and fat burning. Experience a spectrum of benefits designed to help support your weight management program. It is the best product on the market that's strong enough to be efficient yet safe enough for the whole family.

    Cutting Edge


    Cutting Edge NOW does everything it always has and MORE and does it safely without stimulating your nervous system the way other fat burners do.

    We added some of the best nutrients to make it even better, sparing you from taking hundreds of separate pills/supplements, saving you time and hundreds of dollars every month, and making it easier to melt off stubborn belly fat and make weight loss a reality.

    We've added Garcinia Cambogia (gummi-gutta fruit powder), Asparagus Extract, Celery Seed Powder, and Boron. We also swapped out Grapefruit Powder (for all of you who were too afraid to mix Cutting Edge with your prescription drugs) for lemon peel powder, which also increases citrus bioflavonoids for additional immune protection and strengthening.

    If all of this isn't enough... it now contains DYNAMINE™!

    Dynamine™ is a natural compound (a mixture of nutrients rolled into one) commonly used to improve mood and focus and safely increase energy and alertness.

    Dynamine™ is similar to caffeine but safer. It can be what you need to perk up before your workouts, maximize your fat loss, and help prevent fatigue. 

    Anyone looking for a safe, naturally added energy and/or mood boost should consider Cutting Edge with Dynamine™.

    Each ingredient in Cutting Edge covers a different specialty and has been combined by LynFit’s product development scientist in the proportions needed to support the fastest fat-burning and weight loss possible. Since LynFit uses multiple ingredients in Cutting Edge, your body always has a team of fat-loss ingredients working overtime, so you stay in the fat-loss zone, even when your diet isn’t perfect.

    Research shows that the ingredients found in Cutting Edge play a massive role in weight loss and increase the amount of fat you lose. This formula is ten times more effective than any other supplement on the market today. Each of these natural botanical ingredients is found in extract form, allowing you to get all of this into a tiny, easy-to-swallow capsule.

    LynFit has combined over two dozen powerful, fat-burning metabolizers into one maximum-strength, fast-acting supplement. Imagine how expensive it would be to buy each one separately! Thanks to modern technology and LynFit Nutrition, you get all of them in one superstar supplement… Cutting Edge!

    Personalized Usage Guide

    Cutting Edge is suggested for everyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and become healthier. It addresses the underlying issues that prevent weight loss in the first place with the added benefit of a natural energizer and mood booster, so you won’t just look better, you’ll feel better, too!

    How much to take and when: Consistency and frequency matter! Taking Cutting Edge three times daily will give you the exact dose proven to raise metabolism, reduce fat, and achieve a steady state of fat-loss nutrients in your system.

    Take one (1) capsule three times daily, spread evenly throughout the day or before and after workouts to maximize fat burning and help prevent circulating fat from being restored. Take two (2) capsules before cheat/UPZIG meals and full-fat ketogenic diets to help prevent the formation of new fat cells. Drink a full glass of water when taking nutritional supplements for the best results.

    You can take it with or without food.

    If you’re over 200 pounds, we suggest taking an additional capsule to take three (3) anywhere; we recommend two (2).

    If you’re sensitive to B vitamins and feel they keep you up at night, decrease your dosage and move it up earlier in the day so you can still get all the benefits but can sleep at night.

    It is suggested that you live on this supplement if you have been overweight most of your adult life. It's less expensive without harmful side effects and makes you feel good due to mood-enhancing ingredients.