Cutting Edge Nutritional Information

Cutting Edge


Cutting Edge NOW does everything it always has and MORE and does it safely without stimulating your nervous system the way other fat burners do.

We added some of the very best nutrients to make it even better, sparing you from needing to take hundreds of separate pills/supplements, saving you time and hundreds of dollars every month, and making it easier to melt off stubborn belly fat and make weight loss a reality.

We've added Garcinia Cambogia (gummi-gutta fruit powder), Asparagus Extract, Celery Seed Powder, and Boron. We swapped out Grapefruit Powder (for all of you who were too afraid to mix Cutting Edge with your prescription drugs) for lemon peel powder, increasing citrus bioflavonoids for additional immune protection and strengthening.

If all of this isn't enough... it now contains DYNAMINE™!

Dynamine™ is a natural compound (mixture of nutrients rolled into one) commonly used to improve mood and focus and safely increase energy and alertness. Dynamine™ is similar to caffeine but safer. It can be what you need to perk yourself up before your workouts, maximize your fat loss, and help prevent fatigue. 

Anyone looking for a safe, naturally added energy and/or mood boost should consider Cutting Edge with Dynamine™.

Each ingredient in Cutting Edge covers a different specialty and has been combined by LynFit’s product development scientist in the proportions needed to support the fastest fat-burning and weight loss possible. Since LynFit uses multiple ingredients in Cutting Edge, your body always has a team of fat-loss ingredients working overtime, so you stay in the fat-loss zone, even when your diet isn’t perfect.

Research shows that the ingredients found in Cutting Edge play a huge role in weight loss and increase the amount of fat you lose. This formula is ten times more effective than any other supplement on the market today. Each of these natural botanical ingredients is found in extract form, allowing you to get all of this into a tiny, easy-to-swallow capsule.

LynFit has combined over two dozen powerful, fat-burning metabolizers into one maximum-strength, fast-acting supplement. Imagine how expensive it would be to buy each one separately! Thanks to modern technology and LynFit Nutrition, you get all of them in one superstar supplement… Cutting Edge!