5-HTP Lean Nutritional Information

5-HTP Lean

For weight loss, hunger, and cravings, taking one (1) capsule three times a day is a safe and highly effective approach for most who suffer from chronic and general anxiety, excess hunger, and cravings that lead to stress eating/overeating. It's well tolerated without excessive daytime sedation or making you feel so full you become sick to your stomach.

For headaches/migraines, take 2–3 times per day with your protein shake or meals. Chronic headaches may require you to use it for 2-3 weeks to build up in your body where you notice a beneficial effect. The more depleted your body, the longer it may take. Most customers report feeling better immediately due to LynFit's premium grade and purity.

We never mix our 5-HTP with fillers, additives, or inferior ingredients. We avoid fast melts or time-released because your body knows best and needs to draw on these nutrients as required when needed.

LynFit's nutritional products are made using the most bioavailable natural ingredients.

For sleep aid, take 30–45 minutes before bed. Stack with one (1) or more Lean Sleep (provides 5g of melatonin) for extreme sleep issues. Our melatonin also provides antioxidant support and cortisol management.