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Melanoma Kills One Person Every 50 Minutes

Why Yale Plastic Surgery And Melanoma Research Fund?

From Lisa Lynn:

"The doctor says, 'I've got bad news and good news.' Words that immediately strike fear into your heart because once you hear bad news you immediately tune out anything else that is said. Words that I had intended to never hear when it came to me. Words that, even though they were not a part of my plan, were spoken to me regarding a disease that is no respecter of persons - cancer (I refuse to call it the 'big c,' or even capitalize the 'c'). It will not be my master!

In December (2013) I had a mole that I had been watching and worrying about for two years. I felt an urge from above, if you will, and I finally got up the courage to ask the doctor to take it off—right now. He said you're worrying too much, we've been watching it and measuring it, and it's fine. I said 'no,' I want it off now. I have a book tour coming up, and I need to get it out of the way.

Well, here is where God's grace comes in. If I had not listened to that inner voice that I call God's little nudge, I might not be here today. I was floored when the results came back, and the doctor uttered those words I had never intended to hear. 'The bad news—it's melanoma. The good news—you caught it early.'

To be honest, it didn't register at first. I assumed it was one of those basil cells that we can all expect at some time or another. Then I went home and hit Google and read 'deadliest form of skin cancer.' Most people are of the mindset that melanoma is just skin cancer. Not true. Melanoma is the second most aggressive tumor type, right pancreatic cancer. Sixty thousand Americans will be diagnosed this year, and eight thousand will die. In the United States, one person dies each hour of every day from melanoma. Sadly, it is the number one killer of women ages twenty-five to thirty-five. 

Fast-forward to my good news.....thanks to Yale Plastic Surgery and Melanoma Research, and Dr. Deepak Narayan in particular, I'm a survivor today. I encourage you to watch the video above to learn more about this deadly disease. I would also love for you to read the rest of Melanoma Miracle story HERE.

Above all, get your annual skin checks and always be on the lookout for changes to existing moles. And when in doubt - take it off!" 

What Is Yale Plastic Surgery And Melanoma Research Doing In Advancing The Treatment Of Melanoma?

Melanoma does not respond to traditional chemotherapy or radiation therapy as other cancers do. The only FDA approved treatment for Stage 4 MM (metastatic melanoma) is Interleukin or IL-2. It was developed 30 years ago. However, since then, great strides have been made in the treatment and research of melanoma. Yale Plastic Surgery and Melanoma Research is at the forefront of that research. 

Dr. Deepak Narayan in particular is currently studying genetic signatures of the different tumors to see if they have any significant weak points that can be targeted with new drugs. While there has been an advancement in the last five years with a new class of drugs, not everyone responds to them. Dr. Narayan is tirelessly putting his undying efforts into the research to save those lives.

As with any research, funding is key. Without proper funding, research comes to a halt. A stoppage that will cause someone to pay the greatest price of all. We can't afford that!

What Can You Do?

Please help save lives and build awareness today by donating to the Yale Plastic Surgery and Melanoma Research Fund. Even the smallest amount could help save a life. A life that one day may be your own!
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