When It Comes To My Dogs, I Turn To The Best | Meet Dr. Carlos Garcia, DVM

Dr. Carlos Garcia


Meet my dog, Lyna's favorite vet, Dr. Carlos Garcia, DVM. What I love MOST about this superstar is how he stops everything he is doing to connect with your pet by showing them love to ease their anxieties, which is something I think doctors should do with us.

Lyna is very timid and doesn’t like most people, but she immediately took a liking to Dr. Garcia. It turns out she is a great judge of character. And he didn't even have treats to lure ... it’s all his calming, healing, and caring energy, something we all need more of these days.

If you're a dog owner, you know dogs are the best judges of character and can sniff out the bad ones. But they can also let you know right off who the best ones are too, and Lyna was spot on.  Dr. Garcia is the best when it comes to orthopedic surgery and integrity!

The superstars I write about here all have two things in common. They stay FIT, inside and out, and they are always giving back and helping others.

In addition to his orthopedic surgical talents, Dr. Garcia spends his free time staying fit, running outside with his dog, lifting weights, and in nature on his boat. Most importantly, he spends his time helping animals in Puerto Rico with an organization called Veterinarians for Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization founded by veterinarians with the purpose of helping organize aid for people and their pets affected by hurricane Maria. He volunteered his services and treated thousands of animals over the course of a year and continues to this day.

Dr. Garcia is also known for bringing home the helpless animals! It's not only his expertise but the size of his heart that lands him this superstar status.

Dr. Garcia has a mobile surgical practice where he travels to different veterinary hospitals to perform reduced-cost surgeries, helping those who can't afford surgery for their pets, making it more affordable without compromising his level of care and expertise. He performs reduced-cost surgeries for those who are unable to pursue specialized orthopedic care otherwise in Florida. He can offer advanced procedures such as TPLO’s, patella luxation repairs, fracture repairs, and also a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries at a reduced cost.  

Dr. Garcia has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where he studied Cellular and Molecular biology and is a 2015 graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He worked as a general practitioner in Miami and Tampa Bay for three years. He then completed a Small Animal Surgery specialty internship at Affiliated Veterinary Specialist.

During his free time, he enjoys the beach life, working with cars, cooking, weight lifting, and most importantly, spending time with his wife and family. He and his amazingly fit and talented wife, Dr. Kimberly Garcia, are both fully bilingual and speak fluent pet talk too!

Check out his Instagram HERE (@the.traveling.dogtor), and you'll quickly see why Lyna gives him the five-star #BestVetEver paws up!

Stars shine the brightest when it's the darkest, shining their light with others, so they can see. Dr. Garcia is certainly a shining superstar!

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